All about the Flying Titan and his role in Attack on Titan

This is what has happened to Falco Grice’s Titan and why it is so important to the war.

Many fans of the franchise who follow the manga were waiting the moment the Flying Titan appeared, also known as the Winged Titan. Finally, in the second part of season four of Shingeki No Kyojin we could see this transformation (SPOILERS)which seems to be very powerful, and in turn, this would be the only Titan capable of flight, although it has not yet been shown on screen.

Due to the strong circumstances the team was going through after Eren activated Rumble, Falco was forced to unleash his power inherited from Porco Galliard (Jaw Titan) to try to help his friends, being his first time becoming a Titan, and therefore he didn’t know how to control it at first. However, although he has appeared very little in the final episodes of season four part twois a Titan that has a very important role and It is very different from the other transformations. seen so far. In the following information, we show you what his mission is going to be and how his powers unfold.

Who is the Flying Titan from Attack on Titan?

Attack on Titan: Why is Falco Grice’s Titan so important?

Winged Titan from Attack on Titan

Falco Grice makes his first transformation as the Jaw Titan in season four of Attack on Titan.

As we have seen in the episode such and such, Falco transforms and immediately loses control destroying everything that stands in its way, because the idea was to help friends who were in danger when the enemies were attacking and wanted to prevent the plan from being carried out. Right now you can see that this new Jaw Titan has limbs full of hair and some feathersas well as with claws similar to that of an eagle, although it remains in terrestrial mode.

Things are going to change when Falco activates the power of the Flying Titan, which goes into an aerial mode in which it takes out its wings and more feathers to start flying. In this way, it becomes a key piece to move your team and ensure that the mission of stopping Eren can be fulfilled, since at first they were very far from being able to reach it in time. Also, this ability and the great speed that he has are perfect for saving people and performing aerial tactics that only he can do.

Why is Falco’s Titan special?

In case you’re wondering why this weird Falco Grice transformation can fly if their predecessors could never, remember that each carrier is different. Although he gains the core abilities of the Titan type he acquires, he adopts a physique that suits his anatomy and his own style. Furthermore, according to the events that occurred in this fourth season of Shingeki no Kyojin, it is possible that Falco has obtained an evolution on his Titan by The Beast Titan’s cerebrospinal fluidwhich made him transform into a Pure Titan, and when he inherited the power of the Jaw Titan, he could create a type of hybridthus giving him these abilities of the animal that identifies him, the eagle, and in turn, the abilities of the Jaw Titan.

Shingeki No Kyojin: For this possible reason Falco’s jaw titan can fly