6 years of Dead by Daylight: an original chapter, a “dating sim” and new Resident Evil content

For the occasion of the 6th anniversary of its online horror game Dead by DaylightBehavior made a slew of announcements as the game’s community reached 50 million players.

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An original chapter: Roots of Dread

Although Dead by Daylight is known for its collaborations with other horror icons, Behavior does not neglect its original universe and characters. This new chapter will include a new killer, The Dredge, a new survivor, Haddie Kaur, and a new map, The Gardens of Joy.

Dredging is described as follows: “Composed of a fuzzy mass of sinuous limbs writhing in shadow, this Slayer is nothing less than darkness incarnate. With its presence reminiscent of monsters hiding under children’s beds. Dredging has a unique Power: the ability to teleport between Lockers to capture carefree Survivors who feel safe there, far from danger. »

Haddie Kaur, is a young Quebecer of Indian origin. “Haddie’s foray into the world of the paranormal occurs early in her life, filling her with courage, determination and a tinge of morbid curiosity. Being one of the only Survivors to have fought monsters in her past life, she is a formidable asset in fending off Slayers in the Entity World. »

Players who acquire this new chapter will be able to compete in The Gardens of Joy: “a picturesque postcard-like paradise, a quiet little American town with heavy secrets. The main building in this Map is a classic family home, a ghostly symbol of domestic terror set against a dark, gloomy background. »


We are very excited to offer our players an original Chapter for the game’s anniversary this year. Dead by Daylight has grown and grown enormously since its inception and with Roots of Dread we wanted to capture the essence of the game: the visceral fear and excitement of the hunt,” says Dave Richard, Creative Director for Dead by Daylight. . “The Dredge is a strange and creepy monster with a unique design, a first for Dead by Daylight. He hides and hunts in the shadows with the power to engulf Survivors in darkness. I think it will bring a very intense experience for all players.


Roots of Dread will be available on June 7 on Steam, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Epic Games Store, Windows Store, Nintendo Switch and Stadia.

Project W: new Resident Evil content

Without further details, we know that 2022 will be marked by a new collaboration between Behavior and Capcom, while new content will be offered to players who will be added to Nemesis, Jill Valentine and Leon S. Kennedy.


Hooked on You: a horrific “dating sim”!

Hooked on You will be the first video game novel set in the Entity universe. To meet the demand of the community, Behavior will therefore offer this dating game where players will be able to woo… their favorite killers! The team also collaborated with Psyop, the creators of the bestselling video game novel I Love You, Colonel Sanders! A Finger Lickin’ Good Dating Simulator.

Hooked on You: A dating game from Dead by Daylight transports players to Murderer’s Island. Their traveling companions: four sexy Killers who, beneath their mortal guises, only want to be loved. Fans will have to win over the hearts of The Huntress, The Spirit, The Trapper and The Spectre, discovering macabre surprises at every turn. Will they find true love, build strong friendships, or get slaughtered?

An Attack on Titan collection

The Attack on Titan Collection, coming soon, will feature 10 distinct outfits for Slayers and Survivors. The Collection has been expertly crafted to fit the personality and appearance of characters from both franchises. Among fan-favorite characters, players will be happy to experience Dwight as Eren, Zarina as Hange, and the Oni as the Armored Titan.


New for the mobile version

Behavior promises improvements and new features for the mobile version of Dead by Daylight:

  • new rankings
  • quick games
  • social features
  • major advancements in control layout
  • visual performance and fluidity of gameplay
  • sophisticated new activity and reward system

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