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There are only two episodes left of Attack on Titan and the story is far from reaching its conclusion. The drama that the characters go through in the conflict continues to dominate the story, while the rumble advances towards Marley.

The 26th episode of the fourth season of Attack the titans (Shingeki no Kyojin), called “Traitor”, included some action but not too much. The inmates among the Eldians were the center of a chapter that did not lack dramatic scenes, with Conny and armin in the center of the scene.

Let’s review and analyze with SPOILERS.

The port, the challenge of the new alliance

In the previous chapter we learn that the main characters, the new alliance that seeks to stop Erenthey had to decide whether to pass through the port inadvertently or fight the faction jaegerist. But at the beginning of this episode it becomes clear that they will not be able to go unnoticed: they need the ship of the azumabite to be able to go to Marley.

hange and Magath They think about the best way to do it, but there is a drawback: if they attract attention, the Jaegers they will destroy the airship, as they have the dynamite ready. annie recommends killing them all quickly taking advantage of the power of the titans, but armin, Conny, my house and Jean they see the situation as difficult: many of their former teammates are in those ranks.

The conflict runs through all the characters and the decision does not seem to be easy. Meanwhile, the rumble advances across the sea at a hasty pace and hange dares to venture that there are probably some titans already destroying part of the northwest of Marley.

Mikasa, Armin and Connie

Reinerafter understanding why Eren said that it was the same as him, he asks that the four soldiers with doubts not fight and look from afar next to Gaby and Falco. But this idea does not convince them either. Finally, they decide to follow the plan of armin.

Nothing is easy in Attack on Titan

In a moment, MagathNervous that the rumble is already wreaking havoc on his lands, he oppresses Yelena to tell you the way to go Eren. She still does not collaborate but asks him to go with them, then maybe she will give them a hand. After that violent episode, Magath he apologizes for his attitude the night before. Let us remember that he was the one who started the discussion about whether The day or Marley They had attacked first. The complexity of Magath is something interesting in the development of this season: both in his attitude as a soldier and in his relationship with Gaby and pieck.

Before seeing the plan in action arminthe chapter shows us floch putting pressure on the leader azumabite, Kiyomito collaborate with your engineers with The day. She does not seem to be willing and the scene makes us understand that floch He has already killed several of his collaborators.

“They only reduce the size of society, there will continue to be killings between colleagues,” she reproaches him. And she’s right: wiping out the rest of the world won’t make the problems end for The day.

Azumabito aircraft in the harbor

In this framework comes armin beside Conny screaming and tells floch that the freighter titan and the battleship fled across the sea. To reach them she assures him that it is necessary to use the airship. They want to make you believe that they persecuted you all this time.

But when they get to the ship, Daz and Samuel, former colleagues, tell them the truth: it is suspected that they want to stop the rumble. There begins an intense dialogue between these soldiers, two from each side, about who is betraying whom. Conny and armin they manage to deactivate the explosives, but it is not enough.

The battle against the Jaegers

floch suspects that there is something strange in the words of armin and Kiyomi take the opportunity to turn against him. It intervenes in that my house and shots are heard. The truth is revealed: they are under siege and the Jaegers They start defending themselves.

It was good to see some action on Attack the titans. The last chapters were calmer. Here we could see 3D maneuvers, attacks with explosive spears and characters like my house in action. What’s more, Reiner and annie they turn into titans and start literally crushing the soldiers. We saw the female titan fight again, something that had not happened for several seasons.

female titan and armored titan

In the meantime, armin and Conny live a drama Daz and Samuel resist and armin gets shot. Although it seemed that it could be an excuse to become the colossal titan, he is left injured, on the ground, while ConnyAgainst his will and with much suffering, he ends up killing them both. With tears in his eyes, he lets out a piercing scream and the chapter ends.

The betrayal, the choice of sides and the violence (the dramas of war) were the center of this episode which, as always, was very well accompanied on a musical level. Little hope remains for the Jaegers and it will be necessary to see if in what remains of the season (two chapters) the series comes to a close or if, finally, a movie that concludes the story is confirmed.

We meet for the analysis of the next chapter! Be happy…