Analysis of Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) Season 4 – Episode 24 (83) – The Things That Make Us Happy


Less and less is missing for the end of Attack on the Titans and the last chapter, number 24 of the fourth season, prepared the ground for what will come in the closing moments.

On Sunday, February 27, “Pride” premiered, a light but interesting chapter of Attack the titans (Shingeki no Kyojin). The rumble is already withdrawn from Paradisethe Jaegers they dominate the island and new alliances arise so that the characters take new horizons. There are four episodes left and doubts about whether the story will culminate in this season are increasing.

Let’s go to the review and analysis with SPOILERS.

Hange and Levi in ​​Attack on Titan

New alliances begin to emerge in Attack on Titan

In the previous episode, after a long wait, they showed us Levi and Hange meeting with the General Magath and pieck. In this chapter, the story briefly summarizes what those days were like after escaping from floch and company.

hange must have killed his pursuers, something he did not like, and took care of Levi. She is the one who says that the soldier survived because he is a Ackerman. She then hesitates about what to do, how to act, and finally, since she is an Eldian, she listens to the plan of Eren.

Levi he wakes up after this and the first thing he asks is where is the titan beast. She left him with that thorn and promises that she won’t let him get away one more time. This motivation is what makes them talk and reach an agreement with Magath and pieck: both want to stop zekewho betrayed Marley. hange is the one who affirms that the only way to stop, in addition, the founding titan, is to combine forces

On the other hand, Conny moves to Falco so that his mother eats the jaw titan and becomes human again. At night he reflects: he doesn’t seem to be convinced, doubts eat him up. The boy’s attitude doesn’t help either: when they get to town he treats his partner very well, despite the fact that he continues to have suspicions.

In that they arrive armin and Gabi and the latter warns Falco: tells him to use the jaw titan’s power to defend himself. Conny is close to throwing the little one but armin he makes a rash decision: he stands on the turned titan’s mouth and launches himself. We know that armin still in doubt as to whether he should live or Erwin. Perhaps she believed that this was a way to redeem herself.

Armin from Attack on Titan

But Conny He saves him just in time and in that act he realizes the mistake he was going to make. He realizes that going back to his human mother would not make him the soldier she wanted him to be. He wants to be a better person, he asks armin, your friend, to help you on that path. in that hustle Falco he realizes he ate Galliard and cries. The four return to the urban area of Paradise.

the rumble recedes

The inhabitants of Paradise finally see how the last titans of the rumble move away from their homes. It is a reason to celebrate. On the other hand, my house goes to the infirmary to look for Louise after noticing that her scarf was missing. She indeed he has the soldier who admires her. Louise she’s hurt, she’s not going to survive, and she tells my house who became a soldier for her. He further tells her that Eren He asked her to throw away the scarf but she couldn’t. The gesture may signify the desire to Eren that his friends get rid of him.

However, my house almost completely ignores her while Louise tells him all this. She only asks for the scarf. He like that he retires and we don’t really know what he thinks: will he remain faithful to Eren? Will you make individual decisions?

In the meantime, floch celebrate faction victory Jaeger and we see Jean among his main companions. Although his face does not indicate that he is comfortable, he is there, thoughtful. In the streets it is celebrated and there is a kind of fair. The color of the animation changes completely: it is no longer that brown that conveyed heaviness. Everything is brighter, more colorful. There is an atmosphere of hubbub.

Armin, Connie and Annie

In that celebration they travel armin, Conny, Gabi and Falco and they meet by chance anniewho decides to go with them and leaves her hitch alone, with a note thanking him for talking to him all these years.

Five Titans, two Ackermans and five soldiers

Finally, the chapter shows us the latest alliances that were created. It happens during the execution of Yelena and Onyankopon in hands of floch and Jean. The Eldians gather around and celebrate the moment. Onyankopon gives the most severe speech: he collaborated so that The day prosper, and it turns out that now they are going to destroy his home and his family. In addition, he accuses them of being xenophobes and is surprised that they do not realize that they are having the same attitude that the rest of the world had towards them.

While speaking, Jean He fires four shots and activates a signal they had agreed on the night before. At that moment, the cargo titan comes to eat floch. But Jean he “saves” him and allows himself to be caught in front of the eyes of the other Jaeger soldiers. Anyway, floch notice that they are missing my house, Yelena and Onyankopon. Something suspects.

Floch and Yelena

Meanwhile, they escape by wagon armin, annie, Gabi, Falco and the rest, who had previously gone to look for Reiner. Someone sees them from a window (I suspect it is Shadis) and we don’t know what it will mean to be shown that.

Thus, there is this mixture between volunteers, Marleyans and Eldians who have the objective of saving the world. That means stopping Eren and when they rumble, which we don’t know how they will do. In any case, they do not lack power: they have two Ackerman (levoh my house) and five titans: the freighter, pieckthe colossus, arminthe battleship, Reinerthe female, annie and the jaw, Falco. To these are added Conny, Yelena, Onyankopon, hange and Magath. There are four episodes left. It seems that the end will happen quickly or that it will not happen this season.

Reiner is rescued

We meet for the analysis of the next chapter! Be happy…