Attack On Titan: 10 Anime Characters Armin Would Be Friends With

Armin Arlert was a minor character in the universe ofAttack On Titan and the carrier of the Colossal Titan. Throughout the series, he has combined compassion with stamina and intelligence to offer a uniquely refreshing narrative perspective.

In addition, he has such a superb ability to befriend others that even Reiner and Bertholdt – Marley’s most veteran warriors – felt terrible about having to attack him despite his Eldian lineage. By identifying other characters that Armin could befriend, we get a better idea of ​​what he is looking for in a person.

10 Shikamaru looks like Armin in dozens of ways (Naruto)

Shikamaru and Armin have a surprising number of similarities. They are both reticent tacticians whom their peers respect, they have a moderate amount of skills that their intelligence complements, and they dealt with a close friend turned evil.

In addition, each of them has resorted to immoral methods to achieve their goals when necessary. Shikamaru was very pleased to bury Hidan alive, while Armin slaughtered thousands of people by activating the Colossal Titan in an area that he knew was densely populated.

9 Mikasa was one of Armin’s best friends (Attack On Titan)attack on titan 10 personajes de anime de los que armin seria amigo 1

Armin and Mikasa were very close since childhood. The latter used to save the first of the bullies after Eren’s folly got him into trouble, creating a significant sense of kinship between the two characters.

He felt so devoted to Mikasa that he was willing to attack Eren for insulting her despite being surrounded by Yeagerists and his opponent could summon the Attack Titan at any time. In the end, Armin was one of her closest sources of comfort after Eren’s death.

8 Elizabeth shares Armin’s pacifying leanings (Seven Deadly Sins)attack on titan 10 personajes de anime de los que armin seria amigo 2

Elizabeth was a member of the goddess race who loathed war. She was willing to do anything to defuse the conflict raging across Britannia, even at serious personal expense. In the end, the young angel’s sacrifice would cost him his life and cause his soul to suffer a curse that would last for three thousand years.

Considering that Armin’s first response to Willy Tybur’s anti-Elder vitriol was to try for peace (after the attack on Liberio), they share many of the same sentiments. Like Isabel, her efforts to de-stress would also have important ramifications in the future.

7 Matsuda shares Armin’s optimism about others (Death Note)attack on titan 10 personajes de anime de los que armin seria amigo 3

Matsuda actively tries to see the best in others. Which is why he gave Light the benefit of the doubt despite L’s frequent warnings about his murderous nature. Similarly, Armin’s valiant efforts to recognize Eren’s positive qualities are what enabled the Rumbling and eradicated eighty percent of the world’s population. Despite this, he remains a more qualified judge, as demonstrated when he exposed Reiner’s identity as a Marleyan warrior to the other explorers.

6 Kagome shares Armin’s enthusiasm for helping others (Inuyasha)attack on titan 10 personajes de anime de los que armin seria amigo 4

Kagome’s benevolence was one of the most defining aspects of her character. Unlike Inuyasha (for most of the series), he cared for the strange inhabitants of the world he was in and helped restore the Jewel of Shikon to safety.

Armin would be immediately attracted to her tender qualities and befriend her. Although he sometimes shows the darkest aspects of his personality (like when he told Bertholdt that Annie was being tortured to throw him off mentally), he and Kagome still have the potential to be strong allies outside of combat.

5 Armin and Deku dream of a better future (My Hero Academia)attack on titan 10 personajes de anime de los que armin seria amigo 5

Armin and Deku share dozens of similarities. They both fight for a better future, have friends who stand on the line between antihero and villain, and can be clumsy when they drop into stressful social situations.

The only considerable difference between their goals is that Deku actively seeks to preserve social order, while Armin wants to find something beyond. That is why he insisted on reaching the sea and the land beyond the walls.

4 Armin would appreciate Chopper’s desire to help people (One Piece)attack on titan 10 personajes de anime de los que armin seria amigo 6

Since he began training, Chopper’s desire has been to help those in need. His personality is equally gentle, and he has frequently put himself in danger for the sake of strangers (as shown when he escorted kidnapped children to safety in the Punk Hazard arc).

Additionally, Chopper’s extensive knowledge of medicine allows him to resurrect others from the brink of death (demonstrated after the Straw Hats’ encounter with Aokiji). This would make him very valuable to Armin after the second battle for Shiganshina, as he could heal his new comrade without transforming him into a Titan.

3 Leorio’s rude disposition hides his heart and kindness (Hunter X Hunter)attack on titan 10 personajes de anime de los que armin seria amigo 7

Leorio was presented as an excessively selfish man who only wanted to be a doctor for money. Despite his clashes with Kurapika, it soon became clear that he had an ulterior motive, as becoming a hunter would guarantee wealth anyway.

It was later revealed that he wanted to treat patients for free as a way to honor a deceased loved one. Armin would fall in love with her combination of claw and compassion in a similar way to how he likes Eren.

2 Orihime was so kind that she was even willing to heal her enemies (Bleach)attack on titan 10 personajes de anime de los que armin seria amigo 8

As a talented healer, Orihime was more than willing to share her gifts with others. He reversed the wounds of allies and foes alike, as seen in his interactions with Ichigo and Loly Aivirnne, respectively.

Considering that Armin risked his life for Falco (a Marleyan warrior candidate and a boy associated with Sasha’s death), he shares Orohime’s sense of self-sacrifice. They would quickly become great friends, even if Orohime’s canon interest in Ichigo suggests that they are romantically incompatible.

1 Armin would admire Jonathan’s combat intelligence (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)attack on titan 10 personajes de anime de los que armin seria amigo 9

In addition to being a kind man and a role model for the community, Jonathan Joestar has formidable combat intelligence. This was demonstrated during his encounter with Bruford, where he used oxygen bubbles to drive Hamon underwater and repel his zombie attacker. Jonathan also risked a lot to save a boy who had suffered under Dio’s wickedness, further illustrating his strength of character.

Jonathan’s nature can also be guessed from his tender embrace of Dio moments before he died. This demonstrates his desire for peace and clearly indicates why he and Armin became close friends despite their drastically different childhood backgrounds.