Attack On Titan: 10 Luckiest Moments, Ranked

Napoleon Bonaparte once said that “skill is of little consequence without opportunity”, a statement that perfectly sums up the experiences of those who live under the threat of Titankind. Although the most skilled fighters of Attack on the Tits Anes are usually the ones who live the longest, their abilities have a limit to survive.

Miche Zacharius proves his worth as Paradis’ second best scout trooper, but is unlucky enough to encounter the Beast Titan. It can be argued that luck plays a predominant role in many of the events that unfold in Attack the titans – sometimes what matters is just being in the right place at the right time and hoping for the best.

10 Zeke Barely Survives An Exploding Thunder Spear

Levi has no faith in the Beast Titan, especially after the Shiganshina massacre. Despite keeping a close eye on Zeke, Levi is surprised when his nemesis transforms his subordinates into Pure Titans.

However, it takes much more than a few lost Titans to take down Mankind’s strongest soldier. Levi instantly disembowels the Titans and blasts the Beast Titan with a series of Thunder Lances. The rollercoaster ride doesn’t end here: Zeke decides to detonate the final Thunder Lance, an act of reckless courage that leaves Levi critically injured.

9 Ymir Chances Upon The Shining Centipedeattack on titan 10 momentos mas afortunados clasificados 1

Ymir’s life was infinitely more peaceful before acquiring the power of the end of the world. She retains her innocence even after her village is burned down and she is enslaved by the Eldian tribe.

Unfortunately, Ymir is sentenced to a cruel death by the so-called king, who orders his men to chase her into a nearby forest. Ymir goes into the roots of a gigantic tree, hoping to find shelter, but that is when the mysterious Luminous Centipede assimilates into her body and saves her life.

8 Grisha Gets A Second Chance At Lifeattack on titan 10 momentos mas afortunados clasificados 2

Zeke betrays his parents, leaving them to suffer extreme agony and humiliation at the hands of the Marleyan authorities. While Dina transforms into a Titan and is released on Paradis, Grisha manages to survive by chance.

Eren Kruger reveals his true identity as the Owl and asks Grisha to carry on his legacy as the Attack Titan. Grisha is obviously confused and totally terrified, but luckily he realizes that Kruger’s plan could result in Eldian’s freedom.

7 Kenny Gives Levi A Rare Gift Before He Diesattack on titan 10 momentos mas afortunados clasificados 3

Kenny Ackerman is a despicable character – he shows little affection for anyone, including his nephew Levi. When Rod Reiss’s plan for Historia to inherit the Founding Titan goes horribly wrong, he opts to become the Pure Titan himself.

Kenny is caught in the blast radius of Rod’s transformation; although he barely escapes with his life, the burns on him prove fatal. Luckily, Kenny runs into Levi before he passes away and seizes the opportunity to share a Titan injection with his nephew. This feat ends up helping Armin get the Colossus Titan.

6 Some Clans Resist The Founding Titanattack on titan 10 momentos mas afortunados clasificados 4

Unlike most of the Eldian population on Paradis, the Ackerman clan is said to possess a secret power. Levi refers to him as a form of high-level intuition, which explains why his and Mikasa’s combat prowess are unmatched.

Interestingly, it appears that the Founding Titan is unable to modify Clan Ackerman’s memories. More importantly, all members of this unique bloodline demonstrate an immunity against conversion to Titan.

5 Eren Accidentally Touches A Royal Blood Titanattack on titan 10 momentos mas afortunados clasificados 5

The Smiling Titan murders Eren’s mother before his eyes, igniting the flames of revenge that eventually engulf the entire world. Eren encounters the creature half a decade later, but this time Hannes plucks up the courage to attack the Laughing Titan to atone for his cowardice in Shiganshina.

Hannes is inevitably caught and devoured, causing Eren to fly into a rage and punch the Titan’s hand. It’s lucky that the Founder Titan activates at that very moment, because otherwise Eren wouldn’t have survived.

4 Rod Reiss Takes Pity On Young Historyattack on titan 10 momentos mas afortunados clasificados 6

Rod Reiss has five children with his wife, while another girl, Historia, is born from his secret affair with Alma. He is fond of his illegitimate daughter, at least until the First Interior Brigade of the Military Police enters the scene. Rod has no choice but to order Alma’s execution to protect her legacy.

Fortunately, she takes pity on Historia and allows her to stay alive, but only if she lives under an alias, Krista Lenz, and ignores the royal blood that runs through her veins.

3 Nobody Recognizes Eren After The Final Timeskipattack on titan 10 momentos mas afortunados clasificados 7

Falco Grice meets a kind gentleman named Mr. Kruger, who advises the young man and offers some surprisingly wise advice. “Kruger” then asks Falco to deliver dozens of letters to an unknown address, conveniently omitting the fact that he is sending them to his allies.

Since there is a four-year time jump between seasons 3 and 4, not even the audience realizes that it is actually Eren Yeager in disguise. Falco’s innocence allows the scouts to mount a devastating attack on Liberio.

2 The Female Titan looks knowingly at Arminattack on titan 10 momentos mas afortunados clasificados 8

The Female Titan appears out of nowhere during the 57th Beyond the Walls Expedition. Single-handedly, she kills countless scouts and catches up with Armin, who is too scared to do more than shiver in her boots.

He has no idea that the Female Titan is Annie, and so his jaw drops when she gently pats his head. Armin’s affection for Annie is not a one-way street as he had previously believed.

1 Eren’s Flying Head Reaches Zeke’s Outstretched Palmattack on titan 10 momentos mas afortunados clasificados 9

Marley takes the fight to Paradis to retrieve the Founding Titans and the Beast, only to discover that they are secretly in cahoots. The Armored Titan does its best to keep Eren grounded, but Zeke’s roar turns the tables on Marley.

The resulting swarm of titans, and Falco in particular, distract Reiner, giving Eren a chance to snap out of his titan form and rush at Zeke. Although Gabi’s aim decapitates Eren, his head manages to barely reach his stepbrother’s outstretched palm.