Attack On Titan: 5 Anime Characters Armin Could Defeat (& 5 He Couldn’t)

Armin was one of the most intelligent members of the scouts and the heir to the Colossal Titan. Along with Mikasa, he served faithfully by Eren’s side for most of the series. Attack On Titan and only turned against him after the start of the Rumbling.

With one of the most powerful change abilities out there, Armin has grown significantly stronger than in his youth. By pitting him against a number of characters from the anime, we can better understand how he compares to a wide and diverse roster of opponents.

10 could beat: Formaggio’s shrink wouldn’t be enough against Armin (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

Formaggio’s “Little Feet” Support was capable of shrinking its target down to the size of an insect. In theory, this would make him a viable opponent for the Colossal Titan, as his height is his greatest strength.

However, considering that he was defeated by a few bullets from Narancia’s Stand, he doesn’t have the durability needed to withstand Armin’s transforming blast. Even if he did, he can’t shrink the Colossal fast enough to avoid being crushed alive, as Little Feet can only shrink a target over the course of several minutes.

9 I would lose to: Yammy has significantly higher durability and explosive potential than Armin (Bleach)attack on titan 5 personajes del anime a los que armin podria derrotar y 5 a los que no 1

In Yammy’s Resurrection state, he is tall enough to physically take on Armin’s titan form. In addition, it has other advantages that guarantee victory.

Not only does his Iron minimize much of the damage Armin would attempt to inflict, he can also fire dozens of zeros with power comparable to that of a small nuclear weapon. Consequently, Yammy would take advantage of Armin’s low durability to defeat him from the other side of the battlefield, while still being able to fight him in close combat.

8 could beat: Choji has size and strength but lacks durabilityattack on titan 5 personajes del anime a los que armin podria derrotar y 5 a los que no 2

Choji has a much more versatile skill set than Armin. Both his Human Boulder and chakra wings suggest far superior mobility, especially when combined with his natural taijutsu abilities.

However, it has never shown any notable feats of durability. In his fight against Jirobo, Choji was struck down with a single blow even after activating his super-expansion form. Consequently, he would be eliminated in Armin’s initial transformation burst, if not soon after, due to the scorching steam the Colossal can secrete from his body.

7 Would lose to: Zeldris has experience in defeating giants (Seven Deadly Sins)attack on titan 5 personajes del anime a los que armin podria derrotar y 5 a los que no 3

Zeldris would make an excellent counter for Armin’s Colossal. As a member of the Ten Commandments, his high durability suggests that he could survive his opponent’s initial transformative blast. Plus, he has a track record of overcoming giants (as evidenced by his win over Drole).

Perhaps the biggest advantage of Zeldris is its great resistance to heat. He survived multiple encounters against Escanor’s “Cruel Sun”, each of which was powerful enough to evaporate an entire lake. Thus, it follows that the Demon King’s son could simply ignore Armin’s steam as he smashes him to pieces.

6 could beat: Raphtalia’s sword skill is limited and has low durability (The Rise of the Shield Hero)attack on titan 5 personajes del anime a los que armin podria derrotar y 5 a los que no 4

Raphtalia is a brilliant swordswoman, as evidenced by her victories over the waves in Naofumi’s service. However, her fighting style is largely dependent on his ability to protect her with his shield, and she has not trained to fight individually.

Consequently, Raphtalia has neither the speed nor the durability needed to withstand Armin’s initial transformation into the Colossal Titan. Even if she did, her lack of overwhelming physical strength suggests that she would be reprimanded by Armin’s steam before she could hope to harm him.

5 I would lose to: Pica has greater durability and size than Armin (One Piece)attack on titan 5 personajes del anime a los que armin podria derrotar y 5 a los que no 5

Pica was the most powerful member of the Donquixote Familia, apart from Doflamingo himself. Capable of melting into any nearby stone, it could grow much larger than mountains under the right conditions.

Not only is rock naturally resistant to heat, but Pica could also jump between rock shelters when necessary to avoid Armin’s explosion. Once combat formally began, he would be able to overpower the Colossal Titan thanks to his sheer mass and strength.

4 could beat: Uvogin’s usual tactics wouldn’t work against Armin (Hunter X Hunter)attack on titan 5 personajes del anime a los que armin podria derrotar y 5 a los que no 6

The two characteristic techniques of Uvogin are the scream and the big bang impact. The former can break the eardrums of his enemies and even blow up grown men, while the latter is capable of creating huge craters by concentrating his Nen in a clenched fist.

Despite its magnificent physical characteristics, the durability of the Uvogin is abysmal. It was wrinkled with just a few punches and kicks from Kurapika, suggesting that Armin’s Titan transformation would prove immediately fatal.

3 He would lose: All Might He would easily go through Armin’s steam (My Hero Academia)attack on titan 5 personajes del anime a los que armin podria derrotar y 5 a los que no 7

Even after his prime, All Might displayed the magnificent physical attributes required to defeat Armin. It was durable enough to withstand being split by Kurogiri in half and survived the collapse of a building on top of it by All For One.

In addition, it jumps with such force that it gives the illusion of flying. Considering this, All Might would have no problem reaching for Armin’s neck and ripping him by the roots, as long as he hadn’t reached the daily limitations of One For All by then.

2 Could Win: Esdeath’s Time Stop Is Too Short To Save (Akame Ga Kill!)attack on titan 5 personajes del anime a los que armin podria derrotar y 5 a los que no 8

Esdeath demonstrated the ability to freeze time during his final fight against Akame. However, she can only stop it for about two seconds, and doing so pushes her to her physical limit.

Even if he succeeded in destroying Armin’s legs with ice pillars as he did against other giants, Esdeath would not reach the back of his neck before his abilities expired. This would exhaust her and allow what was left of the Colossal’s body to crush her into a bloody mist.

1 I would lose to: Bertholdt has all of Armin’s strengths and more (Attack On Titan)attack on titan 5 personajes del anime a los que armin podria derrotar y 5 a los que no 9

Although both Armin and Bertholdt wielded the Colossal Titan, the latter had much more experience. Not only did he train tenaciously as a warrior candidate and a member of the scouts, but he also had the opportunity to use his shape-shifting ability in various battles.

Considering that Armin has only had one actual match as a Colossal Titan (against Eren, where he lost brutally), it follows that Bertholdt’s advantage in practice would ensure a comfortable victory for him. Unfortunately for Armin, being a skilled tactician is not valuable in a direct fight.