Attack On Titan: 10 Characters Who Killed Nobody

Attack on Titan It has a lot of great characters, but even though fans grow fond of them, they are constantly dying. From the beginning of the manga, many characters were eaten by the Titans. As time passed, the protagonists, as well as the readers, learned more about the world of Attack. on Titan, the characters killed each other, and most of the human race died at the end of the series.

However, there are some characters who never killed anyone in the entire manga, either because they were peaceful people who didn’t want to fight or because they simply died before they had a chance to take down their enemies.

10 Carla was one of the first characters to die

Carla was Eren’s mother and one of the first characters to die in the series. He died when the Colossal Titan invaded Shiganshina, and some of the debris from the wall he kicked down fell on his house and crushed it. Eren and Mikasa tried to save her life, but she was eaten by a Titan while Hannes rescued them. She would never have killed anyone and she hated the idea of ​​Eren joining the army. However, his death only gave him an even greater motive to become a soldier and take revenge on the Titans.

9 Thomas died before he could kill a Titanattack on titan 10 personajes que no mataron a nadie 1

Thomas was a soldier in the 104th Cadet Corps who became close friends with Eren. When the Colossal Titan returned and attacked Trost, the two were in the same squad as Mylius, Nac, Mina, and Armin. Thomas challenged Eren to see which of them could kill the most Titans, a competition that would end immediately after it began, as Thomas was killed, along with Nac, Mina, and Mylius. Armin was about to be eaten as well, but Eren was able to save him by sacrificing himself. Soon after, he learned that he was a Titan-shifter.

8 Marco was killed by the Warriorsattack on titan 10 personajes que no mataron a nadie 2

Marco was another soldier in the 104th Cadet Corps who never killed anyone. His friends considered him a great leader, and he could have joined the Military Police had he survived the attack on Trost. However, he overheard Reiner and Bertholdt talking about them being the Armored and Colossal Titans.

Once they discovered that Marco was listening, the two, along with Annie, fed a Titan. Marco begged them to let him go so he could speak, wanting to find a peaceful solution so that no one would have to die.

7 Nick was a minister who knew many secrets of Paradisattack on titan 10 personajes que no mataron a nadie 3

Although his religious beliefs led him to keep secrets that could be held responsible for the deaths of some people, Minister Nick never killed anyone. When the Survey Corps learned that he knew that the Titans were within the walls of Paradis, they tried to extract more information from him, which caused him and Hange to become friends. He even helped them discover that Historia was Rod’s daughter. However, for revealing too much, the Military Police killed him.

6 Marlowe was killed by the Beast Titan in Shiganshinaattack on titan 10 personajes que no mataron a nadie 4

When Marlowe first showed up, she was a new Military Police soldier who had high hopes for her. However, once he realized that he couldn’t make the impact he wanted on that branch, he joined the Inspection Corps. When they went to Shiganshina and fought the warriors, the Beast Titan caught them. Marlowe and most of the soldiers sacrificed their lives in order to distract him so that Levi could kill him. Unfortunately, Levi was unable to defeat the Beast Titan. Marlowe and most of his companions died to no avail.

5 Colt never killed anyone despite being chosen as heir to the Titan Beastattack on titan 10 personajes que no mataron a nadie 5

Colt was the oldest warrior candidate who had not inherited one of the Nine Titans when he was introduced. He was expected to replace Zeke as the Beast Titan, which means that Marley probably had a lot of faith that he would be able to defeat many of his enemies. However, Colt was never seen killing anyone and died before he had the chance.

When Falco accidentally drank some of Zeke’s cerebrospinal fluid, Colt tried to save his younger brother. He asked Zeke to wait until Falco was far enough away not to be affected when he transformed the Eldians who drank his cerebrospinal fluid into Titans. However, Zeke refused to listen and, due to how close Colt was to Falco when he transformed, he died.

4 Niccolo was a cook who fell in love with Sashaattack on titan 10 personajes que no mataron a nadie 6

Niccolo was a Marleyan who went to Paradis and was held hostage until he started cooking for the Eldians and anti-Marleyan volunteers. At first he hated the Eldians, but after meeting Sasha, he began to understand that they were not the demons he had been led to believe. After Sasha’s death, he saved his friends from drinking Zeke’s cerebrospinal fluid, and upon discovering that Gabi was his killer, he attempted to kill her and Falco. However, Sasha’s family and friends were able to stop him, and he never tried to kill anyone again.

3 Kaya was Sasha’s younger sisterattack on titan 10 personajes que no mataron a nadie 7

Like Niccolo, Kaya had a close relationship with Sasha and wanted to avenge his death. When she was first introduced, she witnessed her mother being eaten and saved by Sasha. She was later adopted by Sasha’s father, making them sisters. Kaya admired Sasha and cared for her a lot. A few years later, he met Gabi and Falco, not knowing who they were at the time, and he wanted to help them. However, once she found out that Gabi was the one who shot Sasha, she tried to kill her but was stopped. Gabi ended up saving Kaya’s life shortly after, and the two realized that violence was not the answer to solve the problems between the Eldians and the rest of the world.

2 Willy was the head of the Tybur familyattack on titan 10 personajes que no mataron a nadie 8

Members of the Tybur family were the heirs of the Titan Warhammer and the only Eldeans respected after the Great War of the Titans. So when Willy was born, it was easy for him to befriend people from all over the world. Knowing that the power of the Titans was becoming irrelevant, Willy gathered in Marley the people who loved him from all over the world. He gave them a speech, revealing the true role his ancestors and Karl Fritz played in the Great War of the Titans and that they must all band together to defeat Eren, who ate him moments later.

1 Darius was the general of the army of Paradisattack on titan 10 personajes que no mataron a nadie 9

Although he was never seen fighting anyone, Darius was the leader of the entire Paradis army. Rather than fighting the Titans or protecting the people of Paradis, he had to make many difficult decisions that affected what the military did and he worked very closely with the royal family. Because of how powerful he was, he was killed by the Yeagerists when Eren overthrew the Paradis army. Although he probably had to kill a lot of titans to get that far, this was never shown on screen.