10 Times Eren Was The Best Character On Attack On Titan

There are many great protagonists in anime and Eren Jaeger is without a doubt one of the best. As the protagonist of Attack on TitanEren has had a lot of great moments that show how amazing he is.

Throughout the series, Eren went from being humanity’s greatest hope as a Changeling Titan who protected them, to an antagonist who killed thousands of people. With so many moments fans love and incredible character development, it’s no wonder Eren is the best character in Attack on Titan.

10 Eren Sacrificed Himself For Armin

Shortly after graduating from the 104th Cadet Corps, Eren, Armin, and many other soldiers had to fight the Titans that invaded Trost. Seeing their friends die, Eren and Armin quickly understood that actually fighting the Titans was much more difficult than anything they did while training to be soldiers.

Armin was about to be swallowed too, but Eren grabbed him and pulled him out of the Titan’s mouth. However, Eren was consumed instead of him. Eren always cared about his friends and this shows that he would do anything for them.

9 Eren Saved Trost District10 veces que eren fue el mejor personaje de attack on titan 1

Eren didn’t die when he was eaten. Instead of him, he was able to use his Attack Titan to free himself from him. The soldiers around him were shocked to see that a Titan was on his side, including Eren’s friends, who had no idea that he was a Titan Changeling.

Once they found out that Eren was the Attack Titan, they came up with a plan where Eren would use a rock to block the hole inside the wall that the Titans were using to enter Trost District. By doing so, Eren saved many people.

8 Eren Fought Annie10 veces que eren fue el mejor personaje de attack on titan 2

Eren had to deal with some betrayals throughout the series. Annie was the first friend he felt betrayed by. As the Female Titan, Annie killed some of Eren’s teammates and captured him before Levi and Mikasa came to his rescue.

When Eren first found out that Annie was the heir to the Female Titan, he was shocked and didn’t want to believe it. However, he eventually came to his senses and fought her. With Mikasa’s help, Eren won the battle.

7 Eren Fought Reiner10 veces que eren fue el mejor personaje de attack on titan 3

Shortly after fighting Annie, Eren learned that Reiner and Bertholdt were enemies as well. Reiner was the Armored Titan and Bertholdt was the Colossal Titan. Although Eren was also shocked at her betrayal, he fought Reiner much faster than Annie.

Eren proved to be a worthy opponent against Reiner, especially since the two had trained together for years, causing Bertholdt to join the battle as well. The Warriors managed to capture Eren, but not for long as the Study Corps rescued him.

6 Eren Used The Coordinate To Kill Dina10 veces que eren fue el mejor personaje de attack on titan 4

Out of all the Titans, Eren hated the one who ate Carla Jaeger the most. At the time, Eren had no idea that the Titan was Dina Fritz, his father’s first wife. When they crossed paths again, Dina killed Hannes. Eren, still feeling too weak to save the people he cared about, punched her.

As Dina was a direct descendant of Ymir Fritz, this contact caused Eren to use the Coordinate for the first time. With his strongest power, which he still didn’t understand, he made the surrounding titans attack his enemies.

5 Eren Defeated Bertholdt10 veces que eren fue el mejor personaje de attack on titan 5

When the soldiers and warriors clashed at Shiganshina, Armin devised a plan to defeat Bertholdt. He distracted the heir to the Colossal Titan while Eren pretended to be too weak to fight.

When Bertholdt wasn’t looking, Eren was able to seal the hole he made in Shiganshina years before, returning all of Paradis to humanity. He then got out of his Titan, sneaked around Bertholdt and attacked him with the ODM Team, forcing his former friend out of the Colossal Titan.

4 Eren Invaded Marley10 veces que eren fue el mejor personaje de attack on titan 6

A few years later, Eren attacked Marley just as the warriors invaded Paradis. During Willy Tybur’s speech, in which he announced to the world that Eren was a threat, Eren ate him and took hundreds of lives.

He also forced the Survey Corps to join him in his fight, causing them to lose faith in the boy they once considered the hope of mankind. During the invasion, Eren was able to inherit the Warhammer Titan and bring Zeke to Paradis, where they waited to use the Coordinate until the time came.

3 Eden overthrew Paradise10 veces que eren fue el mejor personaje de attack on titan 7

Before Eren left for Marley, he created his own military group: the Jaegers. He tasked Floch with recruiting as many members as he could, giving Eren his own army. Once Eren returned home, they took control of Paradis, beating and killing the former military leaders.

With Eren as the leader of Paradis, the Jaegers tried to convince other soldiers and civilians to join their side, as Eren vowed to save all of the island’s inhabitants with the Rumbling. Once Marley invaded the island, Eren and Zeke finally came into contact, causing them to enter the Coordinate.

2 Eren Convinced Grisha To Kill The Reiss Family10 veces que eren fue el mejor personaje de attack on titan 8

When Eren revealed that he did not support Zeke’s plan to stop the Eldians from reproducing with the Founder Titan’s power, Zeke sent them back in time, hoping his younger brother would understand that Grisha had manipulated him. However, it was actually Eren who manipulated Grisha.

When Grisha considered killing the Reiss family to inherit the Founding Titan, he almost backed down. However, once he saw an older Eren ordering him to do so, Grisha followed his son’s orders.

1 Eren started the rumble10 veces que eren fue el mejor personaje de attack on titan 9

Understanding that Eren would not join him, Zeke tried to convince Ymir Fritz to stop the Eldians from reproducing. However, he decided to listen to Eren instead, who ordered him to start the Rumour. The Colossal Titans that were within the walls of Paradis began to roam the world, stepping on thousands of Eren’s enemies.

Eren became a mass murderer to protect the people he cared about. However, his friends did not support his decision. In the end, they joined forces with him and the Warriors to save the world, which was part of Eren’s plan.