Attack On Titan: 10 Anime Characters That Would Be The Perfect Match For Hange

In the world of Attack On Titan, humanity has been driven to the brink of extinction by man-eating humanoid monsters known as Titans. Without any hope, humans are forced to hide in cities protected by three huge walls. Therefore, it can be difficult for characters to focus on any romantic relationship when they are constantly fighting for survival.

One of the characters that fans would like to see in a romantic relationship is the intellectual and energetic Hange Zoë. Hange is a character whose gender is quite ambiguous. In the series, he has shown some interest in two characters, Pieck Finger and Keith Shadis. This makes fans wonder what kind of character would be compatible with them.

10 Dr. Franken Stein: He is a strange scientist who cares about his relatives (Soul Eater)

In the universe of Attack On Titan, Hange is an extremely obsessed investigator with everything related to the Titans. Also, in the world of Soul Eater, Stein is a scientist who has a strange fondness for dissecting things.

More like an obsession than a hobby, Stein even has a desire to dissect humans. Despite his unusual hobby, Stein is a very kind and compassionate character who cares deeply for anyone close to him.

9 Shinobu Kocho: she is an innovator who likes to make fun of others (Demon Slayer)attack on titan 10 personajes de anime que serian la pareja perfecta para hange 1

Shinobu and Hange are alike in many ways, they both live in a world with dangerous man-eating monsters and are tasked with creating innovations that can kill these monsters. To make up for his lack of strength, Shinobu has created a deadly poison that he can inject into demons with the tip of his sword.

Also, Shinobu has a cheerful demeanor and enjoys making fun of others, these traits can easily complement Hange’s energetic personality.

8 Satoru Gojo: This handsome sorcerer is extremely powerful and playful (Jujutsu Kaisen)attack on titan 10 personajes de anime que serian la pareja perfecta para hange 2

Being the strongest sorcerer in the world, Gojo relies heavily on his powers and believes he is invincible against everything. Despite all this, Gojo remains a laid-back teacher at the Tokyo Jujutsu Institute who has no problem being playful with everyone close to him.

When it comes to dangerous situations, Gojo has no problem showing off his abilities to protect his students.

7 Eto Yoshimura / Sen Takatsuki: She is a famous smart author who is also dumb (Tokyo Ghoul)attack on titan 10 personajes de anime que serian la pareja perfecta para hange 3

Although Eto Yoshimura is a half-human, half-ghoul girl who has a sadistic personality, her human identity, Sen Takatsuki, is anything but. There is no doubt that Hange will not take a liking to Eto and his evil ways, but Sen is a different story.

Sen Takatsuki is a famous novelist who rose to popularity despite her young age. In the eyes of her fans, Sen is a very smart person but, at the same time, she can be silly and playful.

6 Ittetsu Takeda: A coach who cares deeply for his students (Haikyu!)attack on titan 10 personajes de anime que serian la pareja perfecta para hange 4

Takeda is the advisor to the Karasuno High School men’s volleyball team. Takeda is known for being a dedicated man and he shows it by being persistent in getting guys to play a match of scrimmage. However, being dedicated is not his only quality, Takeda is also modest with an optimistic attitude.

He is always raising the confidence of the boys with forceful speeches. Although Takeda may seem shy at first, he remains firm with students when they step out of line.

5 Quanxi: She Is The Leader Of An Unusual Harem (The Chainsaw Man)attack on titan 10 personajes de anime que serian la pareja perfecta para hange 5

Known for her harem of girlfriends, Quanxi is a quiet character who has no shame when it comes to their open relationship. Although Quanxi barely shows any emotions on her face, she still cares for the people close to her, especially her girlfriends.

Even though their personalities are highly contrasting, Quanxi would have no problem getting along with Hange, as all of her other friends also have different personalities than hers.

4 Shinra Kishitani: The son of a mad scientist obsessed with the supernatural (Durarara !!)attack on titan 10 personajes de anime que serian la pareja perfecta para hange 6

Because his father was a mad scientist, Shinra has performed surgeries from a very young age. So it’s no wonder that he became an underground doctor when he got older. Shinra is another character who also has a strange obsession, his is the supernatural.

His main hyper fixation right now is with Celty, a headless Irish fairy. Like Hange, Shinra is considered weird for his strange obsessions.

3 Grelle Sutcliff: An outgoing grim reaper who loves the color red (Black Butler)attack on titan 10 personajes de anime que serian la pareja perfecta para hange 7

Like Grim Reaper, Grelle is a supernatural being tasked with collecting souls. Like Hange, Grelle’s gender is also ambiguous, but she is most often referred to as “she / him.” However, it is not the only thing they have in common, Grelle is also known for having an outgoing personality.

Grelle is a very flamboyant person who also has extreme passions like Hange, except that Grelle’s passion is the color red instead of man-eating monsters.

2 Misato Katsuragi: She is a commander who takes her job seriously but is chaotic in real life (Neon Genesis Evangelion)attack on titan 10 personajes de anime que serian la pareja perfecta para hange 8

Being an investigator isn’t Hange’s only job in the Survey Corps, she also plays an important role as a commander. Another commander who can be a perfect match for Hange is the beautiful Misato. Misato is a commander in NERV, an organization dedicated to defeating the Angels.

While working, Misato is very professional and takes everything very seriously. This is in contrast to his real personality; Outside of work, Misato leads a chaotic life and her extremely messy room proves it.

1 Ranpo Edogawa: A Detective with a Childish Personality (Bungo Stray Dogs)attack on titan 10 personajes de anime que serian la pareja perfecta para hange 9

As a member of the Armed Detective Agency, Ranpo is known to be the best detective there is. Due to his extreme intelligence, Ranpo can solve any case in a matter of seconds. Despite being so smart, Ranpo is very childish and is often seen making fun of the other members of the Armed Detective Agency.

However, like Hange, when it comes to dangerous situations, Ranpo can get serious and calm to assess the situation.