10 Ways Attack On Titan Is Actually An Anime Mecha

Each standout mecha anime features massive combat, melodrama, monologues, special techniques, and pilot suits of immense power. Especially, The attack of the Titans contains all of these important features – but mechs are replaced by huge biological entities known as Titans, which are summoned when a character is injured or intentionally injured.

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The attack of the Titans contains a multitude of different genres, from historical drama to military fiction, but at the heart of this phenomenal anime are great Titans battling against each other. The Titans are effectively the mecha of the world that Eren Jaeger lives in.

dix Attack On Titan Has Dramatic In-Mech Scenes

Pieck inside his titan

When watching a mech battle, the focus is usually on the outlandish moves, powerful attacks, and environmental devastation that mechs are capable of. The best mecha anime, however, takes time to show people inside the giant battle robots. The attack of the Titans is no exception, often showing us the characters as they pilot their Titans and giving the audience access to their emotions and thoughts. This humanizes the battle, which often includes a monologue spoken aloud or simply reserved for the character themselves.

9 Attack On Titan Features Sudden Betrayals

Attack on Titan Reiner and Bertholdt look over their shoulders

Mecha anime and political drama are cut from the same cloth, and there’s no end to the amount of political intrigue, backstabbing, and double agents in The attack of the Titans. From Reiner and Bertholdt suddenly calling out their Titans for a heel strike from Eren at the end of the series, there’s more than enough allegiance switching for everyone. As the series progresses, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly where each character’s allegiances will end when all is said and done.

8 Attack On Titan includes new or hidden techniques and abilities

When the fight drags on, both sides get tired and it seems like the outcome is uncertain for the heroes of a mecha anime, that’s when you have to go all out with a new power, a new technology or a new attack.

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From the first revelation that Eren controls a Titan to the concept of Titans passing on their memories to their new wielders, there’s always an ace hidden up someone’s sleeve – usually just when the situation calls for it, surprising even others. characters.

sept Attack On Titan Has Characters Inheriting Mecha From The Past

A mech is special to its owner – they share a story, of all the battles they’ve fought and all the adventures that have taken place. When a mech is passed on to a new owner, it’s a grim passing of the torch. In The attack of the Titans, the Titans passed to a new user in a slightly more cannibalistic way but with no less pomp and circumstance, especially as the new owner of a Pure Titan accesses the memories of its former users.

6 Attack On Titan includes large-scale international politics

Historia Reiss Looking at the Sky

From Gundam at Macross, mecha anime loves to delve into the relationships between nations, planets or even galaxies, and this is another area where The attack of the Titans shines. From the monarchical society of the Reiss family to the war between Marley and Eldia, there is always someone working for their crown, their nation, or their very existence. Like all good political anime, there are enough gray areas and bad actors on all sides to keep viewers invested in the world as well as the characters.

5 Attack on Titan has lots and lots of fodder

Attack on Titan's first episode saw Eren's mother meet his end

In an anime about huge war machines, you need to show their power compared to an average person. In the world of The attack of the Titans, audiences frequently see Survey Corps members and commoners losing their lives to the Titans.

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It never ceases to shock and horrify when a Titan eats someone or tears them as if they were paper. Fans can also see the large-scale property damage that these huge, insane beasts are capable of. Titans can destroy entire neighborhoods effortlessly.

4 Attack On Titan has many catchy speeches

Eren Yeager standing in the paths

When it’s time for a showdown between good and evil, humanity’s last stand, or futile charge into the jaws of certain death, anime mecha heroes and villains love to deliver inspirational or terrifying speeches. . In The attack of the Titans, many of these speeches come from Commander Erwin Smith, but fans can also see Eren Jaeger giving his own speeches over the course of the series. Eren’s speeches instill fear and respect in his colleagues and enemies. Sometimes words are just as powerful as the Titans.

3 Attack On Titan includes brutally sad character deaths

Sasha Blouse standing in the sunlight from attack on titan

No one should get too attached to the characters in a harsh and cruel world like the one The attack of the Titans the protagonists live on, but it’s hard not to love them as they grow and change over the events of the anime.

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When tragedy strikes, however, it strikes hard. From Sasha’s needless death to Erwin’s sacrifice, the body count keeps growing, leaving viewers cowering and scared for the next beloved character.

2 Attack on Titan Features Visually Striking Designs

Eren completes a punch in the trailer for the final season of Attack on Titan

A good robot is instantly recognizable, like Gurren Lagann, Evangelion Unit-01 or Big O. The Titans are no exception to this rule. From the shaggy hair and cruel mouth of the Attack Titan to the wicked maw of the Jaw Titan, the drawings of living mecha fans see in The attack of the Titans are all unique and visually interesting. The designs also do a good job of conveying the strengths of the Titans. The Colossal Titan’s enormous form, the Armored Titan’s strong exoskeletal plates, and the Cart Titan’s odd quadrupedal gait let you instantly know their function in battle.

1 Attack On Titan has plenty of good old-school slugfests

Armored Titan AOT Fighting Attack Titan

You can’t have a mecha anime without battles, and everyone loves to see when two or more huge war machines clash. The attack of the Titans delivers on that promise in the most breathtaking shows imaginable. When the Titans clash, the world shakes, the area around them is decimated, and the roars of the Titans are heard for miles around. Brutal and violent kills, attacks from ODM-equipped Survey Corps members, and dramatic finishes abound in these battles. Each is a sight to behold.

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