Attack On Titan: 5 Characters Reiner Could Defeat (& 5 He Would Lose To)

There are many powerful characters in Attack the titans, Reiner being one of the strongest. Not only is he an heir to the Armored Titan, but he also had much more training than other characters in the series, having served in both Marley’s Warrior Unit and Paradis’s 104th Cadet Corps.

For this reason, fans knew him as one of the strongest characters in the first chapters of the manga series, and he could even join the Military Police if he wanted to. However, although he can defeat many of the other characters in Attack on Titan, there are some that I would easily lose to.

10 REINER COULD DEFEAT: Bertholdt would resist his best friend

Bertholdt is Reiner’s best friend. From the beginning of the manga, Reiner and Bertholdt appeared to be the main antagonists, although no one knew they were the Armored and Colossal Titans at the time. The Colossal Titan is considered a God of Destruction, as he can kill many people simply by transforming. However, Bertholdt rarely used his powers, and most of the time he did what Reiner told him to do. If it weren’t for Reiner’s orders, Bertholdt might even have died earlier in the series, so he would definitely hold back if he had to fight his leader.

9 WOULD LOSE: Annie has special skills from Marley’s experimentationattack on titan 5 personajes que reiner podria derrotar y 5 con los que perderia 1

Annie, the heir to the Female Titan, had gone to Paradis with Reiner and Bertholdt to seize the Founding Titan. However, he disagreed with Reiner on many things and, until the last chapters of the manga, hated him. When they reached Paradis and abandoned Marcel, Annie hit Reiner.

Additionally, he was able to survive against the Survey Corps in multiple battles early in the series, and some of his abilities were actually given to him through Marley’s experiments with the Female and Armored Titans. So if the two faced off, Annie would easily be the winner.

8 REINER COULD DEFEAT: Jean doesn’t have the power of a shifting titan or ackermanattack on titan 5 personajes que reiner podria derrotar y 5 con los que perderia 2

Jean was one of Reiner’s friends before he knew who he really was, and the two had a complicated relationship in the future, especially since Reiner killed Marco, Jean’s best friend. Although they both could have gone to the Military Police, as they proved to be two of the ten strongest soldiers in the 104th Cadet Corps, Jean would not be able to defeat Reiner, as he is neither a Titan-shifter nor an Ackerman.

7 WOULD LOSE TO: Zeke has beaten Reiner beforeattack on titan 5 personajes que reiner podria derrotar y 5 con los que perderia 3

Not only would Reiner lose to the Beast Titan, he has in fact already done so. Zeke confronted Reiner to determine how they were going to proceed on their mission when he went to Paradis and gave Reiner a severe beating. There have also been times when the Survey Corps was a major threat to Reiner, even after he joined them, while Zeke was able to kill most of the soldiers when he met them.

This makes perfect sense as he is a direct descendant of Ymir Fritz and is an heir to the Beast Titan, who is more of an offensive Titan than the Armored Titan. This is why Reiner defends Zeke when they both fight on the same team.

6 REINER COULD DEFEAT: Armin is not physically strong enoughattack on titan 5 personajes que reiner podria derrotar y 5 con los que perderia 4

Armin may not be the strongest character in the series physically, but he is one of the smartest. In fact, he is so clever that he was able to figure out that Reiner was the Armored Titan, as well as the identities of the Colossal and Female Titans. Before they became enemies, Reiner helped Armin a lot, especially when they were training to be soldiers. If the two were to fight, the only thing that could save Armin would be a well thought out plan.

5 WOULD LOSE TO: Levi has too much experience fighting Titans and Titan Changersattack on titan 5 personajes que reiner podria derrotar y 5 con los que perderia 5

Levi may not be a titan-changer, but he’s an Ackerman. Known as humanity’s strongest soldier, Levi has killed many Titans throughout the franchise and fought the Titan-changers without breaking a sweat. Reiner always knew that Levi was a threat and warned his teammates about him. For most of the series, Reiner would lose for sure. However, towards the end of the manga, Levi was seriously injured, so Reiner would then have a chance, although it would not be a fair fight.

4 REINER COULD DEFEAT: Pieck’s Tank Titan is unfit for combatattack on titan 5 personajes que reiner podria derrotar y 5 con los que perderia 6

Pieck is the heir to the Chariot Titan, so although she is a Titan shape-shifter, she doesn’t have many combat skills. In fact, she is the weakest of the Nine Titans, being used as a means of transporting supplies and warriors who fight with her.

In a fight against Reiner, Pieck only has the advantage of speed, as she walks on all fours, and the support of the people fighting for her. However, none of those perks would pose much of a threat to the Armored Titan.

3 WOULD LOSE TO: Mikasa has almost killed Reiner multiple timesattack on titan 5 personajes que reiner podria derrotar y 5 con los que perderia 7

Like Levi, Mikasa is an incredibly powerful Ackerman. When the two trained early in the series, she proved to be stronger than Reiner, being the best soldier in the 104th Cadet Corps. He was about to kill him, as well as Bertholdt, moments before transforming. Reiner was nearly killed again in a battle against some of the Study Corps members, including Mikasa, in Shiganshina. There weren’t many times that Reiner was able to stop her, proving once again that the Ackermans could defeat the Titan Shifters.

2 REINER COULD DEFEAT: Ymir was never such a good fighterattack on titan 5 personajes que reiner podria derrotar y 5 con los que perderia 8

Ymir was one of the few people on Paradis who knew Marley, and because of this he was able to understand Reiner more than other soldiers in the Survey Corps. However, before entering the army, he almost ate it when he began his mission. Instead, Marcel sacrificed his life to save Reiner, which gave Ymir the powers of his Titan Jaw, though she never became as good a fighter as he or Reiner. Although Reiner could defeat her in battle, she was stronger in other ways, being able to easily slip into his skin and sacrifice her life and her wishes to help him and Bertholdt take pride in Marley.

1 WOULD LOSE FOR: Eren was too strong with the power of coordinateattack on titan 5 personajes que reiner podria derrotar y 5 con los que perderia 9

Eren looked up to Reiner early in the series, especially for how much he helped him in the 104th Cadet Corps. He was shocked to discover that the person he considered an older brother was a mass murderer. After that, Reiner became his greatest enemy until he became just like him.

Accepting that he was a monster to the world in the same way that Reiner was a monster to Paradis, Eren inherited the Titan Warhammer, turned the citizens of Paradis against the military, started the Rumor, and killed most of them. The humanity. Reiner would never have been able to defeat him, at least not by himself, something he realized when Eren first used the coordinate for normal titans to attack him.