Analysis of Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) Season 4 – Episode 18 (77) – The Things That Make Us Happy

Attack on titans (Shingeki no Kyojin) progresses by leaps and bounds and the second episode of the second part of the fourth season was very intense. The chapter, titled “Sneak Attack”, had moments of action and tension, with Eren asserting his titan powers.

The second chapter of this final stretch of Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) has arrived and for those of us who have been following the anime for a long time, the tension it’s constant. Although everything happened in the same place, the situations that were experienced in the battle within the walls between Marley Y Paradis They were full of suspense.

Now let’s start the review and analysis with SPOILERS

Eren Jaeger, the attack titan

The chapter picks up from its beginning the talk between Armin, Mikasa, Jean, Connie y Onyankopon. They were is the center of the discussion and we have a striking revelation: Jean He confesses that he was envious of him. In all the seasons we saw as always this character was upset with the attitudes of They were and, finally, we understand where the hand came from. Together they decide to go help They were that, let us remember, is fighting with two titans and part of the army of Marley.

As they go to his aid, Armin seeks to reassure Mikasa and insists that They were he lied to them to get them away from him and that he doesn’t really hate her. As usual, Armin is a character too good for reality Shingeki no Kyojin. I wonder if he is right or if he will be a victim of his desire about what They were be on your side.

Meanwhile, They were resist the onslaught of Reiner, the armored titan, and Galliard, the jaw titan. Despite having been shot twice in the head and pierced with a stake, he has the will to continue fighting. ReinerIn fact, he wonders why he does it, why he fights. It should be remembered that both characters have things in common, we saw it at the beginning of this season. The two fight with different objectives, but they had to carry out similar actions, some of which fill them with remorse.

When Reiner, who managed to shoot They were On the ground, he is about to bite his neck to gain the power of the founding titan, the attack titan grabs his jaw and emits a terrifying scream that is heard throughout the battle.

Eren and Galliard

Zeke Jaeger, the most powerful titan?

Finally, when it seemed They were was going to break the armored titan’s jaw, a projectile appears that hits Reiner. In those moments, with music that accompanied this chapter in its maximum splendor, we see that it arrived Zeke, the beast titan, to collaborate in battle. “I came where you told me,” he exclaims. Zeke, and we understand what you were waiting for They were and who called with the cry.

Of course, the arrival of the beast titan, as skilled as he is, makes things much more even. Throwing stone projectiles like a baseball pitcher, he begins to shoot down the airships and massacre the soldiers of Marley. The general Magath the pide has Pieck that points towards Zeke to shoot him but at that moment they receive a stone that destabilizes them.

From there the chapter did not breathe around the battle. They were start walking towards Zeke and everyone realizes the reason: meet, touch, and activate founding titan power. Because of this, they begin to despair even though They were It’s slow, exhausted.

Meanwhile, the army of Paradis no jaegerista prepares to go out on the battlefield. Many of the soldiers have the black armband indicating that they drank from the wine with liquid from the spinal cord of Zeke. One cry from the beast titan and they will all become titans. Among them is the commanding Pixis, which explains that those who did not drink that liquid will have priority to use the three-dimensional maneuvering equipment.

Mikasa leaves the scarf

Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) stories have a force of their own

Among so many scenes of the chapter, we see how Mikasa, while equipping, leave eren’s scarf. Let us remember that he uses it constantly since They were He saved their lives when they were little. He had never taken it off. Now, with the disastrous They were towards her and her doubts about her ability to decide due to her status as Ackerman, we see her make a strong decision. We’ll see how this new one develops Mikasa decisive.

On the other hand, when they get to the top and see that it is Zeke they realize that something happened to Levi. Before their astonished faces, Yelena celebrate the possibility that he is dead. But Armin is quick to shout from the rooftops that they will support They were already Zeke and, after giving us The meme of the week with his face (which really drew a lot of attention), Yelena lets them go.


Then we continue the story of Gabi, Colt and Falco. The latter was still a prisoner but Nile releases it. It was a moment full of strength: Falco sees his brother and Nile decides to take it with him. Meanwhile, Colt plans to kill Nile but Gabi, who has changed after passing through the island, stops him. “On this island there were no demons, there were only people,” he says. Gabi in tears. Finally, he realizes that in war there are no good guys or bad guys, everyone loses. Behind this, Falco he declares his love for her and confesses that he wanted to be a titan to prevent Gabi only live thirteen years. Emotional moment between all the action of the episode.

An ending that left us wanting more

While They were walk To The Beast Titan, Reiner Y Galliard They try to stop it but they receive projectiles from Zeke. Everything seemed to be going well until, after a distraction strategy, the general Magath manages to shoot Zeke. This falls to the surprise of Yelena and so many others and remains lying on the ground. They were He goes on his way and that’s the end of it.

Zeke waits for Eren

sneak attack” was a very good episode. It keeps the bar high for the rest of this season that promises many more emotions and epic moments. It remains to be seen if in the next chapter the Jaeger brothers they manage to touch, or if Zeke, in one last breath, screams to turn the vast majority of Eldians into Titans. The wait is hard but it will surely be worth it.

We meet for the analysis of the next chapter! Be happy…