A bottom figure from Attack on Titan inspires memes and a public apology

A new figure ofAttack the titans that was distributed exclusively through the Japanese phone company NTT DoCoMo has inspired a flood of complaints, memes, and even an official titan-sized apology.

As Sora News 24 reports, the new Levi Ackerman figure was originally introduced as part of a crossover promotion between the manga Attack on Titan and Japanese telecommunications company DoCoMo earlier this year. A prototype of the figure was shown in February, and collectors were only able to pre-order the exclusive item once they were selected through a lottery. The figure cost 13,000 yen (about $ 120) and was finally shipped to the winners of the draw earlier this month, but the response to the figure has not been positive: in addition to that many of the figures arrived broken, scratched or with parts Lost, fans have complained about the figure’s paint job, with some saying it barely resembles the character and others joking that it looks like something out of a parody or joke manga.

The reaction to the figure was widespread enough for DoCoMo to offer full refund returns to everyone who ordered the statue. The company also issued an apology on its official website and on the promotion’s Twitter account, saying: “We have received your comments concerned about the quality of the figures that were sent. To those who were looking forward to receiving theirs and waited with so much patience, we deeply apologize. “

Since the figure could only be purchased through a lottery, some customers are still dissatisfied with their “prize” refund, instead initiating a petition asking DoCoMo to replace their statues with a new figure that will be sold. look more like the original prototype that was shown during the pre-order period of the item.

Levi’s fans are having a hard time lately, as the character was also shown in a battered and bloody state in the latest trailer for the anime’s final season. Attack on Titan, which will return on January 9. So many expressed concern about the Star Trooper of the Study Corps that “Levi” became a worldwide trend on Twitter, in both romanticized characters and Japanese katakana, shortly after the trailer was released. Fans who can’t wait until January to see what happens to Levi can pick up the English print edition of the latest volume of the manga, which goes on sale in the United States on October 19.