10 Attack On Titan voice actors and where you’ve heard them

The anime adaptation of Attack the titans It first aired in April 2013 and is based on Hajime Isayama’s hit manga series of the same name. Set in a dark post-apocalyptic world, Eren vows to destroy all the Titans while his childhood friends Mikasa and Armin try to take care of him. Fans are aware of how many twists and turns the series contains, and part of what makes it work so well is the force with which most of the characters are written.

The high quality of the series’ scripts is enhanced by the stellar voice actors who have brought the cast to life. Aside from their exceptional work on the series, Japanese voice actors can also be found in many other great anime and even video games that fans might recognize them from.

10 Yuki Kaji: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure y Pop Team Epic

Eren is an overly passionate idealist who tends to act before considering the results and consequences of his actions. Despite his flaws, it’s hard not to admire how fiery his spirit is, and his voice actor Yuki Kaji couldn’t have done a better job capturing his personality. He has had a lot of voice actor roles, including that of Koichi Hirose from the series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, as well as Pipimi’s from Pop Team Epic.

9 Yui Ishikawa: Nier Automata y Violet Evergarden10 actores de voz de attack on titan y donde los has escuchado 1

Mikasa has a tendency to act cold, but it is only due to her past experiences and losses. He has learned that only the strong can survive in the world and that he has to fight hard for his own life and that of his loved ones. His voice actress, Yui Ishikawa, does a phenomenal job of capturing his typically cold personality along with his intense emotional moments, also nailing her roles as 2B of Nier: Automata , as well as the titular character by Violet Evergarden .

8 Marina Inoue: Smile Precure! y Gurren Lagann10 actores de voz de attack on titan y donde los has escuchado 2

Armin may have less combat ability than his childhood companions, Eren and Mikasa, but he more than makes up for it with his brilliant intellect. Plus, he possesses incredible drive and refuses to give up even when it feels like a burden. It features a voice actress, Marina Inoue, who captures her personality excellently. Some of his other notable roles are Cure March de Smile Precure! and Yoko Littner from Gurren Lagann.

7 Yu Shimamura: The Legend Of Zelda & Bungo Stray Dogs10 actores de voz de attack on titan y donde los has escuchado 3

Annie is a character who appears to be a listless realist early in the series, stating that she wants little more than to join the Military Police and live an easy life. However, some of her scenes are incredibly emotionally charged, such as when Armin and the others discover her identity as a Female Titan.

It takes a lot of skill to capture both sides of your personality so well. Luckily, Yu Shimamura does an excellent job bringing Annie to life, and this level of professionalism carries over to her roles as Princess Zelda from The Legend Of Zelda and Akiko Yosano from Bungo Stray Dogs.

6 Yu Kobayashi: Fire Emblem y Gintama10 actores de voz de attack on titan y donde los has escuchado 4

Sasha is a character much loved by fans due to her eccentricities. As strange as some of her actions may seem at first, they are explained by an incredibly developed backstory that makes it hard not to sympathize with her. Her voice actress, Yu Kobayashi, plays Sasha very well at all stages of her development. She also gives her all in roles like Lucina from the franchise Fire Emblem o el de Ayame Sarutobi de Gintama.

5 Yoshimasa Hosoya: My Hero Academia y Demon Slayer10 actores de voz de attack on titan y donde los has escuchado 5

Reiner has a lot more under the surface than his first presentation suggests. He appears to be a motivated and dependable tactical soldier, but he suffers mentally from the burden of his double life as a secret soldier and warrior. Yoshimasa Hosoya does a great job portraying all aspects of his character, and nails his roles in other mediums as well, such as Fumikage Tokoyami from My Hero Academia y Kaigaku de Demon Slayer.

4 Saki Fujita: Project Diva and Cardcaptor Sakura10 actores de voz de attack on titan y donde los has escuchado 6

Ymir is an incredibly interesting case, as she is a titan-shifter who was forced into her role and desires little more than personal freedom. The only reason she ended up enlisting in the military is because she found out about Krista’s circumstances and was intrigued by her.

Although she seems uncooperative and confrontational, she has a softer side to show around Krista, and Saki Fujita’s performance as Ymir is well done. She has also had popular roles as Hatsune Miku on the series. Project Diva as well as Rika Sasaki from Cardcaptor Sakura.

3 Hiroshi Kamiya: Durarara y One Piece10 actores de voz de attack on titan y donde los has escuchado 7

It took Levi no more than a single appearance to win the hearts of fans with his cool demeanor and exceptional skills. He does not allow himself to be selfish despite his title of “The Strongest of Humanity” and understands that no soldier is invincible, no matter how strong.

His stellar voice work is provided by Hiroshi Kamiya, who couldn’t have done a better job bringing the criminal-turned-captain to life. He also does a great job in his other notable roles, such as Izaya Orihara from Durarara!! and Trafalgar Law of One Piece.

2 Romi Park: Fullmetal Alchemist y Persona 4: The Golden Animation10 actores de voz de attack on titan y donde los has escuchado 8

Although eccentric, Hange’s hands-on scientific investigation with the Titans is of great benefit to humanity as a whole. In addition, later they demonstrate that they have the ability to take charge when the situation calls for it, which makes them also reliable. Romi Park does a stellar job of voicing them, and is known for her beloved roles as Edward Elric in Fullmetal Alchemist y de Naoto Shirogane en Persona 4: The Golden Animation.

1 Ryota Osaka: The Devil is a Partial and Genshin Impact10 actores de voz de attack on titan y donde los has escuchado 9

Marco’s role within the series is rather short compared to most of the other “main” cadets in the training corps, but that doesn’t make him any less impactful. She is responsible for helping Jean make the leap from being self-centered to fighting for the good of others and is able to see the true personality of others even if they try to hide it. His voice actor, Ryota Osaka, does an excellent job, which is also appreciated in his other works as Sadao Maou in The devil is a parachute! and Bennett from Genshin Impact.