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Summer Time Rendering Episode 1 is out and I finally got to watch it. I think I just watched one of the best pilot episodes of any anime…ever. I am not joking. It’s up there with the first episode of the first episodes of The Promised Neverland, Attack on Titan, Naruto, and Death Note. Summer Time Rendering is one of those rare gems that is eclipsed by the more popular works upon release, but slowly becomes a magnificent hit. This may be the second Kings Ranking, only better.

What is daylight saving time rendering?

Source: Disney+

So what is the premise of this fascinating fantastic mystery? You’ve seen Re:Zero, haven’t you? Summer Time Rendering looks like Re:Zero meets Paranoia Agent. Episode 1 begins with our protagonist, Shinpei, as he returns to his hometown. He abruptly returns from the big city, Tokyo, after the death of his friend-turned-family, Ushio. At first glance, what is most striking about Shinpei are his differently colored eyes. It immediately reminded me of Ohto Ai (Wonder Egg Priority protagonist) and his heterochromia.

Anyway, Shinpei begins the episode in what feels like a dream with Ushio telling him to take care of Mio. As he tries to reach out to Ushio, he wakes up from his dream with his face between a woman’s breasts. He had been too deep in his trance that he leaned forward and…you know the rest. Unsurprisingly, he receives a slap in the face for his mistake. After that, Shinpei arrives in his hometown, and I was immediately impressed with the art. Everything is rendered at the highest quality in town and the studio knows it. They take the time to present their work by giving small snapshots of the environments. It can be an insect clinging to the wall of a building or simply to the roof of a building. Summer Time Rendering heralds a return to Makoto Shinkai’s level of achievement in this regard.

A Fantastic Protagonist, Great Direction, and a Phenomenal Ending

Daylight Saving Time Rendering, Episode 1 Source: Disney+

Shinpei meets Mio and we learn that she is Ushio’s sister. Shinpei grew up with them after his parents died. Throughout Episode 1, we see our protagonist grappling with the pain of losing the girl who was like a sister to him. And that’s one of three reasons why this show and this episode is so phenomenal. The first is the protagonist. Seeing that Summer Time Rendering is a seinen, I can see why the protagonist isn’t a loudmouth. Not that I don’t like loudmouths in shounen like Naruto or Luffy, but it’s nice to have a change of pace. Shinpei and calm, intelligent and empathetic.

The second reason this show is so amazing is its vibe. There is a special aura that you feel when watching certain shows. You can just say they’re awesome, but you can’t quite pinpoint why every scene, even the most mundane ones, is so intricate. They instill a sense of wonder and anticipation in you, and that’s fitting for a mystery show like Summer Time Rendering. The soundtrack also helps convey that uneasy but enticing feeling, with the direction of this episode being particularly noteworthy.

DST rendering is everything I love about Seinen

But the real hook is the last five minutes. The way it all came together with gorgeous visuals, great tension, and pristine shock value. The way Shinpei sees the lady who slapped him at the start of the episode get shot and then witnessed what followed. My God, it was exhilarating. The way the story is set up allows for such leeway in a gruesome death while still providing a compelling puzzle-like mystery. The pieces are refilled each time Shinpei returns, and we can continue the journey with him. The DST rendering is a marvel of execution and I can’t wait to see where it goes from here. This show is the peak seinen. A nice story. Fantastic suspense. Incredible direction and a compelling main character. It’s probably too early to tell, but we might just have an Anime of the Year nominee.