Attack On Titan: 10 Anime Characters That Would Be The Perfect Match For Eren

Though romance is far from Eren Yeager’s mind in Attack on Titan, romance is, however, a human desire, so it’s fun to think about who you might meet in a less chaotic world. Although Mikasa Ackerman is obviously totally devoted to Eren, Eren seems unwilling to reciprocate her affections and seems downright annoyed with her most of the time.

To be fair, it’s likely Eren intentionally pushed her away to protect her from her final mission, which is why he’s still a single man. As for anime characters, Eren is quite multifaceted and insightful compared to the average anime protagonist. Since he has so many personality traits, he can be romantically paired with various anime characters.

10 Hanayo’s patience will help keep Eren (Love Live! School Idol Project)

Someone as passionate and headstrong as Eren needs a partner who can handle his worst moods and has the strength to support him when needed. Although Hanayo Koizumi from Love Live! School Idol Project she can be an incurable crybaby, she continues to show her face when necessary. Hanayo has shown a high level of dedication and passion for being a school idol, and she possesses a level of patience that forces her to do things deliberately and correctly. It can support Eren.

9 Eren will benefit from Nia’s kindness and empathy (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann)attack on titan 10 personajes de anime que serian la pareja perfecta para eren 1

As a character who seems to feel things very deeply, Eren needs people around him who empathize with him and try to see from his perspective. Nia Teppelin from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann She is a great candidate for that compassion, as she is known for her tenderness towards Simon. Nia also possesses a courageous streak that can be beneficial in times of stress or struggle. His desire to see others smiling and happy is an endearing trait that can help Eren feel seen and respected.

8 Asuna’s skills and support will advance Eren’s mission (Sword Art Online)attack on titan 10 personajes de anime que serian la pareja perfecta para eren 2

Eren comes from a world of conflict and inequality, and has a mission to readjust the social balance so that everyone has the right to freedom. Asuna Yuuki fromSword Art Online, she is no stranger to combat, and her considerable skills as a swordswoman could come in handy against Eren’s human opponents.

Like Eren, Asuna is also easily carried away by her emotions, making them an explosive and determined couple when the stakes are high. Yet that easily manipulated fervor can be (and has been) used against him.

7 Eren will be able to respect Uraraka’s passion for heroism (My Hero Academia)attack on titan 10 personajes de anime que serian la pareja perfecta para eren 3

To beSo dedicated to saving humanity, Eren should have no trouble relating to Ochaco Uraraka’s dedication to heroism in My Hero Academia. Eren will also benefit from Uraraka’s bubbly and cheerful nature, as he is often too serious and could use a little light. Since he is most interested in being a Support Hero, Uraraka will be very useful in helping to evacuate civilians or locate survivors. His Quirk is especially useful for lifting and moving heavy objects, which has the potential to be incredibly useful in a world overrun by Titans.

6 Rem’s loyalty will encourage Eren to give his all (Re: Zero)attack on titan 10 personajes de anime que serian la pareja perfecta para eren 4

Eren’s confidence falters easily, as seen when he collapsed and offered to be eaten by Historia Reiss so that she could stop the Titans. The Rem ofRe:Zero is sensitive enough to pick up on Eren’s desperation and dedication, which are the traits that drew her to Subaru Natsuki in the first place. Just like Rem was dedicated to Subaru, she could also dedicate herself to Eren’s cause and support him through good times and bad. Knowing that Rem will always support him, Eren can focus on getting stronger.

5 Eren’s anger will be tempered by Hinata’s cuteness (Naruto: Shippuden)attack on titan 10 personajes de anime que serian la pareja perfecta para eren 5

Even though Eren’s faith falters occasionally, he always manages to bounce back with more determination than before. You often use your strong emotions to help you get through difficult times, but always being angry is not a healthy frame of mind. Hinata Hyuga from Naruto: ShippudenIt has a soothing sweetness that is pleasant. Eren’s fierce desire to prove himself is roughly analogous to Naruto Uzumaki’s passionate drive to get strong, so Hinata should have no trouble keeping Eren motivated.

4 Nobara’s high expectations will push Eren to his limits (Jujutsu Kaisen)attack on titan 10 personajes de anime que serian la pareja perfecta para eren 6

Although Eren is already dedicated to getting stronger, it is also helpful to have the support of others for inspiration and motivation. Nobara Kugisaki, from Jujutsu Kaisen, is an energetic and ambitious girl whose blatant arrogance hides a feeling of pride and dedication.

Her high expectations of herself are most apparent when she expresses her disappointment with those around her, as Nobara hopes that those in her company are at least as impressive as she is. Nobara hopes that Eren will become the best and strongest, which gives him fuel to persevere.

3 Eren can appreciate the passion and dedication of Rena (Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni)attack on titan 10 personajes de anime que serian la pareja perfecta para eren 7

Being someone reasonably passionate and self-dedicated, Rena Ryuugu of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni is someone who is sure to impress Eren. Rena’s culinary skills, her dedication to helping her father, and her strong-willed personality make her a good candidate to win over Eren. Although Rena can be domineering at times, she is capable of respecting personal space and not putting too much pressure on others. Her steadfast determination will be both welcoming and infuriating to Eren, who has had to deal with Mikasa’s occasional suffocation.

2 Mayuri’s compassion will guide Eren to give his best (Steins; Gate)attack on titan 10 personajes de anime que serian la pareja perfecta para eren 8

Eren’s tendency to be hard on himself and others has to be exhausting, not to mention stressful and isolating. MayuriShiina de Steins; Gate is a character who has plenty of patience and compassion, making her a useful companion for Eren’s goals. With Mayuri as a welcoming presence at any time, Eren knows he will have a place to confess his deepest fears without facing judgment or retaliation. Mayuri’s willingness to let others lead will also allow Eren to practice his leadership role.

1 Eren is sure to benefit from Winry’s many talents (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)attack on titan 10 personajes de anime que serian la pareja perfecta para eren 9

Although both Eren and Winry Rockbell from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood They are strong-willed and stubborn, there are many things that Eren could appreciate about her. Winry’s fondness for machinery would certainly be helpful to her in caring for the ODM equipment, as well as in modifying and improving it. Winry’s kind and caring nature also makes her love those around her, meaning she would be an overall asset in helping Eren with his goals. They will undoubtedly argue and clash, but in the end they will respect each other’s dedication to work.