‘Attack on the Titans’: this is how the change of study affected the anime series

The fourth season from ‘Attack the titans’ is finally coming to an end, with the story heading into its home stretch. The first three seasons of the anime were met with spectacular reception, thanks in part to Wit Studio’s impressive animation.

However, MAP He went on to take over the series from its final season, which was quite a challenge for the new animation studio that was coming to the story with new ones.

Looking for your own hallmark

The studio change surprised fans, especially since season 4 of ‘Attack the titans’ started in a completely different way by showing us the point of view of the inhabitants of Marley. It almost gave the feeling that we were watching a completely different series, although little by little MAP he found his own rhythm and style and has given us an impressive final season.

Recently, the director of the anime Yuichiro Hayashi He has talked about how the production of this last season has been, and how the process of directing an anime as complex as ‘Attack the titans‘.

“When we were doing Part I, we didn’t have a ton of time to prepare. So in my head, I was still trying to figure out what ‘Attack on Titan’ is about as we created it,” the director said. “After we finished the first part, I also went on to the second part and I already felt that I was much more familiar with ‘Attack on Titan’, so I think I’ve been able to direct much more comfortably.”

attack on titan season 4

In addition to going through an adaptation period to become familiar with the anime, MAPPA’s creatives also had to stick with the production until they could find their own style, since they did not want to do exactly the same thing that had already been seen in the previous seasons and they wanted to give the series its own hallmark.

“When we started Part One, we only knew about Wit Sudio’s ‘Attack on Titan.’ we came up with an idea of ​​what we could do,” said Yusuke Tannawa, CGI producer for the series. “When it came time to do Part II, we thought about what kind of measures we had to prepare… Consider what we had done well, why we had been criticized, and how to build on our strengths.”

Although MAPPA has managed to create enough continuity with the style developed by Wit, it has also managed to integrate its own touches, such as more use of CGI and a different finish for the Titans.

And what do you think? Do you think that MAPPA has managed to measure itself well with the clever one left by Wit Studio?