Attack on Titan: 10 harsh realities of being a Marleyan

Marley has long been the world’s strongest military power from Attack on Titan. Thanks to the subjugation of the Eldian people, Marley has been able to freely manipulate the power of the Titans to his advantage.

With the power of the Titans in the palm of his hand, Marley propelled himself to the top of the food chain. Unfortunately, they did not take into account the harsh truths that emerge as a result of war, subjugation, and segregation. Reality has a way of responding when pushed too far, and Marleyans are unprepared for the bitter taste of Eldian karma that lies ahead.

10 Marleyan culture is influenced by constant international conflicts

The parallels between the first season of Attack on Titan and the final season are hard to miss. In both seasons, an army returns home just before a city is ravaged by a powerful shifting titan who has experienced the harsh reality of being a child soldier.

These Titan invasions are so dramatic that fans often overlook the comeback party that precedes them. Although both situations are shot in a similar way, the tone is completely different in Marley than in Paradis. It is easy to see that the Marleyans have learned to enjoy the thrill of inviting their warriors home. This is because their culture has embraced war as an art, while the Elders of the walls of Paradis prefer to live in peace and harmony.

9 Marleyans are constantly deceived by propaganda that hides their true realityataque a los titanes 10 duras realidades de ser un marleyano 1

The reality of war is much starker than many suppose. Throwing human bodies at an enemy is gruesome enough. Add in the threat of propaganda, it becomes a recipe for disaster that can cripple even a strong and victorious nation like Marley. Propaganda is a well-known war tactic that governments use to gain support for their actions. Although it is not always used for malicious reasons, if used incorrectly, propaganda can lead to a distrustful and ignorant population that knows only the art of war.

8 Marley is a weak and segregated nation that purposely dehumanizes its strongest citizensataque a los titanes 10 duras realidades de ser un marleyano 2

Marley may have done the job of convincing herself and the world that they are a powerful nation capable of finding victory on any battlefield, but fans of Attack the titans they know that it is not so. Marley’s strength does not reside in those who call themselves Marleyans, but in those who call themselves “Eldian Devils.”

The Marleyan army’s base of strength resides on the backs of its shifting Eldian titans. Rather than celebrate these individuals, Marley leaders demonstrate how weak they are by reducing their Eldian citizens to slaves and dehumanizing them at every opportunity.

7 Elders’ reliance on Titan-shifting ability has stalled Marley’s technological advancementsataque a los titanes 10 duras realidades de ser un marleyano 3

To show how weak Marley is without the help of his ever-changing titans, fans can take a look at the assault on Marley led by Eren Yeager in the anime’s final season. Once the greatest military power in the world took on a boy with the same might of the Titans as the Marley warriors, they crumbled like a set of Jenga blocks.

The biggest difference in this battle came from the ODM technology used by the Eldians of Paradis. Marley’s constant reliance on the power of the Titans actually crippled their technological development and allowed other nations to surpass them despite the strength of their Titan Warrior Unit.

6 The constant threat of revolution has forced Marley into a militant dictatorshipataque a los titanes 10 duras realidades de ser un marleyano 4

Although details about the type of government of Marley have not been revealed to viewers, it is very clear that the military has a great influence on the way decisions are made in Marley. Theo Magath is the general of the Marley military and oversees the Eldian Warriors Unit.

Because the Eldian culture within Marley is heavily influenced by the opportunity to become a Titan Warrior, Magath serves as the de facto dictator of the Eldian people. How much he influences the rest of the Marleyans cannot be said, but considering his current position, it would be surprising if someone ruled them.

5 Marleyan officials constantly fear war will come to their homesataque a los titanes 10 duras realidades de ser un marleyano 5

Very few of the Titan Shifters working under Theo Magath have lived long enough to feel the guilt that comes with waging war. On the other hand, General Magath is so incredibly paranoid that he manages to predict Eren Yeager’s attack on Marley.

Although this kind of foresight may seem impressive, it is an indication of the paranoia that can paralyze a person’s mental health. Magath is so exhausted from war that he no longer fears it. Rather than prepare to stop Eren Yeager, he let the Attack Titan decimate an entire city before gathering his remaining troops and flying to Paradis for revenge.

4 All Marley citizens have experienced the effects of systemic racismataque a los titanes 10 duras realidades de ser un marleyano 6

The anti-European propaganda that has circulated in Marleyan history books for generations has imprinted racism on the minds of all Marleyan citizens.

Gabi and Reiner are the perfect examples of how systemic racism can turn people against their own species. While it may shock viewers to hear Gabi spout anti-European rhetoric, it is due to the culture in which she grew up.

3 The citizens of Marley have lived under a false sense of security their entire livesataque a los titanes 10 duras realidades de ser un marleyano 7

Both the Marleyans and the young Eldenses were taught that the threat from the outside world was something outside their borders. However, the Eldians eventually learned that the sense of security they were led to was false, while the citizens of Marley were never forced to learn this lesson.

The shocked faces of the Marleyan citizens who heard Willy Tyber’s precise account of Marley’s history demonstrated just how out of the loop these citizens were. The attack that followed surely petrified the rest, who were still clinging to their superiority complex after hearing Tyber’s words.

2 The Marleyans are the villains, aggressors and traitors of the world of AoTataque a los titanes 10 duras realidades de ser un marleyano 8

Although fans will continue to debate whether Eren Yeager is the true antagonist of Attack on Titan., the facts support the idea that it is Marley who has served as the antagonist of the series. Throughout the entire series, Eren and his allies have sought the freedom that was locked behind an army of titans.

Seasons 3 and 4 revealed that these titans were actually puppets created by Marley to punish the Eldian people for a false story that Marley wrote. This story began because a Marleyan betrayed the Eldian empire in the first place. The evidence supports the fact that the Marleyans are the villains in the world of Attack the titans.

1 His warlike past influenced Eren’s villainous behaviorataque a los titanes 10 duras realidades de ser un marleyano 9

While many believe that Eren’s attack on Marley was very out of character for one protagonist, others continue to vouch for the skinny boy who lost his mother in Shiganshina.

Regardless of Eren’s intentions, Marley’s war history influenced Eren’s behavior. Although the omnicide may be taking it too far, Marley’s actions undoubtedly influenced the version of Eren Yeager that anime fans know today.