Attack On Titan: 10 TV Characters Eren Would Be Friends With

Eren Jaeger plays a complex role in Attack the titans. He begins as a relatively weak protagonist, develops strong anti-hero tendencies following his mother’s death, transforms into a malevolent villain, and ultimately ends his character arc by redeeming himself.

Eren is known for his inability to control his temper; he usually flies into a rage at the slightest provocation. Although his friends are nothing like him, they love Eren too much to see him take a violent path. That said, it’s possible that Eren would have been able to hold back if he had friends who could understand his nihilistic outlook.

10 Rick Sanchez Can Empathize With Eren’s Distorted Mindset – Rick & Morty

Rick Sánchez does not try to hide his contempt for emotions. He regularly teases people, including his own family, for expressing affection. Rick even states that “what people call love is just a chemical reaction that forces animals to reproduce.”

Eren is empathetic in the early stages of his character arc, but this changes drastically when he gains the powers of the Attack and Founder Titans. Rick usually prefers to fly alone, but he could make an exception for Eren. However, Morty is not going to appreciate that.

9 Mojo Jojo Might Be Able To Convince Eren To Put His Arms Down – The Powerpuff Girlsattack on titan 10 personajes de television de los que eren seria amigo 1

Eren’s burning desire to punish the world for inflicting the Titans on Paradis boils over into the Rumbling, a carnival of horrors that nearly wiped out humanity. Mojo Jojo is unlikely to go that far: he just wants to take over the world after annihilating the Powerpuff Girls.

However, Mojo Jojo and Eren are instantly bonded over their difficult childhoods under absent and neglectful parents, Professor Utonium and Grisha Jaeger. When push comes to shove, Mojo Jojo is the best person to convince Eren of his genocidal vision.

8 Ehrlich Bachmann Shares Enough Similarities To Be Eren’s Acquaintances, If Not Friends – Silicon Valleyattack on titan 10 personajes de television de los que eren seria amigo 2

Erlich Bachman is indirectly responsible for Richard Hendricks’s success with his world-changing algorithm, but he behaves as if he had written the program himself. However, he is excellent at negotiating, which is why he is allowed a piece of the Pied Piper of Hamelin pie in the first place.

Eren and Erlich aren’t exactly two peas in a pod, but they share enough personality traits to make each other’s company worthwhile. That said, it’s reasonable to assume that Eren will tire of Erlich’s manic antics after a while.

7 Moriarty Is Bound To Find A Kindred Spirit In Eren – Sherlockattack on titan 10 personajes de television de los que eren seria amigo 3

Despite his quickness to anger, Eren is an exceptionally intelligent person, perhaps more so than he is given credit for. He manipulates the Attack Titan’s time-altering properties to effect the changes he wants to see in the world, no matter what the world needs.

Jim Moriarty displays a similar disinterest in the opinions of others, going so far as to scatter the seeds of discord without an iota of remorse. Moriarty is bound to find a soulmate in Eren, but their relationship will take time to mature.

6 Nick Birch And Eren Will Become Friends Fast – Big Mouthattack on titan 10 personajes de television de los que eren seria amigo 4

Nick Birch has always been a confident character, the result of Elliot and Diane’s stable parenting regimen. He only gets bitter when puberty arrives, or rather, it doesn’t arrive as he wants. Nick is especially self-conscious about his underdeveloped body and takes his anger out on his friends.

Eren doesn’t seem to mind his physical stature, though he treats his friends with the same contempt and hostility that Nick does throughout. Big Mouth. These two characters will no doubt become fast friends, the only problem is that they are likely to allow each other’s toxic mindset.

5 Dolores And Eren Show Honest Remorse For Their Violent Actions – Westworldattack on titan 10 personajes de television de los que eren seria amigo 5

Dolores Abernathy and Eren Jaeger begin their journeys as optimistic individuals, but the unkindness they experience turns them into monstrous versions of themselves. Dolores sets out to extinguish human civilization as revenge for the way the Hosts are treated in Westworld.

Likewise, Eren intends to inflict harm on all those he deems responsible for Eldian’s oppression. Both Eren and Dolores show sincere remorse for their violence before dying, an emotional undertaking that is not as easy as it seems.

4 Zuko Can Teach Eren The Dangers Of Blind Revenge – Avatar: The Last Airbenderattack on titan 10 personajes de television de los que eren seria amigo 6

Zuko is rejected by his own father for being too weak. He spends the next three years searching for the Avatar to regain his lost honor. Like the banished prince of the Fire Nation, Eren is also a tragic villain unable to reconcile his inner beliefs with family expectations.

Each of them suffers greatly as a result of their actions; and yet they refuse to back down from moving forward. Zuko is possibly one of the few characters who can convince Eren of the repercussions of blind revenge.

3 Arya Stark Will Surely Relate To Eren’s Vengeful Outlook – Game Of Thronesattack on titan 10 personajes de television de los que eren seria amigo 7

Eren has a fiercely independent personality, an admirable trait that Arya also exhibits. from game of thrones. He makes his decisions and stands by them no matter how many people turn against him in the process. Eren loses his home and his mother; Arya loses her home and several beloved members of her family.

There’s no doubt that Arya will be able to relate to Eren’s perspective, given that both characters prefer to balance their suffering by exacting their pound of flesh from their respective enemies.

2 Hawk and Eren are smart enough to realize the seriousness of their mistakes – Cobra Kaiattack on titan 10 personajes de television de los que eren seria amigo 8

Eli Moskowitz endures considerable bullying for his nerd status, at least until he takes Johnny Lawrence’s vigorous karate philosophy to heart. His sensei catalyzes his metamorphosis into the aggressive Falcon by showing Eli how to “flip the script.”

Eren has no mentors in Attack the titans as shocking as Lawrence. However, he learns to revolutionize others’ perspectives on his character. Hawk and Eren become villains and harm their loved ones, but they are smart enough to realize the seriousness of their mistakes.

1 White Diamond and Eren can learn a lot from each other – Steven Universeattack on titan 10 personajes de television de los que eren seria amigo 9

One of Eren’s defining attributes is his inveterate stubbornness. Once your decisions are made, there are few things that can stop you from achieving your goals. The unwavering stubbornness of Diamante Blanco in Steven Universe It’s very similar to Eren’s.

He firmly believes in the validity of his fascist authority, placing restrictions on Gems who would rather live their lives free from the control of others. Luckily, Steven teaches White the value of an open mind and helps her come to terms with her own color. Eren and White can learn a lot from each other’s mistakes.