Attack on Titan 4 part 3 release and trailer

When will Attack on Titan 4 part 3 be released?

After watching part 1, anime fans eagerly await the arrival of part 3, the latter being considered by many to be the final chapter.

Reportedly, the hit anime based on Hajime Isayama’s namesake manga concluded in April 2021.

A first clue to the release of the last episodes then comes last April 3, 2022 on the occasion of the publication of the first trailer. The clip tells us that 2023 is the year to look forward to Attack on Titan – The Final Season: Final Arc.

In Japan, Part 2 aired from January 10 to April 4, 2022.

a scene from the official attack on titan 4 trailer, credits NHK
a scene from the official attack on titan 4 trailer, credits NHK

What is the plot of Attack on Titan 4 part 3?

Looking back at the ending of the manga the anime is based on, one realizes that this is a somewhat controversial conclusion. That’s why we don’t exclude the possibility that the MAPPA studio changes some parts of the plot of the original story. What is certain, however, is that at the center of the new episodes will be the long-awaited war between Eldien and Mahr

The anime’s fourth season currently consists of 28 episodes divided into the first two parts, thus covering up to chapter 130 of the original manga. However, we know that this one is made up of 139 Chapters ended after twelve years in April 2021.

The following would therefore be missing 9 episodes to conclude the anime re-adapted by director Tetsurō Araki and produced by Wit Studio in collaboration with Production IG However, at present, the exact number of episodes with which MAPPA wishes to release the chapter Attack on Titan finale.

While the announcement also seemed to imply, for all intents and purposes, that this is the series finale, we still can’t be sure the story will actually end with part three arriving in 2023.

In France, episodes of Attack on Titan are available on both Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. For now, however, the episodes up to Part 2 of Season 4. In 2023, we expect to see Part 3 on the same platforms just mentioned.