Analysis of Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) Season 4 – Episode 23 (82) – The Things That Make Us Happy

On Sunday, February 20, the 23rd episode of the fourth season of Attack on the Titans premiered, entitled “Sunset”, which showed us the consequences of the war and delved into the origin story of Annie Leonhart.

With the rumble as a latent threat, Attack the titans (Shingeki no Kyojin) follows his story and sets the stage for what will be the end. Doubts arise about whether it will end during this season or they will make a closing movie. Meanwhile in paradise new alliances are formed and characters go through defining moments.

Now yes, to the review and analysis with SPOILERS.

The origin of the first villain of Attack on the Titans

The chapter begins with typical scenes of a war. Houses destroyed, soldiers rescuing injured people, civilians crying, scared, arguments. And it is that the titans of the rumble that activated Eren they overwhelm everything in their path, even the Eldians who live in paradise.

For this, the dispute is generated: for or against the plans of Eren? Some consider that these sacrifices are necessary since the final objective is the salvation of the Empire of Eldia. But those who lost a family member do not accept that plan just like that and begin to rethink if it is the best way. The soldiers sense a tense moment looming and prepare to quell any kind of disturbance.

Among these soldiers is hitchwho is the one who notices that annie it is no longer frozen. After a short search, the two characters meet and have a revealing moment. anniefor his part, confesses that he heard everything during the four years he was in the cocoon and that is why he is aware of the situation. hitchon the other hand, wants to know why annie he acted as he acted and decides to accompany her out of the city.

On that road, where we see how the colossal titans advance, annie recounts its origins. The result of a relationship between a Marleyan and an Eldian, she was abandoned as a baby and rescued by the mr leonhart. This taught her to be a warrior in a very violent way and finally managed to turn annie in a killing machine, without feelings. He wanted her to be a warrior of Marley to improve his position, but when annie goes on his mission to paradise he repents and asks her to come back. Before that, she left him lame after kicking his leg.

Rumble Titans

“I didn’t care who lived or who died,” he explained. annie, who apparently is not moved by any objective of the type “save the world”. In this, it is similar to Eren: your goals are individual.

The conflicts of a war that is drawing to a close

Meanwhile in Marleythe Eldians who heard the words of Eren they tell the guards that the rumble is coming and to let them out of the confinement zone. Clearly, the Marleyans don’t believe them and a minor riot ensues. The guards prepare their weapons and we see the mr leonhart pounce on them. A shot is heard and the scene cuts. We don’t know what happened.

On paradise, meanwhile, there are talks alluding to the heated environment that is lived. We see how the instructor Shadiswho was brutally beaten by the Jaegerists, tells his soldiers to join the faction Jaeger, to survive, but do not forget who they are. “At some point they will turn against each other,” he assured them. But he asks them to survive.

armin and my house They have a breaking point. The first will go to rescue Falco beside Gabybecause he knows that it is a necessary alliance for the future: Falco, pieck and Reiner they have a titan each and it is better to have them on your side. At the same time, he shows her doubts and fears of him because he doesn’t know what to do about it. Eren. In a fit of frustration, she confesses that it was better that they had rescued Erwin at the time instead of him.

Mikasa and Armin Attack on Titan

my house can’t stop thinking about Eren but little by little, symbolically, we see the breaking of that dependency. First, armin tells her to stop thinking about Eren and act on its own. Then, we see that the scarf is not in the place. It was already revealing when mikasa took it out and now it just disappeared.

Gabymeanwhile, says goodbye to the family of Sasha between hugs. She was forgiven and she forgave. After having a moment of sorority with Kayapart next to armin to rescue Falco of the plan ConnyWhat does he want let his mother eat him.

Gabi and Sasha's family

Floch, the one in charge of internal order

Finally, we see how floch take the reins of paradise. First he tells the volunteers who came with Yelena let them join them. Whoever refuses kills him, as he did with one of them. floch he confesses that he always knew the plan Eren and that he will take care of the order in paradise.

All in front of the eyes of a surprised Jean who doesn’t know what to think. On the one hand, it is against this totalitarian idea of The day but at the same time he knows that he will be saved in that situation. but it arrives my house and also questions the power of floch. When they ask about hange and Levi, floch he tells them he killed them zeke. A lie, such as his alliance with Eren. We will see how that reality progresses in the next episodes.

Finally, with the closing titles, we see Conny carry Falco “to a hospital”. The little one doubts him, but he trusts. The music accompanies the moment and it is likely that this story will be defined in the next episode. doConny will regret, there will be a fight with armin? Will we meet the new titan jaw?


And to close, the moment we were all waiting for: we know where it is Levi. we see how pieck talk to the general Magath about the steps to follow, while they watch the airships withdraw from Marleyand that talk is interrupted by hange who asks them for help. There we see that it has Levi injured. Will a new alliance be formed? We will see later.

We meet for the analysis of the next chapter! Be happy…