Attack On Titan: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Jean

Most of the main characters in the universe of Attack On Titan undergoes some major changes when you compare what they were at the beginning to what they are at the end of the series, and Jean is no exception. It starts out as someone who is a long way from being nice. When you were just a learner, your impulsive attitude, combined with your tendency to speak your mind without regard to the situation or possible consequences, often gets you into trouble.

However, it has been shown that he is actually quite a capable and caring person, as well as someone who has a relatively strong moral compass. And although it may seem simple, there are still many things about his character that fans may not know.

10 is consistently in the top ten in character popularity polls

Jean’s personality starts out a bit bizarre, as she is someone who seems more concerned with her own safety than actively helping humanity. He also has a bad habit of getting into altercations and provoking others, specifically Eren. Despite this, even in the first popularity poll, Jean ranks ninth. His popularity continues to rise as he matures, ranking fourth in the second popularity poll and fifth in the third.

9 In the early drafts of the series, Jean and Armin were one characterattack on titan 10 cosas que no sabias de jean 1

Jean and Armin have two different and distinct personalities, but they are similar in other ways. Jean stands out as a born leader who excels at taking charge of others and cares deeply for the lives of his peers, and Armin ends up being a brilliant strategist who often saves or leads others with his abilities.

In fact, it is noted that in the early drafts of the series, Jean and Armin are actually one character. They later split into the two that fans know and love today, and it’s interesting to think about what might have been different if they weren’t.

8 All of his official stats are relatively high, except for his teamworkattack on titan 10 cosas que no sabias de jean 2

All of Jean’s official stats appear on the Attack On Titan guide, and they are all exceptionally tall, except for their teamwork. All statistics are rated on a scale from one to ten. His combat ability is a nine, his initiative is an eight, and his wits are a seven. His teamwork is a bit lower, as he only has a five, but his conscience is a staggering ten out of ten.

7 His precision with firearms is impressive, especially since he does not shoot to killattack on titan 10 cosas que no sabias de jean 3

Although only shown primarily during the Corps of Inspectors’ chase, Jean is incredibly skilled with firearms. This would be impressive enough on its own, but it takes an even higher level of skill to be able to take accurate, non-lethal shots.

Jean never shoots to kill anyone, but only to incapacitate him when absolutely necessary. His overall accuracy has been shown to be impressive, as he is also capable of wielding thunder spears with great success.

6 Of all his strengths, the greatest is his ability to use the maneuvering equipmentattack on titan 10 cosas que no sabias de jean 4

Jean has quite a few strengths. He becomes a capable leader, his combat ability is almost the best in his class, and he knows how to take command and get things done. Even with all these impressive feats under his belt, his skill with the maneuvering team is his greatest strength.

It is capable of dexterous maneuvering even in open terrain, a feat that has been known to be quite difficult to achieve. He is incredibly capable of killing Titans, as well as maneuvering around them or even avoiding them altogether when necessary.

5 Despite appearing self-centered, Jean finds it impossible to leave others behind or risk his lifeattack on titan 10 cosas que no sabias de jean 5

At first, Jean is shown as a self-centered character, more concerned with leading a wealthy life than with anything else. However, once you get in the heat of the moment and the lives of others are at stake, it is impossible for you to abandon them and turn a blind eye.

He’s even willing to risk his own life if it means others aren’t in danger, like when he, Armin, and Reiner take on the Female Titan because failure to do so would put other lives in jeopardy. The deaths of companions, like Marco’s, also weigh heavily on him.

4 He is slowly transforming into an idealist thanks to characters like Erenattack on titan 10 cosas que no sabias de jean 6

Jean is quite a cautious character, and has a habit of doubting others rather than giving them the benefit of the doubt. He also originally believed that fighting for the future of humanity is a futile and losing battle.

However, he does not stay that way forever, and is moved by the philosophies of other characters, such as Eren’s. After the Armored Titan appears for the second time, it is Jean who ends up motivating Eren to continue fighting for the good of humanity, showing that his opinions are beginning to change.

3 Start out as a mean character, quick to hold a grudge against othersattack on titan 10 cosas que no sabias de jean 7

Although Jean becomes a capable leader who cares and inspires others, he starts out as incredibly petty. This is especially true when it comes to Eren, as Jean was instantly infatuated with Mikasa and saw Eren as the reason she doesn’t pay attention to him.

Develop an immediate grudge against him. Every time Eren has trouble with the 3D Maneuvering Team and tries to ask Jean for advice, Jean comes to reject him and instead openly laughs at him and mocks him.

2 Marco’s death is the catalyst that makes Jean enlist in the Topography Corps and not in the Military Policeattack on titan 10 cosas que no sabias de jean 8

Jean’s initial goal is to join the Military Police and live a safe life within the inner walls. As selfish as it sounds, it makes sense for humans to prioritize their own safety and survival over the fate of others, especially when their chances seem as bleak as they are often painted within the show’s universe.

He ends up changing and joining the Inspection Corps, despite all his fears about it and his own personal visions for the future. He makes this decision after encountering Marco’s body and taking to heart the words of encouragement his late squadmate gave him.

1 Has no problem challenging and countering authority when he thinks it is justifiedattack on titan 10 cosas que no sabias de jean 9

Jean’s forceful and fiery personality makes him one of the strongest candidates when it comes to challenging authority within the series. He has no problem denouncing Erwin’s plan when he learns that he withheld information about a potential spy from the rest, potentially sacrificing lives in the process.

He also loses his temper at first when he learns that there are three apprentices besides Annie and Eren with the ability to transform into Titans, demanding to know who they are. Erwin is able to calm him down afterwards, showing that he also knows when not to take things too far.