Attack On Titan: 10 Times Eren Helped Levi

Before Eren incapacitated Levi with the truth hidden in his inherited Titan abilities, the young scout was a powerful ally. Marley, the Beast Titan and General Magath changed AoT, But the most dedicated fans will never forget when Eren was nothing more than Levi’s subordinate within the Scout Corps.

As a member of Levi’s elite scout group, Eren served as a key unit in the war against the Titans. Whether it was sweeping the dust off his floor or sealing Shiganshina’s walls, Eren abided by Levi’s rules because he knew that at any moment the strongest human soldier could end his life and cut the fabric of Attack the titans in half.

10 Eren used a boulder to plug the hole in the Trost district

If it hadn’t been for Levi’s late arrival, Eren, Mikasa, and Armin would have died in the Battle of Trost. Of course, if they had been eaten by the remaining pure titans that roam the Trost district, they would have died as heroes.

Without Eren’s help, Levi would have been forced to redefine Trost as hostile territory. This would have removed him and his elite squad from the task of surveying the terrain outside the walls as they fought to eliminate the Titans flooding Trost.

9 Eren helped Levi clear the scouts’ base inside Wall Roseattack on titan 10 veces que eren ayudo a levi 1

After Levi risked his life to save Eren from the vultures hiding in the Military Police, he put the young changeling titan to work with a mop and broomstick. Within the walls of the former Inspection Corps headquarters, Eren and the special operations force thoroughly cleaned out the entire fortress under Levi’s orders.

To be honest, Eren had no chance of living up to Levi’s standards of cleanliness. Still, without Eren’s help, Levi would have been cleaning up the old headquarters for much longer.

8 When Reiner and Bertholdt attacked the scouts, Eren diverted his attention and saved Levi’s strongest alliesattack on titan 10 veces que eren ayudo a levi 2

On the day Reiner and Bertholdt revealed their Titan form to the scouts, Eren’s quick thinking and combat prowess prevented the two Marleyan warriors from taking down several of the strongest members of the Study Corps. After Reiner tried to put Eren on his side and Mikasa failed to eliminate the armored titan before he transformed, Bertholdt could have easily wiped out all the inhabitants of the Rose Wall.

Instead, due to Eren’s presence, Bertholdt contained the power of the Colossal Titan. This allowed Eren to change into his Titan form and return the tide of battle to Levi’s scouts.

7 Along with Armin, Eren defeated Bertholdt with the skills he mastered while serving under Leviattack on titan 10 veces que eren ayudo a levi 3

The Colossal Titan is one of the most powerful titans thanks to its enormous size and the ability to unleash enormous amounts of energy in one go. This ability turns the Colossal Titan into the equivalent of a walking atomic bomb. Without Bertholdt’s Colossal Titan, Reiner and Annie wouldn’t have been able to do much more than a dent in the walls.

Bertholdt single-handedly forced Levi and the scouts to withdraw their prospecting efforts on two separate occasions to protect territory that should have been under the control of the Garrison Unit. Thanks to Eren and Armin, the Colossal Titan was no longer a threat to Levi and the scouts.

6 Eren paralyzed the armored titan and made him run back to Marleyattack on titan 10 veces que eren ayudo a levi 4

Combined with the might of the colossal titan, the armored titan forced the scouts back in their prospecting efforts on two separate occasions. First, when Reiner and Bertholdt attacked Shiganshina, Levi and the scouts were forced to redefine the terrain between Wall Rose and Wall Maria as hostile territory.

The two Titans then attacked the Trost district, forcing Levi and the scouts to postpone their next scouting mission a second time. Thanks to Eren, the armored Titan was forcefully defeated within the walls of Shiganshina, and Reiner was forced to retreat with his tail between his legs.

5 Eren’s commitment to kill the Titans led Armin and Mikasa to the Corps of Inspectorsattack on titan 10 veces que eren ayudo a levi 5

Aside from Levi and Erwin, the three most valuable members of the Scout Corps throughout the series Attack the titans they were none other than Mikasa, Armin and Eren. Although fans may not want to admit it, before Eren betrayed the explorers, he took them further than any other member of the Survey Corps.

Fans don’t usually give Eren enough credit for his leadership, but if it weren’t for the Attack Titan’s commitment, neither Armin nor Mikasa would have become members of the Scout Corps. Without the two of them, Levi would have been tasked with holding the scouts against a force of intelligent titans on his own.

4 Eren set the stage for Historia to take down Rod Reiss while Levi took care of Kennyattack on titan 10 veces que eren ayudo a levi 6

The third season of Attack on Titan continues to be celebrated as the best content on AoT. This season he pushed Levi to his limits by pitting him and Eren against him with the combined might of Kenny Ackerman and Rod Reiss.

While Levi managed to handle Kenny on his own, it was Eren who pushed his Titan Shift abilities to the limit and took down Rod Reiss in Titan form. In doing so, Eren learned the hardening skill that would allow him to seal the holes of Shiganshina and propped up Historia as the new ruler of Paradis.

3 Eren created another opportunity for Levi to finish off Zekeattack on titan 10 veces que eren ayudo a levi 7

The rivalry between Levi and the Beast Titan has been an important part of the last arcs of Attack on Titan. Even now, anime fans are still waiting to see which fighter will finish on top.

Although Levi disagreed with Eren’s attack on Marley, it served him to get closer to the man he had promised to kill. Thanks to Eren’s attack, Levi was able to kidnap Zeke and bring him back to the Isle of Paradise to stand trial.

2 Levi and the scouts would have fought to defeat Annie without Eren’s helpattack on titan 10 veces que eren ayudo a levi 8

Although Levi is fully capable of taking down any pure Titan, intelligent Titans are an entirely different beast. Annie’s Female Titan proves it when she completely decimates the Survey Corps in their pursuit of Eren.

Although Levi proves capable of keeping up with Annie in combat, it is Eren who constantly pushes Annie into vulnerable situations. Without Eren’s help, fans can be sure that the island of Paradis would have been destroyed by the invading Marleyan warriors.

1 Eren sealed the gates of Shiganshina and created new titan slaying machines with his hardening ability while Levi had a chance to restattack on titan 10 veces que eren ayudo a levi 9

After Eren helped Levi take down three intelligent titans and seal the holes in the Wall Maria, it became very clear how valuable it was to the Survey Corps. With their help, Erwin and Levi managed to roll back the might of the Titans and regain control of hostile territory.

Although this was an impressive feat on its own, Eren took it a step further by using his hardening ability to help build new titan-killing machines. With a little help from Hanges, Eren offered Levi a chance to rest while the Garrison brought down the remaining Titans from atop its walls.