10 very practical tips to quickly find results on Google

To search for an image, a file or information about a topic, Internet users no longer use Google search. However, they do not always succeed in obtaining satisfactory results due to a lack of working knowledge of research techniques. To remedy this, discover ten tips that allow you to have concise results faster on Google.

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Using the search filter tabs

For fast, reliable and precise results on the Google search engine, filters are important allies. If you are looking for a shopping center as a guide, just use the “Maps” tab. You will then be able to see the list of providers near you. It is also possible to use the “Image” and “News” filters to obtain results in the form of articles.

Insert quotes in search queries

Using quotes is especially recommended if you are typing a long search query. Sometimes Google’s algorithm can analyze it incorrectly and show the results in any order. For more concise results when searching for the lyrics of a song, for example, use quotation marks.

Use colon for site specific results

Google search also allows Internet users to have specific results belonging to a single website. If you want to save more time with this method, type the search query followed by the site’s domain name.

To search for an illustrative article about Willem Dafoe on Wikipedia, you search for “Willem Dafoe site: Wikipedia.com”. The page that will appear will redirect you directly to the Wikipedia page dedicated to the actor.

Include a wildcard asterisk for the search

Did you know that with an incomplete search query, you can still get the results you want? You just need to include a wildcard asterisk instead of words you don’t remember.

Google’s algorithms will then take care of filling in the blanks for you so that you get a relevant result. To search for example, “Attack on Titan” and you doubt the exact name of the anime, just type Attack * Titan.

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Perform currency calculations and conversions

The Google search bar is not only useful for searching for information on a particular topic. It can be used well to do calculations and make currency conversions in seconds. If you type “768 times 4” in your browser, for example, you will get the response 3,072 directly on your screen. If it is a currency conversion, however, type a query of the form “37.99 USD to INR” instead.

Request sunrise / sunset times

On Google, it is also possible to have information on the current time in every city in the world. Some of its algorithms do indeed keep track of every time zone in every city. To obtain such information, simply type in the search bar “Time + name of the city”. On the new page that will appear, you will get the local time for the region.

The Google search engine also allows you to find out about the sunrise / sunset time of a city. In this case, search for “sunrise + city name” or “sunset + city name”.

Find specific files

Are you looking for a specific image, PDF, or other file on Google’s search engine? For concise results, just type the name of the file followed by its extension.

For a PDF, for information, type a request in the form “filename filetype: pdf”.

Set a timer on your smartphone or computer

With Google’s search engine, you can set a timer or stopwatch from a smartphone or computer. You will only have to search from a new tab for a query like “7 minute timer” to start the timer. In the Timer Box there is also a function which allows you to start the stopwatch.

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Find your IP address on Google

The IP number is a unique identifier assigned to a device (computer or smartphone). It allows the latter to communicate in a computer network. To find the IP address of your device, search Google “What is my IP address?” »You will get on the new page that displays your public ID quickly.

Search for reverse images on Google

The Google search engine also allows you to obtain reverse images. This is specifically to find the original source of an image or a version with a higher resolution. For either of these options, first go to the Google Images home page by clicking the button Images.

On the Google page, this is at the top right side of the screen. Tap the camera icon in the search bar then download an image to a smartphone or computer. The search engine will then redirect you to related files.