Are you a Boy Band now? Shingeki No Kyojin makes Levi the perfect singer

This collaboration is the perfect opportunity to learn about the abilities of our favorite Shingeki No Kyojin characters.

Among the curiosities that surround Shingeki No Kyojin, and that have made us increasingly interested in what could happen during this emotional, but exciting plot, we have recently been presented a surprise collaboration between the anime series and an illustration by Ellen Jean Levi Hange. It is the image of a kind of Boy Band, in which Levi Ackerman, our favorite captain, stands out as the singer of this. The rest of the members are Eren (the protagonist and founding titan), Jean (a member of the Exploration Corps and certainly a rival of Eren’s ideals) and Hans (the commander of the Exploration Corps).

Meanwhile, the reason for this illustration is related to the end of the second season, which is why the creators of Shingeki no Kyojin have decided to give it a special touch to close the season. Therefore, we can’t wait to see how this fun event will turn out, hand in hand with the closing of this exciting cycle.

The post was made by animegame_kt, a Twitter account dedicated to sharing relevant news from the world of anime and manga. In fact, in its original language, Japanese, it gives us some details regarding this important event. The collaboration will take place from January 25 and there will be many more surprises, such as virtual tickets for a karaoke and the sale of various products of the franchise. The details can be found in this website who also shares the account with us animegame-kt, to know the duration of this event and, of course, take a look at the products offered by the store that sponsors you.


On the other hand, the excitement among the fan community was as expected. Thousands of comments flooded the publication with the intention of celebrate this important event for those of us who have followed Shingeki no Kyojin from the beginning. And truth be told, we couldn’t have seen it coming. There are only a few days left until we find out what the funniest moments will be with this new boy band and our favorite characters.

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