Attack On Titan: 10 Anime Characters That Would Fit Perfectly With Story

A member of the 104th Cadet Corps, Historia Reiss first appeared in Attack the titans as Krista Lenz, in the guise of a shy and kind soldier, loved by all. But fans would soon learn that Historia’s role went beyond her position in the Corps of Inspectors. She had been born royalty, and would eventually become the Queen of the Walls.

As demonstrated in the anime, the power of a queen depends on those who support her. History’s past relationships with the other characters in Attack the titans They helped her occupy the throne and establish a strong presence as queen, but there would have been other characters who could have supported her in various ways: through friendship, guardianship, protection, or romance.

10 Ciel Phantomhive could have been Historia’s perfect watchdog (Black Butler)

The protagonist of Black Butler, Ciel Phantomhive, is known as the Queen’s Watchdog for his service to Queen Victoria of England. Although he accomplishes many of his tasks with the help of his demonic butler, Sebastian, he is definitely more than just a boy who summoned a demon.

He is an exceptional leader and strategist who doesn’t shy away from making tough decisions when needed. Although he is reckless and childish at times, he would have adapted perfectly to the harsh world of Attack on Titan and he would have allowed his new queen to shine as she deserves.

9 Emma Frost would have been a great advisor for History (X-Men)attack on titan 10 personajes de anime que encajarian perfectamente con historia 1

Originally a Marvel Comics character, Emma Frost has appeared in various films and cartoons within the Marvel universe. A powerful telepath who also possesses the ability to harden her skin to diamond strength, she is one of the most capable, intelligent, and insidious villains the X-Men have ever faced. Its anime version is softer and warmer than that of the comics, having abandoned its previous allies.

He also has a great relationship with the young mutant Armor, for whom he has almost maternal feelings. The age difference between her and Historia could have been an obstacle to a romantic relationship, but they could have had a deep connection either way. Story would have definitely benefited from the experience of a woman like Emma Frost.

8 Maki would have helped Historia in its darkest moments (Jujutsu Kaisen)attack on titan 10 personajes de anime que encajarian perfectamente con historia 2

Maki Zenin deJujutsu Kaisen it is, in a way, the complete opposite of History. She is rejected by her clan for having very low levels of cursed energy. She decides to leave her family behind and become a great sorceress to prove her worth to all who despised her, and ultimately takes control of her clan. His tenacity is only matched by his superhuman strength.

Maki’s solid presence would have greatly benefited Historia, who struggled with suicidal tendencies during the anime’s early seasons. With Maki by her side, Historia could easily have remembered, even in the most difficult moments, how brave she is and how much she has given to her people.

7 Deku could have been the hero of Historia without surpassing it (My Hero Academia)attack on titan 10 personajes de anime que encajarian perfectamente con historia 3

Izuku Midoriya, deMy Hero Academia, has a simple goal: save people with a smile. But in a world that despises him for being Quirkless, his dream is not easy to achieve. However, his goodness and courage caused All Might to choose him as the successor to One For All, and those qualities would make him a perfect addition to History. He could use a hero like Deku by his side.

6 Akame’s cruelty would have been a great weapon (Akame Ga Kill!)attack on titan 10 personajes de anime que encajarian perfectamente con historia 4

One of the main characters of Akame Ga Kill! Akame is an infamous and ruthless assassin who wields a special sword. He belongs to the powerful group of Night Raid assassins and a single slash from his weapon can kill any opponent. In a world like that of Attack on Titan, such a weapon would be very useful. But its compatibility with History goes further.

From a very young age, Akame was forced to undergo special training to become an assassin. It was used by the Empire and eventually rebelled against its abusers, just like History did. Although emotionally vulnerable in a way, her quiet strength and fierce determination would make her an invaluable ally to Historia. He may be a bit socially awkward, but he cares deeply for his loved ones, and that would be just as important as his swordsmanship.

5 Shuna’s sweetness would have comforted Historia (that time I was reincarnated into a slime)attack on titan 10 personajes de anime que encajarian perfectamente con historia 5

Former ogre princess, Shuna appears in That time I was reincarnated into a slime after his village and most of his village were destroyed. Even so, she is able to retain her warmth and sweetness, assisting Rimuru in both diplomacy and domestic affairs. S

He also has strong magical abilities, which he uses to anchor the souls of the inhabitants of Tempest when they are attacked. Their behavior and background are very different from History, but together they could build a strong relationship.

4 Emilia and Historia would have helped each other to bear their burdens (Re: Zero)attack on titan 10 personajes de anime que encajarian perfectamente con historia 6

The main heroine of the isekai series Re: Zero, Emilia has to pass many tests throughout the anime. She is a half-elf and a candidate to become the leader of the Dragon Kingdom of Lugnica, a title she wishes to claim in order to free her people. She fights a lot against feelings of uncertainty and self-loathing, especially because of her physical appearance, which is reminiscent of the witch Satella.

Still, it is through these trials and tribulations that she grows a lot as a character. She and Historia have many things in common, as they both put on a carefree facade when in fact they have heavy burdens to bear. If they could ever get together, these two brave ladies would help each other a lot.

3 Alice Zuberg would have been a true knight for History (Sword Art Online)

Sword Art Online Alice Battling

Kirito and Eugeo’s childhood friend in Sword Art Online: AlicizationAlice is arrested as a child after accidentally breaking the Taboo Index upon entering the Dark Territory. Taken to the Central Cathedral, she is turned into Alice Synthesis Thirty by the Administrator, Quinella.

Years later, she becomes a master of the Sacred Arts and her willpower is so strong that she is capable of breaking Quinella’s conditioning. Her courage is such that she is prepared to face the real world, where she is seen as an artificial being. No doubt Historia would have benefited from having Alice’s Fragrant Sword of the Olive at her service, and their relationship might have gone beyond knight and lord.

2 Lelouch would have understood History duties (Code Geass)attack on titan 10 personajes de anime que encajarian perfectamente con historia 8

Lelouch, the protagonist of the anime mecha Code GeassIt is very similar to History: he is also a traumatized teenager who comes from an unstructured royal family. He hid his true identity for many years, donning the name Lelouch Lamperouge and, later, Zero’s mask. Towards the end of the anime, he confronts his parents and punishes them for their misdeeds.

He also acknowledges his mistakes and chooses a drastic course of action to fix them. Of course, it does not hurt that he is a great strategist and that he has a magical power that allows him to control anyone. He would have understood the position of History very well and would have been a real asset to the true Queen of the Walls. And considering the situation in History, they could even have had more.

1 Ymir’s love would have been the best romantic couple in history (Attack on Titan)attack on titan 10 personajes de anime que encajarian perfectamente con historia 9

The relationship between Ymir and Historia is undoubtedly as iconic as Eren and Mikasa’s. Ymir has shown her love for Historia countless times, and it is thanks to her influence that Historia ended up finding the strength to reject her father and become the queen she needed to be.

Despite her love for History, Ymir decided to follow Reiner and Bertholdt to Marley and was eaten by Porco Galliard. Still, the memories of the moments Ymir and Historia shared are still just as powerful.