Armored Titan from Attack on Titan Coming to Call of Duty

A collaboration that not many of us expected to see but that delighted the fans was that of ”Attack on Titan” and ”Call of Duty”. Now the popular battle royal game ”Call of Duty Warzone” and your most recent delivery of your main line ”Call of Duty Vanguard”a new package will be available with a skin for character and skins for weapons that reference the Armored Titan.

The new content pack The paid game includes 10 new items, most notably an operator skin that allows Roland Zeiment to transform into the intimidating Titan from the popular anime and manga series. Hajime Isayama. This crossover is done to promote the second half of the latest season of the popular anime series, which is currently airing. A short video of the Armored Titan in action was also posted on the official CoD Twitter.

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Activity and Sledgehammer Gamescontinue to surprise their players with this popular anime, since a series of skins and weapons were published a month ago that made references to the character Levi Ackerman, from the Exploration Corps team.

Jason Baber, art director at Sledgehammer Games, explains that the process of bringing the Titan to Call of Duty was a collaborative process where they explored many ideas, including creating 2D art to introduce in the form of emblems. But as fans of the series, choosing the armored titan as a skin was a very quick decision, “proof of how good his design is.”

“Having worked in the anime industry before, I understand the love that artists put into their characters. In this case, we had the opportunity to introduce these beloved characters from ”Attack on Titan” into our world with a collaboration with Funimationand we wanted to do them justice.”

the new content Tracer Pack: Attack on Titan – Armored Titan Mastercraft Bundle is now available in the store of both games, ”Call of Duty Warzone” and ”Call of Duty Vanguard”.

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