‘Attack on the Titans’: the other essential series that we recommend you see if you are a fan of the successful anime

‘Attack the titans’ It has already entered the final stretch of the anime and there are only a handful of episodes left, so that very soon its fans will once again be “orphaned” and without one of their favorite series. To try to fill that little hole a little, here we leave you 7 anime series you should watch if you love ‘Attack on Titan’.

‘Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood’

‘Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood’ focuses on the story of the brothers Edward and Alphonse Elric, who committed a great taboo by trying to resurrect their mother and paid a high price for it. Now they travel the world trying to find the Philosopher’s Stone so they can get their bodies back.

In addition to being a series full of action and memorable characters, it is also loaded with deep philosophical reflections and political plots.

‘Black Bullet’


‘Black Bullet’ is another very interesting alternative, it already has some elements similar to those that characterize ‘Attack on Titan’

The main conflict in this anime part of Gastrea, a parasitic virus that transforms people into insect-like monsters. To protect themselves from this threat, the surviving human series live in a fortress built with a material that hurts the infected.

However, the girls born with the virus have certain superhuman abilities that will be key to fighting the Gastrea.

‘Blue Exorcist’

Blue Exorcist

‘Blue Exorcist’ it also revolves around a protagonist with great powers and responsibilities, as well as a good dose of drama. Rin Okumura is a teenager who discovers that he and his twin brother are actually children of Satan.

During the story, Rin acquires new powers and certain demonic characteristics, although far from becoming a demon, he decides to become an exorcist to defeat his father and protect the human kingdom.


Before someone comes up with the pikes and torches, let’s just say that we’ve included ‘Castlevania’ on this list because even though it’s American-produced, it’s heavily influenced by Japanese animation and Ayami Kojima’s visual style… So yeah, let’s call it “an anime.”

‘Castlevania’ is one of the animation jewels that you can see on Netflix, and it can be a good alternative if you are looking for a dark fantasy anime full of terrifying creatures and action scenes with heart-stopping choreography.

As action and beautiful animation is not everything, we also recommend this anime because it has a well-written, three-dimensional cast of characters and just the right mix of humor and drama.

death note

death note

‘Death Note’ is another of the great recent classics, and that of course It’s got all the no-nonsense elements of a good mystery story and a few twists and turns that knock you out of your chair.. The good pace of the story and the level of “cliffhangers” is very similar to what you may be used to from ‘Attack on Titan’, so it’s another perfect anime to watch almost often.

The plot revolves around light Yagamia high school student who one day finds a notebook that gives him a very special ability: he can kill anyone whose name he writes on its pages.

Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul

This is another anime that starts from a base with an external threat that endangers humanity. In this case, the Ghouls, beings that feed on human flesh, have been committing murders all over Tokyo.

The young Ken Kaneki one day is brutally attacked by a Ghoul, and after some events ends up becoming a creature half Ghoul and half human. ‘Tokyo Ghoul’ is an anime that is not afraid to delve into the darkest side of human beingswith well-defined characters and a very impressive visual style.

Code Geass

Code Geass 2

input ‘Code Geass’ It may not seem like it has much in common with ‘Attack on Titan,’ but it’s also a powerful story about a group of people who go up against the rest of the world to protect their home.

In this case we are talking about a world where the British Empire has taken over a large part of the globe and a Japanese rebel organization is trying to liberate their land from the invaders. This anime has it all: mecha, epic battles, brainy political intrigue, and teen storylines.

And although the comparisons are odious, it must also be said that it is impossible not to compare Eren Jaeger with Lelouch vi Britania, the implacable protagonist of ‘Code Geass’ who does not hesitate to go to certain extremes to achieve his goals.