A Shingeki No Kyojin fan gets the best tattoo you’ll see in a long time

You’re going to want to do it too.

The Founding Titan is currently the biggest threat in the Attack on Titan anime.

For almost a decade Attack on Titan has been one of the great manga and anime that they have been launching either monthly chapters in the case of the manga or a season or part of it every year in the anime, while today we are waiting for the latest chapters of the latter to be released sector, being so that we have recently been able to see a short preview of part three of the Final Season of Attack on Titan.

Be that as it may, what has caused this enormous success is that Attack on Titan has gathered a large number of fans all over the world, while many are looking forward to seeing the outcome in the anime, especially since rumors of changes to fix what was seen in the manga are very present. And under this same premise, it is obvious that the fan phenomenon brings with it tattoos based on attack on titan.

Eren and Mikasa are the protagonists of the tattoo that this Reddit user has made

Under this same premise, it has been seen that the Reddit user known as deeparistofanis has been in charge of sharing a amazing attack on titan tattoo in which we can see Eren with his form of the Founding Titan on the one hand and the Attack Titan on the other, while these are accompanied by Mikasa, the female protagonist of Attack on Titan and the one who is considered as the best soldier with Levi of the Survey Corps.

In this way, you can take a look at the incredible work they have done on this user’s leg, which is more than obvious that he will be looking forward to it. the premiere of the next season of Attack on Titan:

Also, despite the fact that a few years have passed since season 4 of Attack on Titan premiered with the change in animation styleit must be said that it has not been until now that the reason for which the attack was carried out has been known. change in animation studiothus WIT Studio gave way to MAPPA.