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Attack on titans provided an episode with battles, titans, some revelations and the departure of historical figures. It is already evident that the season will not end at this part and it remains to be seen what the MAPPA studio will announce.

The 27th episode of the fourth season of Attack the titans (Shingeki no Kyojin), called “Retrospective”, raised the bar for what will be the end of this batch of chapters. The situation in the port of paradise came to an end and the protagonists venture out into the rest of the world, intending to stop the rumble.

Now let’s go to the review and analysis with SPOILERS.

The courage of those who fight for a cause

The episode starts right where was the previous one: Conny he killed his companions and the titans of Reiner and annie they fight against Jaegers. Meanwhile, the azumabite they tell hange and company that need a day or a half to prepare the aircraft. The alliance does not have the strength to defend the port for so long.

In addition, the rumble advances at an accelerated pace and the protagonists already give up on the city of Liberian and other parts of Marley. that’s when Kiyomi gives them an idea: take the ship and prepare the ship in odihaa coastal city on the mainland.

Mikasa Ackerman Attack on Titan

Then the plan changed: now they must go to the ship. It’s the only way they have to get to stop Eren. Meanwhile, the female titan and the battleship, together with an indomitable my houseprevent the Jaegers attack the engineers. But since they have to take care of the rest, the titans begin to weaken and feel the impact of the explosive lances.

floch, who may fall for good or bad but who is very intelligent, realizes the alliance’s intentions and orders his soldiers to destroy the ship. He tells them to put their hearts, that paradise it depends on it. It is a speech of encouragement for his soldiers.

Titan freighter from Attack on Titan

In that framework, Falco he realizes that the titans are not going to hold out until the ship sails. Hesitantly, he decides it’s time to use the jaw titan’s power. Although pieck and Gabi they tell him not to do it, he acts and finally we know the new way.

The new titan jaw and a complex transformation

The battle of the port continues, with a Conny turned on after clearing his doubts, with a my house basic, with a Jean accurate with shots. And in a moment the train appears with reinforcements Jaegers but it explodes, which is bad news for floch and company but a relief for the alliance that wants to set sail.

As usual, the music accompanies these intense moments with great precision. There are well-used silences and moments where he takes center stage. before it appears Falco transformed, it seemed that the cargo titan would perish before the attacks. But the jaw titan, which looks rather like a bird, enters the scene and, fired up, begins to finish off the Jaegers.

Falco and the new Jaw Titan

Another intense moment happens when floch, who manages to evade several attacks, makes his last move: he launches himself against the ship and intends to fire an explosive. He looks like he’s going to make it but Gabiwith an accurate shot, lowers it and thus we see how the Jaegerist leader falls into the sea.

The rest of the soldiers paradise They continue to give their lives to prevent them from setting sail but little by little they begin to be fewer. The battle begins to come to an end but Falco, blinded by his first transformation, attacks the freighter titan, almost ripping its neck off. At that moment the general arrives Magath to get the little one out of the titan and take him to the ship.

Floch's death

The sacrifice of the two soldiers

The battle ends but the chapter still has more emotions to give. They all get on the boatReiner and annie very injured, Falco passed out) and in a moment Gabi he realizes that he is not Magath. The general stayed on the island, aware that there are still Jaegers that they will want to stop the departure of the ship.

There is another ship in the harbor that could reach and destroy hange and company, so Magath decides to stay and destroy it from the inside. In it she meets Shadis and we learn that it was he who destroyed the train in which the reinforcements were arriving. Both are similar characters: soldiers with experience, history, who trained the new generations who now fight on one side and the other.

In an emotional scene, where they reveal their regrets, their names and accompany each other, they prepare the explosives to blow up the ship. With several Jaegers inside, the ship explodes and it is the last heroic act of Keith Shadis and Theo Magath.

Theo Magath and Keith Shadis

The protagonists see this from afar, while pieck contains to Gabi. Music, as she said, is the center of the scene. Then, after the final titles, we see that annie finds out that Liberian she’s lost. Therefore, her father is dead and that is how she confesses that she has no reason to fight. “Magath He sacrificed himself so that we can save the world,” he recalls. hange. And so annie ask again my house: can you kill Eren? She doesn’t answer and the chapter comes to an end.

What will he do my house? Can they stop the rumble? I didn’t read the manga so I’m surprised chapter by chapter. I must confess that realizing that the season will not end on April 3 (there is no episode on March 27) I do not like at all. It’s called the “final season,” and it should be over. Unless at the end of the last chapter they say there will be a third part. We will wait.

We meet for the analysis of the next chapter! Be happy…