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The last season of Attack on Titan is nearing its end and the characters are going through moments that make them grow. The action continues in the background and the story shows us how new alliances are formed.

The episode that premiered on Sunday, March 6, called “The Night of the End”, deepened the relationship between the Eldians and the Marleyans who seek to stop Eren. Far from telling us how they will do that, Attack the titans (Shingeki no Kyojin) decided to give us a chapter full of emotions and visual poetry.

Now we go with the review and analysis with SPOILERS.

Stop the attack titan, the new mission

The chapter begins with a scene he dreams of Jean: to be calm, with a house in the center, with a wife and a son. However, that reverie is interrupted by hangewho is looking for him to put together the plan to go and arrest Eren beside pieck, Magath and my house.

We see that at the beginning Jean doubt, not convinced. let that Eren destroy the rest of the world would mean peace of mind forever. Stopping it would mean that in a few years they could try to attack the island again, the conflict could go on forever.

hange he understands that, but argues that they wouldn’t dare to attack the island because that’s how the rumble started. He actually wants to stop the founding titan because he doesn’t support the idea of ​​a massacre of that magnitude. As he says this, we see the ghosts of the other soldiers in the Reconnaissance Legionwe see him Erwinand we understand what goes through the head of the commander.

After this, we return to the present, when the alliance we saw is already together conform to the previous chapter: Falco, Gabi, Annie, Magath, Pieck, Reiner and Hange, Levi, Mikasa, Armin, Jean and Connie. They add up Onyankopon and Yelena. They are in the forest to eat a stew, the work of hange.


Is Magath who “breaks the ice” and asks the Eldians why they want to stop Eren, since if the plan to destroy the world works they will be calm. From there begins the discussion about who attacked first: yes Marley or The day. Thus, they review history and are reminded that both sides were just as cruel.

Talking, the best way to solve things

Then the conversation takes place between annie and my house. The first question is whether they will really kill Eren When the moment comes. But my house and armin they trust that they will be able to talk to their friend. It is inevitable to wonder if they will really be able to talk to someone who has already decided to destroy the rest of the world. But they trust each other.

my house feel attacked when annie says that if they have to go over them they will do it and a tense moment is generated, where annie threatens to become a titan and my house Prepare your weapons. Then everything calms down and the stew is ready to be eaten.

They start planning how they will get to the port. There are the blimps left by the azumabite and it is the best way to reach the rumble. Magath he finds out that it was the Orientals who helped The day and also reveals to us why he wanted us to Yelena be with them.

Onyankopon and Yelena

She must know the path she chose Eren to go with the rumble as they talked a lot when they were still planning euthanasia with zeke. But Yelena he does not want to help “the Marley scum”. And there we learn something new: Yelena she is marleyan She wanted to save the world to leave a mark. what to hate Marley because they destroyed her town was a lie, a story she made up to be a hero.

Being exposed, Yelena begins to go over the actions of everyone present: the first attack of Reiner to paradisethe destruction of stohess by anniethe attack on Liberian by Jean, Armin, Connie and Mikasathe death of Sasha in hands of Gaby. This simply clarifies the reality of war: everyone’s hands are dirty.

A future battle against the Jaegers

After this, the last conflict they talk about is the murder of Framegreat friend of Jean. He had said before being eaten that why, if they still hadn’t spoken. “It’s true, we never talk,” he admits. Reinerwho tells in great detail how he was allowed to be eaten by a titan. Jean it breaks out and begins to hit him. Gaby interferes and receives a kick. They finally calm down and go to sleep, but not before Levi I accused them of being noisy. Our captain is recovering and it won’t be long before we see him in action.

attack on titans season 4

The next day, after asking for some pardons, the journey continues towards the port, where they find out that it is taken by the Jaegers. They will have to see if they decide to sneak or attack their compatriots in order to get off the continent. That will happen in the next episode.

It was a quiet chapter, which served to solidify this rare alliance that includes people who wanted to kill each other a month ago. The goal is to stop Eren so that it does not destroy the world. After that we will have to see what happens, if the world respects paradise or not.

We meet for the analysis of the next chapter! Be happy…