Attack On Titan: 10 Likeable Characters That Fans Came To Hate

Like any other anime, Attack On Titan has its share of likeable characters that audiences love at first. Over time, fans can come to hate them. Likeable characters, such as Eren and Mikasa, are easy to animate at the beginning of Attack on Fire. titans as they go through numerous struggles and develop as characters.

However, some of these developments do not give fans their preferred results. Thanks to the world these characters live in, they all have their flaws. Even the most beloved characters of Attack On Titan commit unforgivable actions or develop annoying habits that start to annoy fans. Ultimately, the ones that start out as fan favorites can end up being the most hated characters.

10 Yelena Goes Back As A Character

When it was first introduced in Attack On TitanYelena had the potential to be a unique character. She quickly captured the public’s attention as a Marlyan who wished to help the Eldians. She at first seemed to be on the side of the heroes, as she shared technology and resources with them, but her true character came to light little by little.

In reality, Yelena’s actions are a ploy to get Eren closer to Zeke for her own selfish reasons. Yelena’s character revolves around Zeke exclusively, and every action she takes is with him in mind. Yelena often doesn’t feel like a character of her own, but she seems more like Zeke’s puppet. Over time, Yelena begins to feel unoriginal.

9 Bertholdt Is Still A Cowardattack on titan 10 personajes simpaticos que los fans llegaron a odiar 1

Bertholdt was considered an ally at the beginning of Attack On Titan. Berthholdt’s character revolved around a lack of confidence. Since he considered himself weak, he became a hero worthy of being supported. Fans waited patiently for him to show some character development from him.

Bertholdt was third in his class when he joined the Scout Regiment, so he was obviously capable. Instead of overcoming his fears, his character got stuck. Fans started to dislike him, and that dislike increased when he betrayed the scouts and did very little with the Colossal Titan’s power.

8 Conny Does Nothing To Earn The Respect Of The Fansattack on titan 10 personajes simpaticos que los fans llegaron a odiar 2

Conny did nothing to stand out or gain the interest of fans during her time on Attack On Titan. Only occasionally did Conny show some personality and have emotional interactions with the main characters, giving fans hope that her role would increase.

Unfortunately, Conny never got to that point and just existed. By no means is Conny the worst character in Attack On Titan, but many fans don’t like it because it didn’t have a significant impact on any season or episode. Conny’s screen time could have been better spent on more interesting characters, which makes him even more frustrating to think about.

7 Reiner Loses The Will To Fightattack on titan 10 personajes simpaticos que los fans llegaron a odiar 3

reiner started Attack the titans as the protagonist and, unlike Bertholdt, showed strong and confident characteristics. He was never afraid to fight for what he believed in. To make it even more endearing, he was someone Eren looked up to.

However, Reiner’s sympathy quickly faded when Attack On Titan revealed that he was a spy. He not only exposed Eren to negative emotions and hatred, but he participated in the attack on Shiganshina. Reiner also showed hesitation when it came to fighting during the last season, which contradicted the character’s strong beliefs about him. As Attack On Titan continued, Reiner was becoming a disappointment.

6 Mikasa Lets Her Feelings For Eren Get In The Wayattack on titan 10 personajes simpaticos que los fans llegaron a odiar 4

Mikasa’s character regression is incredibly disappointing. She was a fan favorite for most of attack on titan, and her cruelty made her a prominent personality. However, Mikasa begins to show an inevitable increase in her vulnerability. In particular, the Attack On Titan’s final season showed less of the force that fans had grown accustomed to.

Miksa doubted herself more, especially after Eren convinced her that she was born strictly to protect him. Her obsession with Eren became something like Yelena’s obsession with Zeke. As a result, Mikasa wasted her potential, which makes it harder for me to like her character in the present.

5 Annie’s development comes too lateattack on titan 10 personajes simpaticos que los fans llegaron a odiar 5

From the beginning, Annie seemed cold and distant. She did as she pleased and proved herself multiple times, making her a strong candidate for a leading character who grew up in the audience. She and Mikasa have consistently shown that they are just as capable as the other male characters.

Annie needed some character development, if only to warm up the leads. Unfortunately, that day she was too late in Attack the titans. She became even more unlikable when it was revealed that she was an enemy spy who would trouble the main heroes on multiple occasions.

4 Ymir Betrays The Heroes Despite Her Relationship With Historiaattack on titan 10 personajes simpaticos que los fans llegaron a odiar 6

Ymir was a strong character whose personality initially resonated with the audience. He got along with the leads and seemed to fit in perfectly. Fans have always enjoyed his relationship with Historia and the two get “boarded” quite often.

Ymir’s relationship with the protagonists and her sympathy made her betrayal a huge disappointment. It was incredibly frustrating for fans that he saved Historia against orders, only to return to the enemy. The building blocks were in place for Ymir to develop as a character by leaving his old life behind in favor of one with Historia and the protagonists. He wasted a great opportunity with his character.

3 Armin Lost His Nonviolent Waysattack on titan 10 personajes simpaticos que los fans llegaron a odiar 7

Armin stood out for most of Attack On Titan as someone who refused to hurt others. He was striving for peaceful solutions and only used violence as a last resort. Although Armin often lacked self-confidence, he was a master strategist that fans came to appreciate. He had a unique way of handling and thinking about things that allowed him to stand out.

However, Armin changes in the last season by Attack On Titan. He obeys Eren’s wishes by killing hundreds of people as a Colossal Titan, which contradicts his character and his non-violent nature. His character always revolved too much around Eren instead of developing as a unique individual.

2 Zeke becomes self-centeredattack on titan 10 personajes simpaticos que los fans llegaron a odiar 8

At first, Zeke was a mysterious character. The impact of him on Attack the titans it was huge, despite frequently keeping their distance. His intelligence and strength as a Beast Titan made fans want to see more of him, and his plot to bring Eren to his side was fascinating.

Zeke’s troubles come when his true motives are revealed. His obsession with wiping out an entire civilization makes his character harder to like. The Founding Titan’s power is limitless and a nonviolent solution to end the Titan problem was probably on the table, but he refused to consider it. He showed how self-centered he was after turning numerous people into Titans for his own ambitions.

1 Eren Becomes The Villainattack on titan 10 personajes simpaticos que los fans llegaron a odiar 9

Being an underdog and the main protagonist of Attack On Titan, fans were naturally drawn to Eren. She had to grow up and mature quickly, and his journey to master his powers and achieve peace was admirable. Eren showed a character development of him in each season, which made him a likeable protagonist.

Eren surprised everyone by becoming the main villain of the last season. His character changed and caused a lot of trouble for the heroes. It even seemed like Eren didn’t care about his relationship with Mikasa or Armin. In all the seasons before the timeskip, Eren would get angry and complain. He had to wait until the last season to kick this habit, which seemed very childish for someone so powerful.