Attack on Titan: 10 fights that lived up to the challenge

Attack On Titan is not only a narrative masterpiece, it also features some of the most incredible fight scenes in anime. Thanks to the series’ iconic omnidirectional mobility gear, each fight brings unique visual styles to Attack on. Titan. Each sequence is carefully choreographed and animated, offering viewers a feast for the eyes.

Of course, any anime that is known for its fight scenes is going to have a reputation to uphold. When fans know a fight is coming, it doesn’t take long to build up hype, especially in a series where conflicts can span multiple episodes.

Warning: Strong anime spoilers below Attack on Titan.

10 The series kicks off the action with the battle for Trost

The first major battle in the series takes place shortly after Eren and his friends complete their training and join the scouts. As they celebrate atop the wall, the Colossal Titan appears and burrows a hole in the wall itself, allowing the smaller Titans to pour in, just as they did in Eren’s hometown earlier in the series.

As this is the first major fight sequence in the series, viewers are naturally excited about what could happen over the next few episodes. What hardly anyone saw coming was Eren being eaten by a Titan. While manga readers knew what was going to happen, it was a shock to anime audiences that the main character of the series was apparently killed.

A much more well-known surprise came later, when it was revealed that Eren was the one controlling the new Titan who had suddenly appeared and was killing the smaller Titans. With so many revelations in the first arc alone, this match was certainly up to the task.

9 the titan woman pursues Eren relentlesslyattack on titan 10 peleas que estuvieron a la altura 1

The first season of Attack on Titan brought with it many surprises for fans who had not read the manga. Onlookers first saw an intelligent Titan, other than Eren, when the female Titan attacked the scouts during their first excursion outside the walls. This, of course, was a surprise, as it occurred so soon after the reveal of Eren’s Titan powers.

The ensuing battle spanned several episodes, with fans tuning in each week for the latest updates on the fight between the Female Titan and the Explorers. Would Eren betray the trust of his companions and transform into a Titan to fight the Female? Who will be the next victim of the Female? Who controls it?

These were all the questions the audience had on their mind as they watched this story arc unfold. Of course, the conclusion of this story is satisfactory, even if the explorers have failed to discover or capture her identity.

8 Ymir reveals her secretattack on titan 10 peleas que estuvieron a la altura 2

If the fans learned anything at the end of the first season, it was that there were more secrets than was believed within the walls of the city. Each episode of the second season brought with it new revelations, from the true identity of Historia to the discovery of the Titan abilities of Reiner and Bertholdt.

An often overlooked plot twist is Ymir’s ability to transform into a Titan. Following the scene of his transformation at the end of one of the episodes, it quickly became apparent that the next would contain an important fight scene.

It certainly rises to the occasion, as Ymir’s Titan is unlike any other the public has seen thus far, as it is much smaller and more agile. Ymir can jump between targets and his powerful jaw allows him to rip through their flesh. Thanks to her new powers, Ymir is able to protect her friends.

7 Reiner and Bertholdt reveal themselvesattack on titan 10 peleas que estuvieron a la altura 3

The fact that Reiner and Bertholdt are revealed as the Armored and Colossal Titans, respectively, is arguably one of the series’ most shocking moments. Reiner reveals this key information to Eren in passing, causing both the audience and Eren himself to do a double take and wonder if they just heard correctly. Upon learning this information, Mikasa does not hesitate to attack, leading to an intense battle.

Bertholdt, as the Colossal Titan, sits atop the wall and attempts to neutralize the scouts, while Eren confronts Reiner one by one on the ground. This fight sequence is sure to excite any fan of the series, considering that the Armored and Colossal Titans are responsible for kicking off everything that has happened so far. This is the rematch that everyone has been waiting for, and the payoff is well worth it.

6 Kenny the Ripper ambushes Leviattack on titan 10 peleas que estuvieron a la altura 4

The third season of the series introduced a new threat in addition to the terrifying Titans. Rather than just worrying about monsters, the explorers must now defend themselves against other human beings, specifically a serial killer and Levi’s uncle, Kenny, along with his group of henchmen. The fight that follows is without a doubt one of the most impressive sequences in the series, thanks not only to the superb animation, but also to the stakes.

