Attack On Titan: 10 Times Reiner Helped Eren

Along the Attack the titans, the hit anime series that has taken the world by storm, Reiner Braun wears many faces. Both figuratively and literally, Reiner’s face has changed from a burly and hopeful young warrior candidate to a bitter and mentally drained Titan warrior.

Hajime Isayama has admitted that he prefers Reiner over his other characters. This may be because Reiner plays the role of hero better than Eren or because Isayama likes the emotional depth that Reiner shows. In any case, Reiner has played almost every possible role in AoT , which includes being Eren’s ally and mentor for a time.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for the manga. Attack on Titan.

10 Reiner and Bertholdt helped Eren master his ODM team during cadet training

Before Reiner and Bertholdt were revealed as double agents, they were known to fans as two normal cadets with above-average skill. Considering the training they underwent to become Warriors, it was no wonder they quickly rose to the top of the 104th.

Thanks to his above-average skills, Eren managed to overcome his own shortcomings and also rise to the top of the 104th Cadet Corps. Dedicated fans will remember that it was Reiner and Bertholdt who helped Eren train with his ODM team after hours of official training.

9 Reiner taught Eren to motivate himself with scout trainingattack on titan 10 veces que reiner ayudo a eren 1

By working his way through the ranks of Eldian’s warrior candidates, Reiner learned something about what it takes to stay motivated. With this experience, he made an easy job of the cadet formation that Eren wrestled with.

During an especially difficult workout, Eren collapsed on the ground after not being able to keep up with his teammates flying through the trees with his ODM team. Reiner stopped to help Eren up and gave him a little advice. He said, “Do what you have to do. It’s all we can do.” It may not be the most accurate advice, but it certainly helped Eren.

8 Reiner invited Eren to his hometownattack on titan 10 veces que reiner ayudo a eren 2

Although many would say that Eren invaded Marley and attacked her from within, it could also be said that he was invited to Marley. In episode 6 of the second season of the anime Attack the titans, Reiner offers Eren an invitation to return to his homeland.

Viewers now know that Reiner’s homeland is Marley, which means that Reiner’s invitation gives Eren the right to visit the city he would end up by devastating. Eren even makes sure to visit Reiner when he makes the trip abroad.

7 Reiner put Eren in contact with the Smiling Titanattack on titan 10 veces que reiner ayudo a eren 3

Eren’s path to mastering his Titan abilities was long and arduous. In fact, if it weren’t for Reiner’s help, Eren may never have learned to push his Titan abilities to the limit. This is especially true in regards to Eren’s ability to harness the power of the Founding Titan.

Thanks to Reiner, Eren was able to test the power of the Founding Titan by coming into physical contact with Dina Fritz. Without Reiner’s half-hearted plan to kidnap Eren atop the Maria Wall, it is possible that Eren would never have learned to harness the coordinate by coming into contact with Eldian royal blood.

6 Reiner moved away so Eren could get revenge on Marleyattack on titan 10 veces que reiner ayudo a eren 4

After inviting the Attack Titan to his hometown, Reiner stepped aside as Eren changed into his Titan form and destroyed the city he had grown up in.

Many fans gave Reiner a pass at this time. The old warrior’s mental health had been affected by the war, and instead of fighting, he valiantly dedicated his efforts to keeping Falco safe. Still, Reiner was Marley’s best chance to stop Eren at Marley, and yet he stood aside as if he justified Eren’s intentions.

5 Reiner pushed Eren to get serious about his combat trainingattack on titan 10 veces que reiner ayudo a eren 5

During the time that Reiner and Eren trained as cadets on the island of Paradis, the two worked together to become stronger warriors. Sad as it may sound, Reiner and Eren are the most authentic set of companions in the myth of Attack the titans .

While most of the other cadets pretended to be soldiers, Reiner helped Eren learn some fundamental hand-to-hand combat tricks before staging a battle between Eren and Annie. Although it may not sound like a big deal, Reiner was laying the groundwork for Eren to master hand-to-hand combat as a soldier and as a Titan.

4 Reiner set Eren on a path connecting freedom to war by attacking Shiganshinaattack on titan 10 veces que reiner ayudo a eren 6

Eren always dreamed of seeking his own sense of freedom outside the walls by joining the recon corps, but he lacked the drive to do so until Reiner and Bertholdt attacked Shiganshina. After seeing his mother devoured by a pure titan, Eren devoted his entire life to war. From what he could see, the power to kill a Titan would lead him to freedom. This idea was clearly a bit out of place, but it pushed Eren into a pattern of growth and education that many never reach.

3 Reiner forced Eren to fight smart like a Titanattack on titan 10 veces que reiner ayudo a eren 7

Reiner did more than teach Eren a few hand-to-hand combat skills while working with the irate protagonist as a cadet. By offering Eren a chance to test his might against Annie, Reiner set the stage for the Attack Titan to begin intelligently sizing up his enemies.

Annie’s fighting style is based on her smaller, more agile build. Thanks to their combat, Eren learned to use his brain while fighting rather than simply relying on his strength. This brought his Titan-shifting ability up to par with other intelligent Titan-shifters.

2 Reiner led Eren, Armin, and Mikasa to the seaattack on titan 10 veces que reiner ayudo a eren 8

If it weren’t for the shenanigans of the Warrior Units throughout the entire anime of AoT, Eren, Armin and Mikasa would have taken much longer to set their eyes on the sea. In fact, if Reiner and Bertholdt hadn’t brought down the walls of Shiganshina in season one, the main cast of Attack the titans perhaps he would never have reached the edge of Paradise.

1 He fought with the source of all living matter to protect Erenattack on titan 10 veces que reiner ayudo a eren 9

Only manga readers will be able to make sense of the beast known as The Source of All Living Matter. After Eren’s head was blown off at the end of Attack the titans, readers were introduced to an amoeboid lifeform that may or may not have forced Eren’s hand into omnicide.

Although Eren couldn’t help but take responsibility for his actions, Reiner threw himself into the Source of All Living Matter to protect Eren from the powerful creature.