Analysis of Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) Season 4 – Episode 21 (80) – The Things That Make Us Happy

This Sunday, February 6, premiered chapter 21 of the fourth season of Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin), entitled “From your self 2000 years ago”. This title plays on the name of the first episode of the anime, called “To you, 2000 years in the future”. In tune with that connection, this chapter reveals mysteries and tells us part of the story of Ymir, the founder.

The work created by Hajime Isayama and brought to us by the studio MAP continues to show why it is one of the anime of the moment. Every week we get closer to the end and the expectation remains high. This last episode stood out for showing us the beginnings of the history of The day and let us know, finally, the plans of Eren.

Let’s start the review and analysis with SPOILERS.

Ymir, responsible for the start of Attack on Titan

The chapter repeats in its intro a scene that we already saw in the last episode: Grishasorry, hugs zeke and asks him to stop Eren. What changed was that before they gave us some images of the battle between the father of the Jaeger -the attack titan- and Frieda Reiss -the founding titan-. Here the study had no qualms about showing how much of the royal family dies.

And so we go back to The Coordinatewhere we had stayed, and we see how the brothers share what has just happened. zeke realizes that Eren he manipulated the memories he sees Grisha so that, despite the fact that he knew that he was not going to be able to use it, his father would take over the power of the founding titan.

Y Eren he thanks his brother: “You created this path by taking me to the memories of dad.” Thus, we confirm that this future is what he saw when he touched the hand of History and what motivated him to take the actions he did.

For this, zeke orders him to Ymir that takes away the ability of the eldians to reproduce and the little girl begins to go towards the luminous tree to fulfill the request. But Erenfirm with his objective, ends up freeing himself from the chains – at the cost of losing a few fingers – and begins to run towards her.

Slave Ymir - Attack on Titan

Eldia’s growth and inheritance of the titans

After the opening (which I must insist, is not one of my favorites), the anime shows us History as a child conversing with frieda and they talk about Ymir. Thus they give rise to a sequence of scenes very well musicalized where we know the origins of the founder. She since she is enslaved until she is accused of freeing pigs and judged by the king Fritz. He “lets her be free of her” but after releasing her he orders them to chase her to kill her.

In that chase Ymir arrives at a giant and striking tree (a clear allusion to the tree of life in Norse mythology, called Yggdrasil) and enters a cave at its base. There, after falling into the water and nearly drowning, she comes into contact with a being that looks like a backbone. This is how the founding titan is born. However, even though she is allowed to return to the village, she is still a slave. The king thanks her for her contribution in the war, for the construction of a bridge, among other things, and tells her that she will give him a son. In the end there are three: Mary, Rose Y Sinathe names that the walls of paradise.

The scenes follow, which without the need for dialogue allow us to understand that time is moving forward, that The day expands and prospers by defeating Marleyuntil we see die Ymir. She prevents a rebel from assassinating the king: she gets in the way and receives a spear. And despite being a titan, she lets herself die. Could it be that she wanted to stop being a slave? Was she tired of being used as a weapon?

Ymir in the coordinate

Ymir it appears in The Coordinate and see how at the beginning there are only three branches on the luminous tree. This because the king made the daughters eat the remains of their mother to inherit the powers. And so do their grandchildren. And so the 9 titans were born.

Eren’s intentions, 2000 years later

Ymir she remains a slave even in The Coordinate. But while he follows his step to follow the order of zeke, Eren stops her. She tells him that he comes to change the world, that she is not a slave or a goddess, that she is a person. He asks her to help him, to decide for her, not to follow her orders. We see the eyes of Ymir for the first time, we see them tearful, and we are brought back to the present: a column begins to form from the head of Eren held by zeke in Paradise.

What a moment! There they revealed to us the plan of Eren. And yes, it activated the rumble. The surprise was slight since the opening includes scenes that made reference to the possibility of this happening. But it was still shocking to see how the walls fell and the colossal titans, released, began their imposing march. The music, again at the height to give it the epic tone that an instance like that had. The battle between the Marleyans and the Eldians completely took a backseat as the titans not only devastate everything in their path but also make a deafening noise.

For this, arminbetween shouts, he celebrates my house that if the rumble was activated it is because he won Eren. “Eren is on our side,” she celebrates. Until she realizes that ALL the walls fell. That amount of titans is more than what was needed to destroy Marley. The plan of Eren it is more ambitious. From a new founding titan (we don’t get to see his form, but he’s giant), Eren he speaks to all the people of the town of Ymir, to the Eldians. “My goal is to defend people from Paradise, the island where I was born,” he says. and for that gonna destroy the rest of the world.

Mikasa and Armin watch the rumble

That’s how the episode ends and that’s how it left us all. We finally know the goals of Eren, quite apocalyptic, and we will have to see how the series progresses in the following remaining chapters. The chapter implies that Ymir fueled the arrival of Eren as an attack titan in order to break free. Eren he asks, in fact. But maybe later they will give us more information.

We meet for the analysis of the next chapter! Be happy…