Attack on Titan: 10 times actions spoke louder than words

Explanations are not lacking in Attack on Titan, a series with a story that gets more and more complicated as it slowly unfolds through various arcs. Mangaka Isayama has no choice but to explain many aspects of the world that he has created in greater or less detail so that readers are not lost in all the chaos.

However, a story is not worth it if it is not based more on showing than on telling. In other words, visual action is a much better narrative vehicle than verbal description. The pen may be more powerful than the sword, but it is the latter that makes any scene captivating.

10 The Titan Colossus kicks a hole in the wall Maria

In the first episode, it is shown that the inhabitants of the Shiganshina district lead a relatively happy life, given that there have been no incursions by the Titans for decades.

Of course, his dreams of a peaceful future are shattered along with the Wall of Mary when the Colossus Titan emerges from the void and kicks open a huge hole. The event is as hypnotic as it is macabre and requires no dialogue to convey its message.

9 Mikasa pounces on anyone posing a threat to Erenataque a los titanes 10 veces que las acciones hablaron mas que las palabras 1

Mikasa has been (over) protective of Eren since he rescues her from a group of kidnappers, and she often shows her affection for him by attacking anyone who tries to harm her.

This includes childhood bullies at first, but the list of people Mikasa attacks on Eren’s behalf grows to include Levi Ackermann and Armin, whom she respects and admires. Whether or not your reactions come from the legendary “awakened power” of the Ackermann clan doesn’t matter in the least.

8 Levi forces the Jaegers’ basement door to openataque a los titanes 10 veces que las acciones hablaron mas que las palabras 2

Levi greatly regrets leaving Erwin to die, despite the lack of other options against the Beast Titan. For this reason, he is restless to know the secrets that are hidden in the basement of the Jaegers in Shiganshina, traveling there with Eren, Mikasa and Hange.

When Eren gets nervous that the key Grisha gave him doesn’t work, Levi impatiently kicks the door open, surprising the others.

7 The Titan Woman Doesn’t Instantly Kill Arminataque a los titanes 10 veces que las acciones hablaron mas que las palabras 3

Eren remains under the protection of Levi and his Special Operations Squad. Her incredible prowess in combat is unfortunately no match for the female titan. Interestingly, while Annie goes around crushing the scouts like bugs, she discovers Armin in melee.

Although naturally afraid of him, the Female Titan just looks at him with a kind expression and allows him to escape. It would have been a poignant moment if it weren’t for the general situation.

6 Armin distracts Eren to buy time for Mikasa and Leviataque a los titanes 10 veces que las acciones hablaron mas que las palabras 4

In their final showdown, Armin and Eren face off in their respective Titan Colossus forms, with both fighters more or less evenly matched.

This is because he finally sees that there would be no progress if Eren continues his genocidal mission, recognizing that the death of his best friend is the only way forward. As the two Colossus Titans battle it out, Levi and Mikasa formulate a swift plan that ends in a decisive victory for the scouts.

5 Zeke betrays his parents and the Eldian restorative movementataque a los titanes 10 veces que las acciones hablaron mas que las palabras 5

Zeke’s childhood is not very healthy, considering that his parents would rather work on their Eldian restoration project than raise their only child. In fact, Grisha and Dina are more than happy to send him to the Guerrero program to snoop on their behalf.

Even when Zeke insists that his parents stop their plans or risk exposing their entire family, they ignore his pleas with their pleas for independence from Eldian. With no choice, Zeke follows Ksaver’s advice and betrays Grisha, Dina, and the restorers.

4 Erwin transforms Levi from juvenile delinquent to scoutataque a los titanes 10 veces que las acciones hablaron mas que las palabras 6

Attack on Titan: No Regrets is a canonical spin-off manga that explores the delinquent youth of Levi Ackermann. He is caught red-handed during one of his “missions,” but Erwin Smith suggests that he could avoid jail by joining the Scout Regiment.

Despite this, he has no plans to follow the Commander, at least until his allies are eaten by a Titan. At that moment, Levi realizes that Erwin only wants to take care of him, so he ends up restarting his criminal life and teaming up with the explorers.

3 Reiner confronts the Beast Titan to show his devotion to Annieataque a los titanes 10 veces que las acciones hablaron mas que las palabras 7

The Beast Titan comes to Paradis to clean up the remains of previous Warrior Candidates. It is then that he learns that Marcel and Annie have been killed and captured, respectively.

Zeke determines that the Founding Titan must be their main concern, which Bertholdt and Reiner are opposed to: they prefer to rescue Annie before tackling Eren’s problem. The group’s conflict is resolved when the Beast Titan defeats the Armored Titan in physical combat.

2 Eren mutilates, tortures and kills people without compunctionataque a los titanes 10 veces que las acciones hablaron mas que las palabras 8

Eren goes from being a reckless, boisterous child with bold claims to “rid the world of the Titans” to a solemn adult who has no time or interest for a cordial discussion.

He destroys half of Liberio, killing dozens of people in the process, and even instigates the Rumbling despite everyone else desperately trying to dissuade him. Eren may act like the time to talk is over, but that’s not how he really feels.

1 Gabi blows Eren’s head off his shouldersataque a los titanes 10 veces que las acciones hablaron mas que las palabras 9

Zeke decides to transform the unsuspecting Paradisians (and Falco) into an army of Titans, hoping to buy enough time to activate the Paths. Eren hardens the Attack Titan’s body, detaches himself from it, and rushes towards Zeke, only to realize that Gabi Braun has an anti-Titan rifle pointed directly at him.

His eyes perform an instant and silent exchange of emotions before Gabi’s shot ghastly decapitates Eren. Technically he gets the revenge he wanted in Paradis, but his relief is short-lived because Zeke catches his stepbrother’s head by the hair.