5 anime like Attack on Titan that you must have seen

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With the fourth season, Attack on Titan is about to end. You can watch these series once you have completed the anime epic.

In the fourth season of Attack on Titan, currently underway, the heroes of the series must once again give their all. The grand finale is imminent and plunges fans into euphoria, but also into sadness. Indeed, the anime, based on the successful manga of the same name, will then be fully finished. Reason enough to take a look at Attack on Titan-like alternatives right now. We present five such series in the following.

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Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

Not only is Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress the work of the same creators, but the content similarities to Attack on Titan are also unmistakable. The action takes place during the industrial revolution on the island of Hinomoto. Undead monsters suddenly appear there and can only be defeated by a stab to the heart. To be safe from them, the humans took refuge behind the walls of an iron fortress.

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Combat robots replace titans in Aldnoah.Zero. Fifteen years have passed since a devastating war between the populations of Mars and Earth. Now, the conflict threatens to flare up again and it’s up to a brave teenager to save his home planet. Action, drama, and sci-fi – this anime brings it all together and will captivate you, not least thanks to the epic soundtrack by Attack on Titan composer Hiroyuki Sawano.

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Seraph of the end

Hiroyuki Sawano was also responsible for Seraph of the End’s background music. But that’s not the only aspect of the anime that resembles Attack on Titan. Both series have a hot-headed protagonist who wants to exterminate all of his enemies. These are vampires who oppress humans and force them to give them their blood. Once again, humanity is in danger and threatened by superpowered enemies – a concept we are familiar with.

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Claymore is set in a dark fantasy world, where bloodthirsty demons reign in terror. To rid their town of these demons, people can hire a Claymore for a fee. These are female soldiers who have been implanted with the flesh of demons and who thus possess superhuman strength. An underrated anime that splatter fans should give a shot.

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God Eater

We are in 2071: the world has been largely destroyed by mysterious monsters. To combat them, humanity creates an organization called Fenrir. The young Lenka Utsugie joins her and is now one of the so-called God Eaters, on whom rests all the hope of humanity.

The dystopian setting, the impulsive protagonist, and the man-eating beasts – there are some parallels with Attack on Titan. However, the plot quickly takes another direction. Additionally, the anime series was made almost exclusively in CGI and is set in the near future.

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