Attack On Titan: 5 Characters Who Think They’re Right (& 5 They Know They’re Not)

Attack the titans is a cautionary tale against the slippery slope of fascism: it reveals how a group of subjugated people can end up using the same violent means as their oppressors. Most of the characters in the story are from Paradis or Marley, two nations that have been sworn enemies for thousands of years.

Therefore, it is entirely understandable that either party finds it extremely difficult to shake off their cultural hatred of the other. Despite the ethical ambiguities that plague their world, several characters firmly believe that they are fighting for justice, just as there are those who are aware that any freedom obtained would have an incalculable moral cost.

10 they think they’re right: Kitz Woermann would rather die than give in to common sense

Kitz Woermann leads the First Division of the Elite Forces with an iron fist, though his insistence on protocol often turns into paranoia. Pyxis points out that Woermann’s behavior is unbecoming of a military captain, especially when he rejects Eren’s explanation of the Attack Titan and nearly causes the latter to be executed.

Armin tries to speak for his friend, even suggesting that the Attack Titan might prove useful, but Kitz Woermann prefers to go to his grave before allowing common sense to affect him. You think you know everything; the truth is exactly the opposite.

9 They Know They’re Wrong: Grisha Jaeger Understands The Risks Of Eren Acquiring The Attack Titanattack on titan 5 personajes que creen hacer lo correcto y 5 que saben que no lo hacen 1

Grisha Jaeger used to behave like she was invincible until her sister’s murder transforms her stubbornness into stubborn perseverance. As an adult, he rarely exhibits any degree of conscience, but the fact is that he accepts responsibility and fulfills his mission (to some extent).

Grisha is painfully aware of the risks involved in his son’s acquisition of the Attack Titan, but he does so because the elder Eren manipulates him into making it through the Eternal Paths.

8 They think they are right: Dot Pyxis does the job expected of himattack on titan 5 personajes que creen hacer lo correcto y 5 que saben que no lo hacen 2

Dot Pyxis is many things: likable, intelligent, unconventional, but most of all, he is full of certainty when it comes to his work.

While his role in the overall story is insignificant, his decisions are based on logic, a far cry from the frivolous delusions that plague most of his colleagues, superiors, and subordinates. Pyxis doesn’t know everything about the Nine Titans, nor does he care about ancient history – he does what he’s expected to do without fail.

7 They Know They’re Wrong: Keith Shadis Is Painfully Aware Of His Many Limitationsattack on titan 5 personajes que creen hacer lo correcto y 5 que saben que no lo hacen 3

At first, Keith Shadis believes that he is above the rest, implying that he has an important role to play. His self-esteem takes a severe hit along with his career as a commander of the scout regiment, so he decides to become a military commander.

As much as he pretends his trip makes sense, Shadis knows he’s not half as talented or as interesting as what’s on show. He doesn’t do much to fix his mistakes to the end, but at least he doesn’t deny (himself) them.

6 They Think They’re Right: Zeke Jaeger Commits To His Euthanasia Plan At Eldianattack on titan 5 personajes que creen hacer lo correcto y 5 que saben que no lo hacen 4

Zeke’s hope for a better future is destroyed only after Eren wrests control of the Founding Titan from him and decrees the Rumble. Yet until that fateful moment, Zeke remains fully dedicated to his mission, both physically and philosophically.

He insists that rendering all living Eldians sterile is the only way to ease the conflict between them and the rest of the world. Zeke uses all his mental energy to ensure the success of his plan to euthanize the Eldians, such is the strength of his self-confidence.

5 They Know They’re Wrong: Eren Kruger Hurts His Kind for the Greater Goodattack on titan 5 personajes que creen hacer lo correcto y 5 que saben que no lo hacen 5

Eren Kruger plays the role of sympathizer of the Marleyans to achieve their ultimate goal: the freedom of the Eldian peoples. Throughout his career he causes irreparable damage to innocent lives and families, while experiencing intense guilt for the horrors he puts his own family through.

However, Kruger would happily repeat his crimes over and over again because he considers them necessary for Eldian’s survival, no matter how morally wrong they may be on a personal scale.

4 They think they’re right: Gabi Braun’s brainwashing leads her to commit atrocitiesattack on titan 5 personajes que creen hacer lo correcto y 5 que saben que no lo hacen 6

It takes too long for Gabi to realize the extent of her brainwashing, although she is fortunate that she does. On the other hand, his early life is spent in a cloud of hatred and rage towards the Elders of Paradis, blaming all the evils in the world on the people he aggressively refers to as “island demons”.

Gabi’s conviction in the veracity of Marleyan propaganda leads her to murder Sasha Braus and to violently attack anyone who goes against her preconceived notions.

3 They Know They’re Wrong: Ymir Fritz Is Trapped In A Sea Of Own Mistakesattack on titan 5 personajes que creen hacer lo correcto y 5 que saben que no lo hacen 7

Ymir’s life is a paradox: he begins with nothing, but ends up accumulating enough power to change history. Unfortunately, she is tied to the will of King Fritz, obeying his orders without questioning his vile motives.

Ymir remains trapped in a dimension comprised of her own consciousness and the Power of the Titans, where she mindlessly continues to serve her Founding Titans successors. Yet Ymir understands exactly the change he has indirectly brought about in the world, even though he considers himself powerless to resist.

2 They think they are right: Eren Jaeger is not swayed by the opinions of othersattack on titan 5 personajes que creen hacer lo correcto y 5 que saben que no lo hacen 8

Eren’s lack of self-esteem does not translate so much to confidence as arrogance. He behaves as if he is the only human being who has ever experienced suffering, treating others like NPCs in his grisly vision for posterity.

Eren is not swayed by opposing opinions, not even during the climax of the story; instead, he puts the burden of stopping his outrages on his friends and allies. That said, Eren is aware, at least unconsciously, of his misjudgments, but that doesn’t change anything for others.

1 Knowing that they are wrong: Armin Arlert remembers the consequences of his actionsattack on titan 5 personajes que creen hacer lo correcto y 5 que saben que no lo hacen 9

Armin was born mature, but becomes truly great when the Scout Regiment begins to appreciate him for his wide variety of talents. He is humble and kind, not to mention his exceptionally analytical mind that consistently produces spectacular results.

Although Armin fulfills his obligations willingly, he never forgets that his actions have resulted in countless deaths, most of which could have been avoided if Eren had understood the value of diplomacy.