Attack on Titan: 10 anime characters that would compete with Reiner

Reiner, de Attack On Titan, is one of the top ten graduates of the 104th Training Corps. He is not just a trained fighter; Like Eren and other characters, he also has a Titan form. Reiner can transform into the Armored Titan, who has regenerative abilities, enhanced strength, and an armored skin that can help him withstand heavy attacks.

However, other anime characters could defeat him in battle, even though he has these abilities. From the magic of Azusa and Shin to the quick thinking and agility of Gon and Kirito, these characters could easily match him in battle, regardless of what form he takes.

10 Gon’s speed and use of Nen could overwhelm Reiner (Hunter X Hunter)

Gon is small and fast, which could help him dodge many of Reiner’s attacks. Since Reiner is also slower in his Titan form, Gon could perform many attacks before Reiner has a chance to attack. Although Reiner has regenerative abilities that help him recover, Gon can use the Nen to help take him down sooner rather than later.

Also, if Gon were in his adult form, it would be much more difficult to beat overall and would help him unleash his full power against Reiner.

9 Azusa could use magic to take down Reiner (I’ve been killing slimes for 300 years and have reached max level)attack on titan 10 personajes de anime que le harian la competencia a reiner 1

Thepoderosa protagonista isekai Azusa de I’ve Been Killing Slimes He has more than enough magic to take down Reiner himself. As one of the strongest characters in his respective series, he can create new spells to adapt to new situations, fly, take down enemies and opponents with magic barriers, and use other offensive spells.

Considering that she was able to defeat demons like Beelzebub and Demon King Pecora, Azusa could use her magical powers to take down Reiner regardless of what form she uses. She may not be as advanced with weapons as he is, but her magic would easily overcome those obstacles.

8 Cosette could use her musical abilities to take down Reiner (Takt Op. Destiny)attack on titan 10 personajes de anime que le harian la competencia a reiner 2

Cosette, de Takt On. Destiny, has classical music powers. As long as there is a piano nearby that Takt can play to activate his powers, Cosette can transform into her Musicart form and start shooting Reiner on the spot. She can fire lasers, wield a giant sword to slash enemies, and is extremely fast and agile with her movements.

Not only would this help her take down Reiner like a normal person, but she can use these same powers to bypass Reiner’s regenerative abilities. His attacks would be fast enough to barely give Reiner a chance to recover, and thus he could destroy him sooner rather than later.

7 Edward Elric would use his alchemy to kill Reiner (Fullmetal Alchemist)attack on titan 10 personajes de anime que le harian la competencia a reiner 3

Edward Elric de Fullmetal Alchemist he could use his alchemy to take down many enemies, including Reiner. Since you can use your alchemy without a transmutation circle, it is easy for you to use it anytime, anywhere you want. You can use these skills to deactivate Reiner’s weapons and fight hand-to-hand with him easily.

Edward may have a bit more difficulty defeating Reiner in his Titan form, but if Edward was able to defeat characters like Father and other enemies from their respective series, he can take Reiner in battle and win.

6 Sugar could turn Reiner into a doll no matter the size (One Piece)attack on titan 10 personajes de anime que le harian la competencia a reiner 4

Sugar de One Piece ate the devil fruit Hobi Hobi no Mi. This allowed him to turn people into dolls and erase other people’s memories of their existence. It also gave Sugar eternal youth, which means that she would look like an unsuspecting child to Reiner if he ever met her. This would allow you to outdo it, turn it into a doll, and use it for your purposes.

Even if Reiner was already in his Titan form, she could use her powers on him and there would be no way to stop her.

5 The mere presence of Kuro could kill Reiner (Restaurant to another world)attack on titan 10 personajes de anime que le harian la competencia a reiner 5

Although he has yet to show his powers in the anime adaptation of Restaurant To Another World, Kuro is known to be a black dragon. She is so powerful that she had to exile herself to the moon so as not to accidentally destroy the world she lived in simply by her presence.

Luckily, since you only work at the Western restaurant Nekoya on Saturdays, you don’t risk accidentally destroying your job. Considering his destructive power, he could kill Reiner by being physically present near him.

4 Sebastian Michaelis would take Reiner’s soul eventually (Black Butler)attack on titan 10 personajes de anime que le harian la competencia a reiner 6

Sebastian Michaelis is a deadly butler who is also a demon. He could make a Faustian contract with Reiner to work with him to some degree, only to take his soul afterward. Whether Reiner is a normal human or is in his Titan form, there is nothing Reiner can do to counter him.

Even if the two met in battle, Sebastian could kill Reiner with anything he had on hand, cutlery included. Furthermore, it is practically impossible to kill Sebastian if it is not with specific weapons, and Reiner does not have access to any of them either.

3 Kirito would use his excellent sword skill to destroy Reiner (Sword Art Online)attack on titan 10 personajes de anime que le harian la competencia a reiner 7

Kirito is an excellent swordsman and a strategic warrior in general. Considering his status as a gifted protagonist, he could normally beat Reiner in battle with his agility, speed, and quick thinking.

Kirito would have a harder time defeating Reiner if he transformed into his Titan form, but he would end up defeating him thanks to his great strategies. Kirito’s great experience fighting plant bosses in Aincrad and other enemies would help him adapt to fighting Reiner’s Titan form and defeating him.

2 Sailor Moon is extremely powerful with multiple abilities and magical forms (Sailor Moon)attack on titan 10 personajes de anime que le harian la competencia a reiner 8

Sailor Moon is extremely powerful with her many magical abilities and forms from the titular series. She alone could defeat Reiner regardless of what form she takes. She may not use advanced weaponry like him, or have training in the air force, so she could have some difficulty in air combat.

However, the rest of his magical abilities would make up for it, and he could easily destroy it with one of his ultimate attacks to finish him off. Even if he’s in trouble, he could easily enlist the help of his fellow Sailor Scouts to finish him off for good.

1 Shin is another very powerful magic user who could destroy Reiner in battle (Kenja No Mago)attack on titan 10 personajes de anime que le harian la competencia a reiner 9

Shin is an excellent user of magic, although from the beginning of Kenja No Mago is quite dominated . Although he lacks common sense, he makes up for it with his enormous magical power. He was able to destroy most of the training room and targets with a single spell during his entrance exam and he far surpassed it.

You can also use your defensive magic to enhance your clothing and protect yourself. These spells could help you face Reiner and win the battle in the end, even if you are unfamiliar with current technology.