Attack On Titan: 10 harsh realities of being a female titan

The Female Titan is one of the strongest beings in the universe of Attack on Titan. He can possess the abilities of the other Nine Titans, such as hardening himself and being able to control normal and abnormal Titans.

Throughout the manga, there was only one character who inherited the female titan, Annie Leonhart, although there were many who preceded her. Although inheriting the female Titan has many advantages, Annie had a very hard life precisely because she became a Titan-changer.

10 The Female Titan was hated around the world

Because the Eldians used the Nine Titans to conquer the world, other races hated the Female Titan for centuries. After Marley managed to obtain them during the Great War of the Titans, the Female Titan, along with the Beast, Jaw, Dreadnought, Colossal, and Chariot Titans were used to fight Marley’s enemies, including the Eldians of Paradis, who were not they looked nothing like their ancestors after Annie inherited it. The Female Titan became one of her greatest enemies, and they both feared and hated her.

9 Each heir died in thirteen yearsattack on titan 10 duras realidades de ser una mujer titan 1

Like all other changeling titans, those who inherited the Female Titan died within thirteen years. If they had not been eaten by a successor at the end of their term, they died and an Eldian baby was born with their powers. This was because Ymir Fritz, the founder, died thirteen years after coming into contact with the Source of all living matter. Annie was the first heir to the Female Titan who lived over thirteen years due to the extinction of the Titans at the end of the manga.

8 Annie was adopted by an abusive fatherattack on titan 10 duras realidades de ser una mujer titan 2

After Marley obtained the majority of the Nine Titans, the Eldian children who lived there were trained to become warriors in exchange for them and their families becoming honorary Marleyans. Wanting to be an honorary Marleyan himself, Mr. Leonhart adopted Annie and taught her to fight from a young age. He never showed her any love and constantly forced her to train, hoping that she would have what it takes to become one of Marley’s warriors.

7 she became one of Marley’s warriorsattack on titan 10 duras realidades de ser una mujer titan 3

Annie’s training paid off when she became a warrior candidate and inherited the Female Titan soon after. They used it as a weapon for Marley to defeat his greatest enemies.

After destroying an entire nation, Marley sent her, along with Reiner, Bertholdt, and Marcel, on a mission to Paradis to take away the Founding Titan. Before leaving, Mr. Leonhart apologized to her and said that he wanted her to come home, but it was too late.

6 Annie continued her mission despite not wanting to do soattack on titan 10 duras realidades de ser una mujer titan 4

Once they reached Paradis, Marcel was eaten by Ymir, who inherited the Titan Jaw, while Annie, Bertholdt, and Reiner fled. Although Annie wanted to return to Marley and see her father again, Reiner did not want to fail in her mission and convinced her to move on. They invaded Shiganshina and began a new life shortly after, deciding to join the 104th Cadet Corps and become soldiers in the Military Police in order to become closer to the royal family.

5 Reiner put her to work a lot while he hardly did anythingattack on titan 10 duras realidades de ser una mujer titan 5

During their time as soldiers, Reiner made Annie do a great job while he and Bertholdt simply befriended their fellow soldiers and trained with them. If it weren’t for her, they would not have known anything about the true royal family of Paradis, as she had investigated the Military Police, Kenny Ackerman and the church, hoping that it would lead them to discover who the heir to the Titan was. Founder. Little did the warriors who were close to him the entire time, every time they trained with Eren knew.

4 she was forced to kill Marco with Reinerattack on titan 10 duras realidades de ser una mujer titan 6

After graduating from the 104th Cadet Corps, the warriors invaded the Trost District, leaving the Titans to enter. When Reiner and Bertholdt spoke of their mission, revealing their true identities, Marco listened to them.

This caused Reiner to feed him a Titan. Due to the loyalty he showed to the soldiers they trained with over the years, Reiner made Annie show that she was still on Marley’s side by having her help him take away Marco’s equipment. As the three warriors watched their friend get eaten, they cried but knew that if they didn’t kill him, everything they had worked for would have been for nothing.

3 Armin discovered his identityattack on titan 10 duras realidades de ser una mujer titan 7

After Marco’s death, Annie stole his equipment so that, during an inspection, no one would discover that he had killed two captured Titans that the Survey Corps was experimenting with. However, Armin knew exactly what Marco’s team was like because of how close they were and he realized that Annie had it. When she thought about that, coupled with the fact that the female titan looked like her, fought the same way she did, spared her life, and knew what Eren was like, she found out who Annie really was.

2 she was trapped in glass for yearsattack on titan 10 duras realidades de ser una mujer titan 8

After fighting Eren and Mikasa, Annie knew she couldn’t escape the Inspection Corps, so she used her hardening abilities to form an indestructible crystal around her body. For years, he stayed there and was conscious the entire time. Apart from the company of Hitch and Armin, Annie was isolated from the rest of the world for a long time, not knowing what was happening to her companions. Luckily, it would eventually come out.

1 Annie thought Liberio had been destroyed and her father had died after Eren started making noiseattack on titan 10 duras realidades de ser una mujer titan 9

Years later, Annie escaped her crystal when Eren temporarily undid everything in existence to start the Rumor. He used the Colossal Titans within the walls of Paradis to lay waste to most of the world, killing thousands of people. Annie and the other warriors believed that their nation had been destroyed and their families were dead. However, when they teamed up with the Survey Corps to fight Eren and save the world, Annie discovered that Mr. Leonhart was still alive, and they were eventually reunited.