Attack on Titan: 10 Times Warriors Got the Wrong Cover

The Warriors were a group of Marleyan shifting titans sent to Paradis to retrieve the Founding Titan. They were the main antagonists at the beginning of the SerieAttack On Titan and they presented one of the narrative’s greatest mysteries until their identity was discovered.

Although the revelation after the Battle of Utgard identified the remaining warriors with certainty, there were many cases where they were exposed beforehand. By identifying the most significant examples in which they blurted out their true intentions, we can better appreciate how flawed the spies’ infiltration was.

10 Bertholdt’s constant silence was incriminating

Bertholdt was difficult to remember by most of the fans of the series until he was framed as the Colossal Titan. Although his shyness is partly to blame, his approach to the Elders was problematic in preserving his identity.

Since he rarely approached the other Scouts, he seemed suspicious and furtive. Furthermore, he failed to establish a relationship with them as well as Reiner did. Consequently, there was less emotional turmoil implicating him as a potential traitor to humanity.

9 The Female Titan let Reiner escape into the forestataque a los titanes 10 veces que los guerreros se equivocaron de tapadera 1

During the first confrontation with the Female Titan, it seemed that Reiner was finished. When Annie clenched her fist, blood gushed out indiscriminately, strongly suggesting the death of her “enemy.”

Miraculously, Reiner managed to free himself from the Titan’s grip by severing his fingers. Although initially stunned, Armin was able to find out later that the two had been collaborating from the beginning. Annie’s decision to look at the palm of her hand was especially incriminating, as Reiner’s message about Eren’s location was inscribed on it. If a less intelligent Scout had been present at the encounter, the Warriors could have gotten away with it.

8 Reiner identified a Marley cup in front of Ymirataque a los titanes 10 veces que los guerreros se equivocaron de tapadera 2

During his stay at Utgard Castle, Reiner noticed that Ymir read the Marleyan handwriting. He was surprised by the implications, as it meant that she came from outside the walls of Paradis.

However, his shock made him think of his guilt as a Marleyan spy. Otherwise, he would not have understood the meaning of the text and would have simply dismissed Ymir’s behavior as an eccentricity. If Zeke hadn’t attacked when he did, Reiner might have faced a rigorous line of questioning and been exposed sooner than he intended.

7 the three warriors traveled together before Annie was discoveredataque a los titanes 10 veces que los guerreros se equivocaron de tapadera 3

When Annie Leonhart was unmasked, there wasn’t much thought at first about her company. However, as Reiner and Bertholdt continued to serve the Scouts, questions began to arise about their true loyalties.

In the end, the Warriors’ decision to remain in contact with each other behind enemy lines was used against them by Hange and Armin in suggesting the identities of the remaining changelings. If each of them had kept their distance as Annie suggested from the beginning, their mission would have had a better chance of success.

6 Reiner and Bertholdt were notably absent on the return of The Colossalataque a los titanes 10 veces que los guerreros se equivocaron de tapadera 4

When the Colossal Titan returned to make another hole in the walls of Paradis, the newly promoted Cadet Corps ran to stop him. Annie’s absence from this battle can be excused as, as a member of the military police, fighting the Titans is not her job.

However, Reiner and Bertholdt were notoriously missing when the Colossal finally appeared. This made it impossible to remove them as possible suspects in the ongoing case to find out who had infiltrated the explorers.

5 Reiner and Bertholdt expose themselves to Marco as enemies of Paradisataque a los titanes 10 veces que los guerreros se equivocaron de tapadera 5

During the Pure Titans’ assault on Paradis, Bertholdt and Reiner discussed their progress in the infiltration effort. However, they were neglected; Marco passed by their rooftop and heard who they really claimed to be.

At first, the two spies tried to reassure him by telling him that they were joking and that he had nothing to worry about. However, they chased Marco around town after he tried to leave and assassinated him by stealing his ODM gear and leaving it to be eaten by a Titan. If any of the other scouts had witnessed this, the Warriors’ plan would have been instantly ruined.

4 Annie used Marco’s ODM gear to escape the scoutsataque a los titanes 10 veces que los guerreros se equivocaron de tapadera 6

After the battle for Trost, Annie commandeered Marco’s equipment from ODM and made it her own. This was especially troublesome, as it had identifiable dents and scratches that set it apart from typical equipment.

As a result, Armin was able to make a strong assumption about the identity of the Female Titan upon concluding the attack on the forest. When she refused to join him in an underground tunnel, he knew that he could no longer keep his dark secrets from explorers.

3 Reiner and Bertholdt constantly mention their home but never say where it isataque a los titanes 10 veces que los guerreros se equivocaron de tapadera 7

During their missions, Reiner and Bertholdt often assured each other that they were fighting for a “home” to return to. Although this statement may sound benign, it was actually deeply risky.

Since both men grew up in Marley, they couldn’t be honest about where they came from. Lying would be extremely dangerous, as the scouts drew on Eldeans from across the realm who might question their alibis. It would have been better if they didn’t mention their origins at all and hope no one made serious inquiries.

2 Reiner and Annie look like their Titan waysataque a los titanes 10 veces que los guerreros se equivocaron de tapadera 8

Both Annie and Reiner bear an unfortunate resemblance to their Titan statuses. The former is one of the only female characters with blonde hair of the time (aside from Historia), and Reiner’s chunky complexion and facial features reflect his real identity. Additionally, Bertholdt’s long face and lanky body fit the Colossal Titan better than any other main cast member.

This made it extremely difficult to preserve the identity of the Warriors in a prolonged campaign, especially since Paradis learned from Eren that Titans tend to resemble their human counterparts.

1 Reiner delivered the warriors to Erenataque a los titanes 10 veces que los guerreros se equivocaron de tapadera 9

Although the scouts had their suspicions, it was ultimately Reiner himself who betrayed the Warriors. After the battle for Utgard, he communicated his identity to Eren and kindly asked him to return to Marley.

This confession was so abrupt and casual that it stunned the cast of the series and the audience. Bertholdt was about to convince Eren that Reiner was only delirious before he removed the cast from his arm and demonstrated his ability to heal as a changing Titan. At that moment, the Warriors’ infiltration of Paradis came to an official and conclusive end.