A famous youtuber performs one of the best covers of the opening of Attack on Titan that you will ever see

Attack the titans“He has been rocking it with his Final Season of anime and, although I consider that in the end all this is getting a bit long with up to 3 parts, it seems undeniable to me that there came to be a really crazy hype with things like the opening of ‘The Rumbling’. Because indeed, El Retumbar was amazing to see, and was accompanied by a piece of music by the group YesM for which you have now done a cover of a tremendously famous youtuber: The Doo.

This cover of the opening of Attack on Titan could sound perfectly as an alternative to the theme of the anime

To jump straight into the action before telling you who The Doo is in case you don’t know him, I leave you with the exact minute in which a brutal improvised cover appears from the opening of “Attack on Titan”:

I’m a tremendous fan of this guy, but in case you don’t know him, I’ll tell you four things:

  • The Doo has more than 6 million subscribersbut that is the least of it, and it is that most of the videos he makes on Omegle far exceed that number of visits. ✔️
  • Basically, among other gameplay videos, he is mostly known for browsing the Omegle website, meet strangers and discuss topics that decide. When they don’t decide, he takes the initiative for his part, as it has been with this case of the opening of Attack on Titan. ✔️
  • If you take a look at some more of his videos, you will find that regularly covers anime themes, such as Naruto. Honestly, he is a brutal guitarist and every time he plays a song he gives a huge pleasure. ❗

Regarding “Attack on Titan”, I remember that the conclusion of the anime arrives this coming 2023. It is to be hoped that the new part of the Final Season will also be accompanied by new musical themes, and I am convinced that they will try to make these as epic as so many of the openings of the anime have ended up being to date.

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