Attack On Titan: 10 Kindest Characters In The Series

Attack on Titan it is a grim series in which the characters suffer and many die. While it has its comedic moments to ease the darkness and violence, the premise itself keeps the series grim. However, even in its darkest moments, there are many characters among its huge cast who have shown the best of humanity.

Despite dire circumstances, there are those who are willing to put their trust in others and believe that there is something good in the world worth saving. Despite all the selfish characters who are determined to destroy their enemies, there are many other good-hearted spirits ready to help anyone in need.

Warning: Strong anime spoilers below Attack on Titan.

10 Connie believes in her friends

Connie Springer is one of the first characters viewers meet after Eren enlists in the military. Once he meets Eren and finds out about his experiences, he befriends him and asks him what the Titans are like in real life. He is also inspired by Eren’s dedication to training, so he too begins to try harder.

He is very affectionate towards those he considers his friends, and even refuses to believe that Reiner and Bertholdt have been his enemies all along. Later, he feels clearly betrayed by this revelation and hesitates to take down Reiner when his Armored Titan is shot down.

Connie also has a high opinion of her friends, as she praises Armin when his plan is carried out successfully and believes in Eren enough to follow him and join the Scout Regiment.

9 Erwin embodies true leadershipattack on titan 10 personajes mas amables de la serie 1

Erwin Smith is the leader of the Scout Regiment and therefore must demonstrate the qualities of a good leader. He is extremely confident and is committed to defeating the Titans to protect the future of humanity. He is even willing to sacrifice his own life in order to achieve victory for the humans.

The best display of his kindness is his first meeting with Levi, in which the two find themselves locked in battle. Once Erwin and his squad prevail and subdue Levi and his companions, he takes pity on the young Ackerman. He offers Levi the opportunity to join the Scout Regiment and in return, he will not be turned over to the Military Police for his crimes.

8 Petra asks Eren to trust herattack on titan 10 personajes mas amables de la serie 2

Petra Rall is a close friend of Levi Ackerman and fights alongside him during the first season. The best display of his kindness is when he tends to a wounded soldier and tries to stop his bleeding. However, when he dies, she and Levi do their best to comfort him. Afterward, she tries to reassure Levi by telling him that the man has heard them and has left in peace.

Later, when the scouts are chased by the Female Titan through the forest, Petra is one of the soldiers escorting Eren. When Levi orders her and the others to keep fleeing the Titan, even though their reinforcements have died right behind them, Eren considers transforming himself and fighting the Female Titan himself. However, Petra begs him to have faith in her and Levi’s team and to trust that they are doing the right thing.

7 Hannes saves Eren and Mikasaattack on titan 10 personajes mas amables de la serie 3

Hannes is a captain of the Garrison, responsible for defending the walls against the attacks of the Titans. He is also a family friend of the Jaegers and is frequently associated with Eren and Mikasa during his childhood. On the day Shiganshina is attacked, Hannes comes to the aid of Eren and Mikasa, intending to kill the Smiling Titan and help rescue Eren’s mother. However, upon seeing the monster in front of him, he is filled with fear and instead takes the children away and retreats, leaving Carla to die.

Throughout the series, Hannes shows immense remorse for that decision and tries to apologize when they reunite years later. When the mission to rescue Eren begins, Hannes teams up with Erwin and a Military Police commander to go after Reiner and Bertholdt. When they manage to free Eren, he flees on horseback with Mikasa, but they are shot down and attacked by the Smiling Titan. Hannes, seeing this as an opportunity for redemption, attacks the creature to protect the two children he failed years before.

6 Hange treats Titans like more than just monstersattack on titan 10 personajes mas amables de la serie 4

Another close friend of Levi’s, Hange Zoë is dedicated to studying the Titans and allowing humanity to better understand them. Throughout the series, Hange is shown to have two sides, one that can be incredibly kind and one that is absolutely ruthless. Hange shares her friendlier side with friends like Levi or Eren and saves her more unforgiving side for when lives are at stake.

