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The second part of the fourth season of Attack on Titan has come to an end and the MAPPA studio confirmed that there will be a third part that will premiere in 2023. Meanwhile, everything was ready for the final battle.

The 28th episode of Attack the titans (Shingeki no Kyojin), called “The dawn of humanity”, showed part of what happened between the end of the third season and the fourth. The series showed us the way of Eren to decide to act and the internal conflicts he faced before activating the rumble.

Let’s review and analyze with SPOILERS.

Attack on titans could have been different

my house She is the protagonist of the first lines of the chapter. We see, from her point of view, how she acted Eren during the time they began to leave the island and arrived at Liberian for the first time. she believes that Eren did not change, that perhaps it was she who did not pay attention to that energy that was always there.

Everything happens on the ship as they go to Marley. She was surprised to meet again with that time of the protagonists: Sasha is still alive hange Y Levi they are whole; all but Eren– smile and get carried away by the novelty of a new land. In fact, they meet ice cream for the first time and they can’t believe it.

But in that frame of joy, Eren he looks taciturn, thinking, without connection with all that. Partly because he has already seen most of the things in his father’s memories and partly because his head is thinking about the way to save and guarantee a prosperous life for the people he loves.

Onyankopon and Levi - Attack on Titan

The group receives Onyankoponwho manages a meeting with the azumabite. On the street, the protagonists see how society is afraid and discriminates against those who may become Eldians. Eren he sees those injustices and it shows that they do not make him happy.

While they talk with Kiyomi about the best way to seek peace, my house note that Eren he is no longer in the room. She goes looking for him outside and finds him crying, looking at the tents of a group of war refugees. There they have a conversation in which he asks her why she cares so much about him. Whether it’s because he saved her when she was little or whether she feels like they’re family. She answers the second option, when in reality we already know that she has feelings for him. She is left floating in the air with the question of what would have happened if she confessed her feelings to him, if Eren I would have acted differently.

Party in Liberia

The only solution is to destroy everything

Then we see how Sasha, Conny, armin, Jean, Eren Y my house they share a party with the refugees. There we understand one of the flashbacks he had Jean in the previous chapter, in which he remembered being happy with other people who had surely already been devastated by the rumble. The last joyous night of this group of soldiers from the Reconnaissance Legion.

Then we are shown how society, in a sort of summit of nations, insists that the Eldians on the island are demons. the alleged Association from Protection of the Village from Ymir he just wants to take care of those who have Eldian blood but don’t live on the island. Peace is far away Eren understands it. That day he leaves and it is the last time the group sees him until they meet at Marleyin the assault on the capital carried out by the attack titan and which begins the fourth season.

Eren He wonders when it all started. if it was with Ymir letting the pigs go free or if it was when they ate their mother. “Never mind”, she thinks to herself, “I wished for all this”. There we see how she talked with Yelena about the plan zekewhich he pretended to follow, and how he later allied himself with floch to be his second.

History and Eren

They also show us a dialogue with History in which he confesses his plan. She opposes but Eren leaves you no choice. If he doesn’t cooperate, he will erase her memories with the founder’s power. She insists: “not all outsiders are enemies.” But Eren is determined to end the whole world.

The wait for the third part will be until 2023

When the chapter seemed that it was going to close “quietly”, the study MAP provided some action before the end of this second part. Before we see how Eren converse with zeke on my house and the headaches she has.

It is clear that she has great weight for the end of the plot. zeke tells him that she defends him not because of his status as Ackerman if not because she loves him. Eren He knows that he has little time left to live and what he wants, he insists, is to leave his friends a world in which they can live without enemies.

We finally see the universal fleet, the most powerful on the planet, stand up to the rumble. It is off the coast of Marley. And although she manages to take down some titans, she is devastated by the colossi that, in addition, emit a steam that burns the enemy soldiers.

The rumble reaches Marley

They also show us Eren turned into a titan It is half-formed, with many exposed vertebrae and the characteristic face of the attack titan. “I will exterminate them all”, she thinks, as she remembers the image in which her mother is eaten by a titan. The rumble advances and the chapter ends.

The study already confirmed that the third part will arrive in 2023. It will be a long wait but without a doubt what is coming will be up to the task. There are nine chapters of the manga to be adapted and they focus on the final battle that the new alliance will have against Eren. The season closed in a good way but left us wanting more. That will be for another analysis.

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