5 Rod Reiss becomes a Titanattack on titan 10 peleas que estuvieron a la altura 5

With the revelation of Historia’s lineage, her father intends to place her in a position of power and restore the status quo to Paradis. To do this, he must turn Historia into a Titan and make him consume Eren to absorb his powers. However, Historia’s loyalty to her friends is stronger than her family ties, and she turns against her father and attempts to free Eren.

Driven by his feelings of betrayal, Rod Reiss proceeds to become a Titan and stop them before they can escape. At the same time, the explorers have launched a rescue mission to save Eren by infiltrating the caverns under Reiss’s chapel, where he is being held. Kenny, hired by Rod, gets in his way.

Anyone who watches it will naturally be eager to see how this situation unfolds, and the battle that follows lives up to all expectations. Kenny’s arc concludes and the audience learns more about the Ackermans, while Rod’s Titan is eventually dispatched by Historia, who accepts his role as the city’s true ruler.

4 Levi takes on the Titan Beastattack on titan 10 peleas que estuvieron a la altura 6

During the Battle of Shiganshina, the Beast Titan cornered Erwin, Levi, and a significant portion of the Scouts in a small village just outside the wall. Unable to flee and with the Beast Titan destroying his cover by throwing giant rocks, Erwin plans one last suicide run, in which the remaining Scouts, led by Erwin, charge directly at the Beast. Meanwhile, Levi is instructed to use the distraction to sneak up behind the Beast and knock it down.

Levi reluctantly agrees to this plan, and the end result is well worth it. He is capable of catching the Beast Titan off guard and completely knocks him down in a matter of minutes. He cuts Zeke from the neck of the monster and prepares to execute him before the Titan Chariot swoops in to rescue him at the last moment.

3 Elders invade Marleyattack on titan 10 peleas que estuvieron a la altura 7

Season 3 concludes with Eren staring out to sea and wondering aloud if they will be able to achieve the freedom they have been seeking by killing their enemies in Marley. Of course, this gets fans gearing up for the final showdown across the sea, and the wait is well worth it.

The first episodes of the fourth season show the invasion of Marley, as the Eldians attack suddenly and violently, and Eren consumes the Titan Warhammer. In addition to Eren acquiring new abilities, the Eldians also find a new ally in Zeke and take Gabi and Falco prisoners. Sadly, the fight also leads to the death of fan favorite Sasha Braus. These events make the battle one of the most important conflicts in the series, as the course of the story changes dramatically.

2 Levi and Zeke have a short-lived rematchattack on titan 10 peleas que estuvieron a la altura 8

As if it wasn’t enough that Levi completely decimated the Beast Titan once, Ackermann had a rematch with Zeke last season. By introducing some of his cerebrospinal fluid into Paradis’s wine supply, Zeke is able to transform the vast majority of the army’s soldiers into Titans, including Levi’s squad overseeing Zeke.

Consumed by rage, Levi kills his entire old squad and chases Zeke through the woods. Unable to flee, Zeke transforms into the Beast Titan to stop Levi. However, Levi’s unmatched ability turns out to be too much for Zeke, as he is quickly neutralized by the scout. Levi, once again, proves that he is not a force to be reckoned with.

1 Eren and the explorers return to the place where it all beganattack on titan 10 peleas que estuvieron a la altura 9

The return to Shiganshina is undoubtedly the most anticipated arc of the series. The explorers’ goal since season one has been to return to Eren’s childhood home and discover what his father, Grisha, was hiding. Of course, getting there is not an easy task. Not only has the journey been long, but now the scouts must be prepared to face the Armored and Colossal Titans since Reiner and Bertholdt escaped their previous capture attempts.

The battle that unfolds in this city is one of the best works in the series, as it takes the emotional stakes to a fever pitch. Reiner and Bertholdt are forced to fight their friends, and viewers get a closer look at Erwin and Levi’s friendship, ending with the difficult decision to save either the scout leader or Armin.