Capturing two little titans to experiment with, Hange immediately names them Sawney and Beane. He regards the creatures as his own children, showing them more kindness than any other character. Hange is shown playing with and feeding them, treating them like they are not carnivorous monsters. When the two titans are executed, Hange is heartbroken, both at the loss of life and the opportunity to investigate.

5 Marco helps those in needattack on titan 10 personajes mas amables de la serie 5

Marco Bodt is also among the characters Eren first meets when he enlists in the army. He is there when Eren is telling the others about Shiganshina’s battle and realizes that the questions they ask make Eren uncomfortable. It is then that he takes the opportunity to reprimand others to help someone in need.

Later, during the Battle of Trost, Marco overhears Reiner and Bertholdt talk about their roles as Armored Titans and Colossal respectively. Although at first he thinks this is a joke, the two, along with Annie, ambush him and capture him. Annie reluctantly takes Marco’s equipment away and the three of them let him die alongside the Titans around him. As they run away, Marco begs them to just talk to him. Even in the end, Marco wants to believe that his friends have good in them.

4 Falco protects his loved onesattack on titan 10 personajes mas amables de la serie 6

Introduced in the last season, Falco Grice is a warrior candidate who does his best to become the heir to the Armored Titan. Although he is an Eldian raised in Marley, who has been taught to believe that Eldians are inherently evil creatures, Falco is incredibly good-natured. His motivation for entering the warrior program is to save Gabi from having to shorten her life by inheriting a Warrior Titan.

After being captured by Eren and his people, Falco and Gabi believe they have found an ally in Nicolo, the Marleyan chef who serves food to the Elders. However, when Nicolo discovers that Gabi is the one who has killed Sasha, the woman he has fallen in love with, he attacks her. Falco does not hesitate to come between the two and receive the blow that was originally going to be for Gabi, showing how far he is willing to go to save her.

3 Sasha defends her villageattack on titan 10 personajes mas amables de la serie 7

Sasha Braus comes across as a likeable character from the get-go, when she’s caught eating a potato on the first day of training. He offers Keith Sadies, the Commander of the Cadet Corps, half of his potato, although he is not amused. As a result, she is condemned to spin around all day.

Later, his true altruism comes to light when he returns to his hometown, in fear that the Titans are heading his way. When he gets there, he comes across a 10-foot Titan who has attacked the village and is eating the mother of a young girl in front of her. Attack the Titan and help the girl escape. As the girl flees, Sasha fights the Titan with only a bow and four arrows, demonstrating her willingness to put the lives of others before her own.

2 History cares about othersattack on titan 10 personajes mas amables de la serie 8

History Reiss initially enlisted in the army under the alias of Christa Lenz, to hide his identity as a member of the royal family. After Sasha is punished for eating during training, she is forced to spin around all day. At night, when he returns to his bunk, Historia brings him bread and water, as Sasha misses dinner.

She then shows her kindness during the cadet corps training in the blizzard, when she drags an unconscious Daz through the snow, determined to save him. Although Ymir deduces that Historia is dragging Daz back to the base just because she wants to die heroically, Historia continues to do everything she can to help another.

1 Armin desperately seeks the good in peopleattack on titan 10 personajes mas amables de la serie 9

Armin Arlert, perhaps the kindest character in the series, always looks for the good in people. Even after finding out that Annie is the Female Titan, he wishes it so badly that it wasn’t true, he practically begs her to prove them wrong. After she crystallizes and is held in prison, Armin visits her every day and talks to her, knowing she will get no answer.

Armin is traumatized when he is forced to kill another human to protect Jean, believing himself subhuman. Later, when he uses the Colossal Titan to attack Liberio, he is incredibly sorry, clearly hating himself for hurting others.

After Eren betrays the group and tells Mikasa that he has always hated her, Armin jumps to his defense and punches him in the face. Even though Eren easily overpowers him, Armin is willing to protect his friends.