Attack on Titan: 10 Movie Monsters That Are Scarier Than Titans

There are many manga and anime series that find their audience quickly, but Attack on the Titans It has become a real phenomenon that is difficult to overcome. Attack on Titan It’s popular for its kinetic fight sequences, thrilling plot twists, and more, but the monstrous Titans that star in the series are certainly a big factor.

These Titans are truly gruesome and some of the most intense moments with these beasts firmly push the series into the horror genre. Certain acts of the Titans will haunt audiences for the rest of their lives, but there is no shortage of gruesome monsters from the movies that fill the cinema, some of which are even more disturbing than the centerpieces. Attack on Titan .

10 The thing has many forms, all of them would make the titans ponder

Most of John Carpenter’s movies from the ’80s are absolute classics, but The thing It is largely considered a masterpiece with ridiculous practical effects that remain impressive to this day.

The alien creature that stars The thing It has some similarities to the Titans in that it is capable of hiding from view in human form. Deception and infiltration are this monster’s game, but it also exhibits disturbing transformations that defy logic more than any Titan.

9 Pumpkinhead is a creature of revenge built by one of the bestataque a los titanes 10 monstruos de pelicula que dan mas miedo que los titanes 1

Stan Winston is a legendary name in the film industry who has helped innovate special effects through undeniable pieces of technology. Winston has participated in iconic cinematic creatures such as the Xenomorph by Alien , the Predator and the robots by Terminator . P umpkinhead marks Winston’s directorial debut and results in one of his most amazing monsters.

Pumpkinhead is a monster of sheer revenge that has a lanky figure that is no different from a Titan in some ways. Pumpkinhead is capable of ruthless acts and is much more likely to sneak up on its prey than a Titan. His unwavering concentration is terrifying.

8 Killer Clowns From Outer Space Present Unpredictable Terrorataque a los titanes 10 monstruos de pelicula que dan mas miedo que los titanes 2

Killer Klowns From Outer Space by the Chiodo brothers is a cult horror classic packed with incredible footage. The film’s titular monsters are aliens who strangely resemble unhinged versions of clowns.

There are many different killer clowns in the movie, all of whom use different circus tropes to take down perplexed humans. Klowns are already annoying and have strong reinforcements, but their abilities break the laws of nature and are capable of doing things like weaponizing shadow puppets.

7 Brundlefly highlights the heights of terrifying and wacky scienceataque a los titanes 10 monstruos de pelicula que dan mas miedo que los titanes 3

David Cronenberg is a prolific voice when it comes to body horror and The fly shows some of the director’s best work. The cautionary tale features Seth Brundle trapped in various stages of metamorphosis between his original human appearance and his new fly state. All of them are disturbing, but it is the final transformed form that is the most terrifying monster.

His acid vomit is creepier than most Titans’ and, in theory, he could even fly. The Moscow II presents an even more deadly and gruesome version of what the Brundle Fly can be.

6 Alien’s xenomorph has become an all-time classic sci-fi horror predatorataque a los titanes 10 monstruos de pelicula que dan mas miedo que los titanes 4

Alien is an outstanding work of science fiction and horror that has been able to feed an entire universe that, to this day, continues to be explored with new content. The franchise of Alien He’s gone to some wild places, but he really doesn’t have to do much more than take advantage of the determined Xenomorph. The design of the Xenomorph, by HR Giger, is highly unique and helped inspire a host of alien designs.

It also helps the claustrophobic appearance that this monster is often limited to. Xenomorphs also exhibit variety and it is fascinating to think what a Xenomorph-Titan hybrid would look like.

5 Pinhead and his cenobites perfectly present the horrors of the afterlifeataque a los titanes 10 monstruos de pelicula que dan mas miedo que los titanes 5

Clive Barker is another formative name in the horror genre that is responsible for some evocative creations that often examine morality, pain, and sacrifice. The Serie Hellraiser It has strayed from itself, but the first two entries are excellent and each installment continues to impress with the design of Pinhead and his fellow cenobites.

The whole Cenobite aesthetic of “pain is pleasure” is a heavy stuff. Pinhead and what it represents are really horrendous. Titans are often blunt tools of destruction and Cenobites are more like precision surgery. They are committed to their craft.

4 The Blob is absolutely devastating in its simplicityataque a los titanes 10 monstruos de pelicula que dan mas miedo que los titanes 6

The Blob is often overlooked when it comes to cinematic monsters, but there is something quite terrifying about an all-consuming mass that cannot be reasoned with and shows no sign of rational thinking. The Blob, Whether in the 1958 version or the 1988 top remake, it features a devastating monster that absorbs civilians and consumes everything in its path.

At first it seems that a Titan has the upper hand, but it is chilling to imagine that the Stain gradually takes over the body of a Titan and swallows it whole. It is a truly dangerous creature that should not be underestimated.

3 Basket Case’s Belial Bradley makes audiences question humanityataque a los titanes 10 monstruos de pelicula que dan mas miedo que los titanes 7

The trilogy of Basket Case often blurs the lines between horror and comedy and feels representative of the weirdest impulses of the ’80s, but there is still a creepy monster pushing each of these unusual bloodbaths. Belial Bradley is the former malformed twin of Duane Bradley.

The two separate, but Duane is left cleaning up the bloody ruins of Belial. Belial is considerably smaller than a Titan, but that allows him to constantly attack with the element of surprise and his supposed limited condition never seems to slow him down with Duane by his side.

2 Annihilation’s alien caterpillar is a mind-blowing monster to beholdataque a los titanes 10 monstruos de pelicula que dan mas miedo que los titanes 8

Annihilation by Alex Garland is one of the highest-level science fiction films of recent years. It presents enlightening ideas that are combined with impressive visuals. The entire film has an energy that is both creepy and reassuring, but its final act borders on horror when Natalie Portman’s Lena encounters a physical manifestation of Area X that functions as an antagonistic doppelgänger.

This alien threatens to replace Lena and leads to a grueling fight. It is not the biggest or most striking monster, but what it represents and how it works make it incredibly disturbing.

1 Pennywise brings out the worst fears of allataque a los titanes 10 monstruos de pelicula que dan mas miedo que los titanes 9

Stephen King is responsible for countless contributions to the horror genre, be they short stories or monsters, but Pennywise of IT he is undoubtedly one of the most remarkable and powerful creatures in his literary universe.

Pennywise’s “standard” clown form is enough to scare most individuals, but this monster is capable of changing its shape and taking advantage of its victims’ greatest fears. This gives Pennywise a special power that most of these monsters lack. It would also be amazing to see Pennywise terrorize the Titans and become what they fear the most.