Analysis of Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) Season 4 – Episode 22 (81) – The Things That Make Us Happy

The popular anime premiered its 22nd chapter of the fourth season, entitled “Thaw”, and put cold cloths to the rhythm of the previous episodes. It was more focused on personal stories and deepened the dramas that are lived in Marley and Paradis.

Attack the titans (Shingeki no Kyojin) premiered on Sunday, February 13, an episode that felt like the ones from the first seasons. Focusing on the classic protagonists, we saw in action the Reconnaissance Legion and the study MAP He gave us a musical moment that was worth it.

Let’s go with the review and analysis with SPOILERS.

The wounded soldier and the warrior

After reviewing the plans for Eren, confirmed in last episodethe chapter shows us in a suggestive way the father of anniethe Lord leonhartwho is scared after learning that the titans are going to destroy Marley. There we just go to Paradisewhere Reiner walk with Gaby in search of Falco.

Reiner is hurt because when Eren activated the rumble undid the hardening of the titans. They both assume that Falco was kidnapped by Jean and Conny and look for a place to take refuge. There, we see how Reiner continues with his spirit of defeat: he does not want to fight anymore, he believes that it is impossible to stop Eren. Gabyfor her part, is not resigned and the series shows us how she ties her hair in front of a mirror, in a very similar way to when Eren he was in front of the mirror and told himself that he should fight. The relationship between these two characters remains strong and we will have to see how it develops in the future.

Gabi fixes her hair

A return to classic scenes

Then we follow in the footsteps of my house, armin, Jean and Connywho actually have Falcothe heir to the jaw titan. Conny wants to be eaten by his mother (she is a titan) while Jean suggests that the commander eat it pixies. When a titan comes to attack them, Conny run away with Falco.

In the city there is chaos: the titans converted by zeke they are eating both Marleyans and Eldians. For this, both my house What Jeany armin join the fight to stop them. There was a return to the bases of Attack the titans: titans everywhere, soldiers with the maneuver team fighting, the fear that arises in people at the possibility of being eaten.

we see how Yelena can’t believe that zeke cannot control them and how almost resigned they are going to eat her. However, she arrives my house to save her. We saw a lot of fight scenes from my housea Ackerman which has a lot of strength. we keep missing Levi.

The family of Sasha is also chased by a titan and when it seemed that Kaya was going to be devoured, arrives Gaby to save her. Emotional moment and heartfelt dialogue: yes, Gaby killed Sasha, but it can also save them. They realize that there is no good or bad, they insist on the idea that we all have a demon inside. In fact, then Kaya covers to Gaby when some soldiers Paradise they are suspicious and want to take her away.

Armin, MIkasa and Jean

Several stories were opened in Attack on Titan

The chapter moved on without many more revealing issues. What it did show was a musical scene in which we saw the best version of the warriors of the Reconnaissance Legion. JeanIn addition, he took a leadership position (something he always had doubts about) and planned a way to free himself from the titans.

They took them towards the highest fort in the city and after that, they started shooting at them with lightning spears. Thus, one by one, the titans fell. Remarkable the moment they recognize the titan who was once the commander pixies. After thanking him for teaching them so much, they destroy him.

Then we see that floch still alive. He is happy with the plans Eren and considers that it is time for the rise of the empire of The day. are also found my house, armin and Jean with Gabywho asks about Falco. When he found out that she took him Conny the little girl decides that she must save him.

Survey Legion Attack on Titan

Lastly, when Gaby tells them that Reiner I was hurt because Eren undid hardening, armin realizes what they were warning us throughout the episode. If the hardening of the titans was undone, it means that annie is no longer covered. And so finally the episode ends with annie released, lying on the ground, waking up after a long time. Will she have any important weight? What will the alliances be like to stop the plan of Eren? Doubts that remain for the next episodes.

We meet for the analysis of the next chapter! Be happy…