Attack on the Titan advances a great final event with a new trailer

Attack the titans prepare a great final event before the Hajime Isayama fiction ends on television. The impact that the anime was having led those responsible to divide the farewell of the story of Eren jaeger and company. Starting its adventures in 2013, we are talking about ten years of development that have made audiences lose their minds with each new content they receive. The plot places us in a dark world where humanity must shelter behind high walls to avoid facing extinction at the hands of the Titans, gigantic creatures with a ravenous hunger whose favorite menu consists of human flesh.

Part 2 of season 4, as we said, did not close the story, so we are waiting for that part 3. That ending will be preceded by a great event in Japan of which we already have a trailer. The event in question will take place in November and will be divided into two blocks, with a panel dedicated to Japanese voice actors and an orchestral performance that includes hits from the series.

The biggest Attack on Titan event we’ll ever see

The trailer is a conglomeration of some of the best sequences of Attack on Titan with the voice actors and the orchestra performing the most outstanding themes of the series. Attack the titans come to an end, in principle, in 2023 with ten new episodes that put an end to the main story. However, taking into account the expectation it is generating and the pull it has, it is quite likely that we will end up selling related products as a spinoff, sequel or prequel in the future. The event will help warm up engines for the end.