83 Indians Prefer Anime Over Animated Content Report

A total of 83% of individuals prefer anime over animated content, with 48% in favor of Naruto, 38% for Death Note and 38% inclined towards Attack on Titan, according to a survey by Jetsynthesys, an entertainment and technology company. digital. .

Jetsynthesys has developed an anime consumption survey in India to encourage and increase conversations around the niche category and highlight the massive demand for this genre of entertainment.

According to the survey, 50% of people wish to have a better understanding of Japanese culture, language and cuisine, coupled with a strong desire to visit Japan.

The report mentions that 84% of participants indicated that they were willing to invest in commodities and would pay a substantial amount for the same, showing high demand but a shortage of local players in this category.

Anime fans of all age groups are primarily Gen Z and Millennials who have extended their interest in experimenting with deeper avenues of engagement, the report adds.

Rajan Navani, Vice President and General Manager of JetSynthesys, said, “Although nascent, Anime as a category has high interest and demand in a market like India. For a very long time, the category suffered from a perceptual challenge, being labeled as children’s content. However, this perception has changed, especially over the past decade, providing huge room for growth and potential for the industry to enter mainstream conversations in India.”

Navani added that in addition to the growth of anime as a content category, the foundation of anime. Animation will also have a vital role to play in the future, especially when it comes to emerging technologies like the Metaverse.

“The visual aspects of immersive experiences like AR/VR/XR will be dramatically enhanced through advanced animation and this will open up a world of possibilities for people to explore animation as a source of income. We hope this study will shed light on this huge untapped opportunity for global and Indian ecosystem players to work together to further develop this space in the country,” he said.

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