15 Anime to watch to get started – Furansu Japan

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is a generational anime, which marked an entire era and which continues to be one of the most popular in history. It is also one of the top rated among the top anime sites worldwide. And for good reason, it brings together all the ingredients to define it as the best anime of all time. The dark-fantasy atmosphere takes place in a Europe in the 19th century and focuses on two alchemist brothers. However, the project goes way beyond that by succinctly exposing dozens of well-written characters. The protagonists of course, but also the secondary individuals and the antagonists. They all bring something strong to the storyline, whether through their skills, their screen appearances or their story.

This manga, composed by a woman, is aimed at all types of audiences, although boys fond of adventures are the initial target. We find ourselves enthusiastically following the quest of the young brothers through an implacable but bewitching world. The spectator goes through all the emotions: sadness, joy, amazement… here again, countless human values ​​are approached in a psychological way: fraternity, the loss of a loved one, attachment to the latter, mourning, improvement, paternity, risk or love.

Anime knows how to fluctuate in rhythm when the storyline requires it. The fights are often impressive and well paced. The animation hasn’t aged a bit since the first episodes were released in 2009. The quest for the philosopher’s stone introduces us to multiple lands and dozens of different characters. This is undeniably one of the most recommended series for a beginner looking to watch their first anime.